Saturday, December 31, 2011


Decided that the previous post was supposed to be my summary of 2011,but realized that it was a bit difficult to summarize my recent trip to Vietnam.hahaha.So,a separate post it is.

Year 2011-The year where I had my LLB exams and pass it! (what a relief) I that constant studying is now a must for me.(i do slack off at times people,like for the past 2 weeks =((.] I think that my level of patience towards certain people has gone thin.Became more impatient and gets annoyed easily at times..Think it is due to the fact that I have realized that why must I just give way to people who at times take advantages of me or take me for granted knowing what kind of person I am.Realized that I shouldn't be a piece of cloth for people to use to wipe their feet. And that I can't make everyone love me.Better still to love myself and if you hate me,then so be it..

Visited a number of country this year which I did not expect myself to visit.Hong Kong,Macau,Vietnam,and in Malaysia itself,Penang and Langkawi with my friends. Been to a lot of concerts this year.A blow to my purse but all of it was truly awesome did not regret it at all..Had a lot of fun when Ms.Sweet came back!
Attended my friend's graduation for the first time,worked for the college and realized that there really is a bit of a generation gap with the people younger than me in my college( some of 'em not all though -- I guess it's the differences in the level of maturity and personality)

Had many sad farewells.Ms.Sweet going back to Scotland and kinda menghilang diri for months due to her busy schedule. =(((( Ms.King Gold Bell winning the King's College scholarship(so so so proud of her) and going off to London.Mei Quin and the gang going to UK for their 3rd year.Hence,missing all the times seeing them in college and hanging out with them.But these farewells are not forever so,it's fine =)

In the music department,discovered a lot like really a LOT of awesome music.Oh what would I do without them..From Big bang to coldplay to like Bobby Brackins,they are all L.O.V.E.  The same with dramas and movies.Love of reading fashion blogs are still very deep.Discovered some new ones from Yvan Rodic,Eva Chen and by Hannie Hidayah(not sure if its the correct spelling).

I think you can't compare like 2010 or 2011 was more awesome as you experience different things in a year.You change and you learn as time passes by,hence you view on things may also change,for good or for bad is one only for you and maybe for the people around you to notice.As long as you look ahead and continue to improve yourself and stay humble (i.e. not turning into some bitch) I think it will be fine then.

Here's to a great year ahead.Wishing everyone all the best in their exams,health,to experience more precious,happy and memorable moments in their live.Hello 2012.Bring it on!From the song of Bobby Brakins ft.Dev-A1--'' ..I'm solid,I'm lifestyle's A1..'' =D

-with lot's of love,peace out-

Looks like it,but it's not the summary of the year.

*blows part horn* it's the last day of 2011 today.what are you guys up to? partying? spending it with you significant other? being a glutton ? staying at home ? i am doing the last two stated.Hahahaa.It just occured to me that I spent New Year's Eve at home every year somehow.Don't ask me why.It just happen.I tend to contradict myself on that fact that in a way I do not need to be in a place where there will be tons and tons of people and I can stay at home and watch gayo daejun and tweet and watch normal television at the same time.Yes.It is doable people.I did that last year.Hehehe.The contradiction part is that I kinda half envy people posting up in fb on how awesome they're gonna party,etc.But,all is well,I do not,I repeat,i do not feel super emo...Shoot.I plan it in my head to try to not write a super long summary of the year this time.But...just look at this first paragraph!

Ok.Back to serious business.First up,yes.I have been neglecting this blog due to none other than my love of procastination.had a 2 weeks year end holiday to which I pack my bag and leave for Hanoi,Vietnam.Underestimated the weather and so freeze my ass out at certain hour of the day which resulted in : My lips and skin being super dry.Committing some fashion crimes,catching the flu when I got home.boooooooo... Other than tat,Vietnam was beautiful.Went to Hanoi and Halong Bay and at times,especially at Halong Bay,you wouldn't feel that you''re at Vietnam,more like you're in China with those super beautiful scenery.The food are ok.The people there are sadly kinda poor and being desperate for money,everything that they do has a purpose,which makes it (for me) hard to see when are the times they are sincere and when are the times they are not.And 2 of my H&M bracelet got stolen,partly was my mistake of not carrying my backpack in front (like a pregnant lady kinda style).Luckily though not more valueable got stolen,i.e. my ipod and ipad.Word of advice: it is best not to carry a bagpack in vietnam as it's not that safe.

Stuffs sold there are more to handicrafts and not like clothes,etc.Did not buy anything for myself other than a pair of leggings which I thought was rm8 which ended up to actually be rm20.(was at a hypermarket which is to them is a shopping mall and there was kinda a sale.)Ooh oh,another highlight in my trip is that in the tour group that I join (27 of us) there's a good looking guy.Heh heh heh.Sadly though,didn't get the chance to know him as most of them we hang out with our family.Oh well,let's hope that there's fate for us to bump into each other again maybe?? hahahaha.

It was interesting to spend Christmas there,(the hotel had a special supper which I was too full to eat any and ave us free chocolates in our room.hahahhaa.) Also,some of the culture and way of live of the people in Vietnam is interesting to watch.My sis and I had a great time spending a certain amount of time doing people watching.Ooh oh,one thing I need to say is the people there LOVE flowers.They buy bouquet of flowers like they wanna propose of something...When do they buy the flowers? going to the airport or just like a daily kinda of thing to give to their love ones,etc...And another thing is that the traffic is CRAZY there.There are not many road lines dividing the road lanes and the vehicles don't seem to stop for you to cross.In actual fact the just slow down but,being a tourist,you get the feeling that they dont stop,you get what I mean? After like 3 days there,I finally get the hang of crossing the roads there.Hahahahaa..

Will most probably upload the photos next year,since today is already the last day of the year.=)

-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Day..that one day....for a day......

I just finish watching the movie One Day which I don't know why it was not shown in Malaysia or haven't been shown in Malaysia since it was already out like on last October or something and I LOVE IT that I feel that i need to blog about it.My friend,Ms.Sweet first told me about this when she was reading the book and pretty much told me the whole story and told me that they were making a movie.

I didn't know until much later that Anne Hathaway was to act in it as the lead.I don't know,some may find it boring,different people,different view/taste..But I love it somehow.Have not read the book,but wanna do so soon.Sadly,not enough time..See whether I can squeeze in some time or not =DDD

Watching the movie,I was thinking to myself.Ahhh,is it really possible for a guy and a girl to be just friends? I mean like just normal friends??? My initial answer was no..It's very hard.There are only a few who really can..But over the months/years..I feel that this maybe possible but...(of course there a but right?) I feel that at some one point in your friendship,either one has ever like the other or like one has thought/contemplated of 'what if we take it to the next level? ' ..

Hey,maybe you never experience/thought about it before,and it's cool.Maybe it's just me who feels that your bf/partner should also and always be your best friend too.Someone whom you can relate to,have something in common,sharing the same level of humour(this is very important for me),and also we must be able to like 'click'/communicate.I think I would die if that doesnt happen.hahahahahaa.

Also,I was thinking to myself,if you like someone,just like go for it..don't do it impulsively though.I mean,weigh some pros and cons,get some reassurance,etc so that you don't end up hurting yourself instead.But,I feel if 2 person are really meant to be together,then fate in a way or another help you.

Though the happy ending story does not remain forever,at least it lasted for a good period of time right? As a good memory for you to reminisce about? yes.there might be some anger,tears,hatred and all that negative feelings identified in the world,but I am a believer that every could has a silver lining.So,if the happy ending is a short one,appreciate it.At least you had one.Better than those who hasn't had one.Or had one as awesome as yours.hahaha.

Ahhh,I feel that I'm turning into an old soul now after looking at the stuff I've wrote here and also what I'm about to write.hehe.We should definitely savour all those special moments in our lives.It doesn't have to be like for a huge scale event whatsover.Just those small things in life that sometimes will just pass us by without us even realising it is enough.=) I mean,if you can re-live one day of your life,which one day of it would you wanna experience it again?? For me,I have to admit,I have to many of them.hahahaha.And if I have just one day to live,I'll make sure I'll do everything that I wanna do and not sleep.I mean,you can sleep later since you only have one last day on Earth right?

-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello December.One more month to go and it's the end of 2011.I do not believe that the world will end in 2012.So..I'm looking forward to live on.hahahahaa.These past weeks my life is pretty much a pretty boring routine.Going to college,revising stuff,sleeping as much as I can,hearing songs while checking out blogs that I'm usually stalkingI'm feeling busy/tired that I am not really watching the dramas that I am cathing up lately.Shocking.I am shocked myself too...Just discovered another new blog and I'm addicted! It's by Teen Vouge beauty editor,Eva Chen =)  Once in a while,I think to myself,if I'm not doing law,what would I do? I think I would do something related to fashion,or like organizing concert stuff.Reason: I love reading fashion blogs,drooling about clothes/shoes/bags/accessories/nail polishes but usually will think twice before I really purchase something. and I LOVE concerts if you dont know that already.

I need to get this out of my chest.I hope and need to go to YG Family/Big Bang's concert one day.Like seriously.It's a lifetime dream.The ultimate one is being to attend it in Korea itself.I can die happy after that.Without any regrets =DDD Also,I know this is bad,but I'm already compiling stuffs that I want for my birthday already.I have this feeling to spend more on myself since it's my 21st b'day next year.What an excuse right? I also have another dream birthday list that have been compiled in my mind.Why is it a dream list? Stuffs that I want in that list is too expensive.Shall own it when I earn a salary in future.(which is hopefully enough to get what i want in my dream list).*sigh*

Life is peaceful lately without much drama going on to affect my take on what a good life is.Dramas that happened is at times what makes life a tiny bit more interesting.hehehe.Songs that I am currently into Junggigo-Waterfalls.Jang Jae In-Winter Night,Calvin Harris-Bounce/Feel So Close,Rihanna ft.Calvin Harris-We Found Love(yes,i am still not tired of it),Jang Woo Huk's 4th mini album-Back To The Memories.Spitz-Yoru Wa Kakeru ( of Honey and Clover OST) and Yui-Hello (of Paradise Kiss the Movie OST). I guess that's all for now.

-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Current state of mind and life

Work for the college the first time.Realised that there is really some generation gap with the people younger than me.Not all of them,but there are many of them.Am I too mature or are they too childish? I don't know.=.= witness another graduation.Although it has nothing to do with me,it was interesting.Can't believe I get to see 2pm live! AWESOMENESS.It's a priceless and another dream came true.Got to make another new friend.

Taking the public transport by myself to the max due to parents not being at home = a lot of walking/exercise and a lot of mind planning before hand.Feeling stress most of the time after I attend my classes.*cries* = me feeling really really exhausted at the end of every week = sleeping like a pig almost every night and in the train.Feeling very easily irritated at times.Maybe my patience is running thin on certain people.

Successfully opening a durian for the first time and was wondering during the process of doing so,how my dad manage to do it every time.

Missing my friend who is all the way in Scotland who tak reply/online for thousands of years already like crazy..Wanting to cut my hair as soon as my parents comes back.Happy that my friend Phui Gi is back so unexpectedly and love her souvenir.=D Wants to watch the movie 50/50..Needs to first find a partner in crime.=((

Shall post some pics up soon

-with lots of love,peace out-

Sunday, November 20, 2011

축하해 ( congratulations )

Graduation.The (maybe) last moment of your life as a student.It was a fun time to watch people on that day.Happy,expressionless,nervous,bored,,proud.All of it was amusing and fun.Made me imagine about mine too.I guess it's the season of graduating now ? for I am helping out in another one later today.=)
-with lots of love,peace out-

Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Breather

I may not have show this outwardly or that you may not have noticed it.But sometimes,I just get a little annoyed about little/petty things.I am usually the type who just gets pissed at the spur of the moment and the next minute I'm alright.I do realise that and I begin to think to myself,gosh...Am I turning into a control freak or developing a princess-like attitude or being a person who gets offended by the slightest things or just into some form of horrible person? I don't know what's got into me.maybe it's due to a mixture of factors or ,maybe I'm having some PMS moments now.Or it's just that at this hour,I'm just exhausted.

I think I need a chill pill sometimes.A moment of silence.Some quiet emo music.I need a breather.

-peace out-

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dreams coming true? nahhhh.

I have been cracking my head for the past hour or so as to what was the shoe desinger name that I saw bryanboy tweet a very very long time ago.And I FINALLY found it.-Cinzia Araia- I LOVE her shoes..It's so me in a way.Sadly I think her shop is only in Europe and in Japan?? and it cost a bomb.*cries a sea* It's one of my dream shoes I tell you..Chances of owning it? very,very,very really now.Probably negative 10000.I guess I shall just drool over it on my computer screen and dream of owning it tonight in Dreamland.booooo.
-with lots of love and sadness as well,peace out-

Sunday, November 6, 2011

When you're useful,people'll come to you.And when you're not,you're left to rot.That's what life is about.-the Star newspaper article.

Have been meaning to post this up,but somehow it was stuck as one of my draft post.Read this article about an old woman feeling bitter about life in general.I think I was kind of feeling bitter and fed-up somehow at that point that I was so feeling the article written.Hahaha.That sentence above was the conclusion that I find it meaningful and made a mental note of it.

Realistically,everyone uses someone.But,if balanced with respect and courtesy,it's cool.There a fine line between cool and going overboard.And once you cross that line,to get forgiveness from someone (for me that is) is very very hard.Over time,you maybe forgiven but it is never really forgotten really.

I was pissed about stuff relating to this issue.After a while though,I told myself,'hey,why should I waste my energy on pitying myself,bla...bla...bla... right?' I've learnt my lesson and screw you.Go talk to the hand next time.Am I overreacting to this? am I expecting too much?

What do you call a guy who is acting like a b*tch? This question has been in my mind from time to time.Forgive me if you find my level of profanity has increased lately.I'm just too pissed or fed-up sometimes that I help it.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Friday, November 4, 2011

It's November now!!Pimples,go awaylah.i beg you.pleaseeeeeeeeee... Things are going on as usual.Got my hands on a few more albums.hhhehehehe.They are: Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto,Demi Lovato-Unbroken,Table-Fever's End Part 2,and Dev-The Night The Sun came out.I'm such a music junkie.hahahaha.loving all those album there.=DD Am gonna start my marathon on 2pm songs soon.=D i'm excited.There's another concert called Mnet Live i think where Super Junior,f(x),miss A and B1A4 is coming.I'm thinking whether to go or not to go.It's happening in December.Just a short update for today.Oh ya.of course,not forgetting,Happy Birthday to the one and only Choi Seung Hun aka TOP.One of the hottest out there.I can keep on talking on and on,on how much hot and funny and tall and etc,etc,etc he is.hahahaha.

Come HOT is he right? hahahahaha
with lots of love and hotness,peace out-

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictures time.

Addiction 1-Yvan Rodic's Visual Diary blog.

Addiction 2-Nail polish.Am still continuing with the collection.Feel free to contribute any time <3

My motivation to study at the table =p

Weslife Concert 2011.Pftt,they have now broken up.=(

The should produce mineral water bottle with caps like these it.

The day i went on an adventure.

Adventure became scary looking at the crowd here.

Not losing hope.Still tengah bertahan there.

High level of patience paid off.Nearing what i meant to do =)

#$%^&))(&&%$@@ !**&%
Felt grateful and loved.=)
The stuff that I have been addicted all this while or recently are clearly shown above.Starting from a blogger and ending it with food.=)))
-with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, October 24, 2011

Music addiction much?

October is coming to an end already.Can you believe it?!?!'s so fast to the end of the year already.=(( There's a lot of album releases for the past week or so,which makes me a happy person.hahahahaa.Patrick Stump released his solo album called Soul Punk and I'm loving it.Just downloaded Verbal Jint's album,Go Easy,which is awesome too.and Tablo's back with his solo album.It's a very personal album i feel.The songs,I feel are mostly about what he has gone through the past 2 years.Sad,but I love every single song in it.Can't wait for Part 2 of his album.Heard Tae Yang's being featured in it.Never have I imagine they would have collaborated.Also,need to check out Coldplay's new album which is out already I believe.Loving Rihanna ft Calvin Harris-We Found Love.The mv is not the best way to portray the song,but I like the opening of it.Hehehe.I feel it is a bit better than Britney's new mv though in that it has more meaning?Loving Girl's Generation-The Boys too.=D I'm loving house kind of music lately.Mainly by David Guetta and Calvin Harris.(if this can be classified as house music that is) =p  Ooh,I know this is a bit late,but I'm hooked on Sistar19-Ma Boy.The dance in it is so sexy.I mean,how do they manage to do that kinda body wave?? salute. Also,am still addicted to Jun.K-Alive and 2ne1's cover of Love is So Difficult .See,I told you,October is a month full of song addiction for me which equals to me being a very happy person.hahahahaha.

Music addiction aside,am having 1 week holiday for Deepavali now.The one good thing of my college being in Brickfields I guess.hehe.However,need to catch up with my studies,as I have assignment to do and a time test to study for.For what subject you may ask? it's none other than Trust.Ms.Puvan scares the hell out of me and will never fail to make one feel stress.Hence,need to start training my brain cells for war people!!! =((

Am currenly watching 2 dramas.The Man Who Can't Marry (this is an old drama which I somehow was not interested when it came out,but am interested now)Didnt realised that Yoo Ah In and Kim So Eun is in it.Uhm Jung Hwa is just beautiful.=) and Man of Honor starring the cute Park Min Young.=D
That's it for now.

p/s: Ms.Sweet if you're reading this,I hate you for not replying my fb messages.Boooooooo =((((( Am missing you and a bit worried about you you know?? *cries a river*

till then,with lots of love,peace out

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's been a while since i posted a post here.Usually,when I see something interesting I would make a note in my mind to either tweet about it or to remember to write it in my blog.The stuff that I write here have usually been pre-drafted in a very short and messy framework in my mind in a very short amount or time.Or I just blog on the spot the stuff that I wanna say.And I feel I have the tendency to write a LOT or really in detail(as what I'm doing now right??).Hahaha.

My classes are on Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday and Sunday.Surprised that I even have a class on a Sunday? Well,I actually choose to attend the sunday class because I am choosing my lecturers (which whom I prefer) for some of my subjects.Hence,the sacrifice.Will usually feel exhausted after classes (some end as late as 7.45 pm!!) and the procrastinating thought to post pone posting stuff here.

It's been a month or two since classes start and gosh,time pass by so fast.Year 2 is definitely no joke.The first few weeks or so,I could sit in class trying hard to pay attention but find myself to not understand what is being taught at all.The fact that the English language in the textbooks seems like Greek to me made it even worse.I was scared and worried on how am I ever or will I ever be able to catch up.Being kiasu,all these thoughts were the firsts that came to my mind.Thankfully for now,am coping with my studies quite well I may say.There are still loads of work that needs to be put in to perfect it though.

Studies aside,I don't really have much life outside it in a way I guess? Sad isn't it? But I'm not all depressed with it.I mean I still see my best friends in college and stuff and we do have time to chat during break times and all.So,it's still oklah.But on holidays and all,I have to admit I don't have the most colourful social life lah.Not that I'm complaining or really hating it,it's just that sometimes I feel so bored,that on impulse I wanna do lots of things or crave to eat this and that.At the same time,the lazy feeling of going out makes me feel reluctant to do so.Yes.How much more contradictory can I get right??Also,I like to have some ''alone'' time at times.Shoot.don't tell me I'm slowly turning into an otaku/nerd am I??? =(((

Wanted to go to Genting with Ms.Lee this thurs and fri as she had ajak me,but I have a class on Thursday and I can't skip it.It's too important for me.Have been longing on going on a trip like this,but there seems to be no right time for it.Looking through Yvan Rodic Visual Diary Blog does not help at all.The places that he went and the pictures he took is just amazing! It makes me wonder will I ever get a chance to visit these places? I told myself,oh well,even if I can't,at least I've seen pictures.hahahaha.It makes me wanna go to places during holidays or something.*sigh* Here's the link to the blog if you're curious.haha

Also,I think lately I'm quite hot headed,as in I get pissed off or irritated easily.One is due to a certain classmate of mine,I have to admit.It's not that I totally hate her,it's just that,my level of tolerance for her is running thin at times.And being the person that I am,I dont feel comfortable or nice to just kick her aside out of my life.Another is just about certain stuff that I go through on a daily basis.Like how unkind people can people be.I mean.I'm not super kind or what not,but like it wouldn't kill you to just be kind and help somebody.I don't know,I feel happy if I am able to help someone in a certain way.Maybe like just giving direction or anything.

On the music section,loving Teen Top's Clap,Jun.K (Junsu of 2pm)-Alive,Gummy ft TOP-I'm Sorry(Jap ver) Rihanna ft Calvin Harris-We Found Love and Patrick Stump's new album-Soul Punk.Ooh and also Anya Marina-Satellite Heart and Move You.=)

p/s:I'm itching to buy nail polish.I know,I have been whining about this for a while now.hahaha.
That's about it for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just some thought

I dont know if I have an old soul or it's like i can be so hollow/feelingless/cold at times.(or is it most of the time) I don't know what got me or made me to become like this.I may have some ideas,but it think it happen without me really realizing it until like a year or two ago.That by no means really equals to me being a boring person.Well,if you know me well enough,I don't think I am a boring a person lah.Being quiet at times,yes.But that does not mean I am a boring,nerd and an outdated person from the entertainment/outside world.Really I am not.

I just feel at times,some stuff that happens,doesnt surprise me as i think people would expect me to react.Partly I think its because I see the news in question in another perspective and at some times,I either don't really give a damn or that I have this concept of ''why waste my energy on such stuff ? instead should better focus my energy on things that makes me feel happy and positive''.

I remembered my lecturer telling me that people generally dont change.There are sayings which said that people do,but its very hard and rare.I agree with the statement.Also,I have been thinking,sometimes,why expect someone to behave or act in the way you want them to be? I meant,yes,you can have expectations on what is a nice,responsible person/friend,etc.etc. But,expecting too much is bad.Why? when you realise they are not who you expect them to be,'ll suffer a great fall.The disappointment,anger,feeling cheated,feeling that the person is fake,all these will come into you
r head.And you'll start coming up with thoughts that will slowly differ from a simple clear picture.

Hence,once in a while,if my brain and heart is as smart as it is now,I tell myself,have expectations,just not too high.If you want a high one,be prepared for a bad fall if its not what you expect it to be.A fake person ? Every person in this world(i believe) have a fake persona in them.It depends whether you'll be able to witness another person's fake persona or if you'll realise it yourself when you are fake.

I'm only human,and I admit that I too can be fake and a goody goody two shoes at times.I'm no angel nor am I a real b*tch..I learnt the hard way when I was about 11 or 12 years old that not everyone in world will like you.There will be people who will hate you.And learnt around 16 years old or so that,you cant make everyone like you and if a person want to hate you,and you cant change their perspective then so be it.Heck,I'm no perfect person.I just try to live my life in a way I think that is right/moral/good/as I suppose how I should live them.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As many of you know,I went to Korean Music Wave last saturday (September 24th).A sacrifice that I made was to skip my evidence and land class,but I do not regret it (for now). It was so so so surreal.I could not believe that I finally get to met G.D,TOP and Seungri. I told myself a few years back that the chances of Big Bang coming here would most probably be very very low.So,can you imagine the happiness and excitement?

Plus the fact that they're performing songs that I love off their album is awesomness.I was screaming my lungs out,really screaming my lungs out when they came out and I was sooooooo happy and high!! All were standing on their chairs when they came out.Their performances ended a bit too sudden and there was no encore.haih.sedih.I think it was because they need to rush back to Singapore and maybe cause they're tired? Either one i guess.

The concert started off at 7.30 and ended around 10.30.It started off with F.T.Island.I honestly have to admit that I'm not really a fan of their songs,but they're good live and got me cheering and screaming for them.Lee Hong Ki was sooo cute.Each group that came sang 5 songs with the 3 big bang members singing a total of 6 songs all together.The next act was Teen Top who got me screaming too! After that was 4minute.Hyuna was super hot and their music are all those who makes you wanna dance.Next up was u-kiss.Kevin! Eli ! Dongho ! *faints* I think they lip-sync some of their songs,but nevertheless they're awesome too.Was screaming my lungs out for them too.Next up was Park Jung Min.He's so tall.Like really tall.And he kept smilling.He was the only artist who smiled the most. =) And also he took the time to write what he wanted to say in BM.sangat teramat cute. 

After Park Jung Min,everyone was super excited.Seungri came out first.No surprise that the cheers and screaming were the loudest.I think majority of the people who went was waiting for big bang.His performance was super high.Telling us to jump and all.And when the MC's interviewed him,he looked so arrogant,but in a good funny was.Trying to act all cool.hahahaahaha.

After Seungri went in,I kept saying,omg!OMG! OMG! then went to stand on the chair.When I heard Knock Out started playing,I went crazy.Really really crazy.G.DRAGON AND TOP ARE PERFORMING IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT FREAKING BELIEVE ME EYES AND EARS...Everyone was either singing along/recording or just screaming. TOP did not do much talking when the MC's interviewed them.But,nevermind.they are oh so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After that they sang Oh Yeah and ended it with High High..The energy and vibe that they give off was really awesome.They are really good live.I died that night.really died.Died of happiness and disbelief. =)

Was a bit sad that some many pics I took came out blur.Urghh,I'm bad at using the new nikon camera that dad bought.As flash is usually annoying and not allowed,I off it,resulting in not so nice pics.I was frustrated at times.Cause,taking a records 1 second of the moment where you want to freeze it.Missed that moment,and its gone *cries*. For G.D.TOP and Seungri,I didnt give a damn already.Just switch on to flash mode because I WANT CLEAR PICS OF THEM.hahahhaaha.Need to practice using the camera lah.Haih...It's a good cam,only not as user friendly or easy to use it to take pics as the canon one that I had previously. =(  Didnt actually took much also.Was screaming more during the whole concert.XD

I did not take much recording of the performances.Only short ones.I realized that everytime I go to a concert and record a video of the performance,I dont really see it afterwards.I feel better taking pics and keeping it as a memory,As I usually will browse through them again from time to time.Also,the video that i took this time around,you could hear me either screaming like an insane person or that I was shamelessly singing along.So,I decided to not post it anywhere.*blushes*
p/s: First time going to concert with May Ginn.Had a great time with her.=)
Pics of the concert can be seen in my fb.Just wanted to post a few here.=D
Hong Ki =D

Hong ki was actually dancing.shaking his ass in a super cute way.

4 Minute

U-Kiss ^3^

Seungri <3

They need to introduction i guess.



The end  =(

My partner in crime,MG =)

 -with lots of love and happiness,peace out-

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Save Your Last Goodbye-Jojoba hearts the King of Gold Bells

Save Your Last Goodbye explanation in the previous previous post
The last to leave and the one that made me cry was the one and only Ms.King Gold Bell.Ohhh,the person who always ask me for tissue for you-know-what and the person whom I always go to her house and stay.This girl ahh,super funny and hyper at times.What else,hmmm,she's super steady in all kinds of things and is not selfish at all in many things in life such as sharing her knowledge and always offering to help in anyway she can =) Am very very happy and proud for/of her for excelling like crazy in her studies.=)  Was not close to her at first in college,but are very close now.I forgot at what moment in time and how we get close..This memory is a blur one inside my brain...Have been trying to figure this out for a while now. thought for real we were not going to send you off at the airport on the day you were flying right? I thought so too at first,but then,how can this happen right?When we had lunch on Monday,and you thought that was the last time you'll be seeing us,you were crying a little already,making me feel emo too when I was on the way home in the ktm =(((  We definitely can't bring ourselves to not see you for the last time before you fly.The process in trying to surprise you was so funny and exciting.After being told by Celine that you guys were at Secret Recipe,we were trying to spot where you were sitting from afar and was planning on how to show ourselves up.Finally decided to sit at a table which is was the closest to you.The moment where we came in and was pulling the chairs to sit down.We were all trying to act casual and the pulling of the chairs punya sound,sounds so loud to us at the moment.We were so scared that you'll discover us.

Mana tahu,even when I look at you a few times,you did not notice,And i saw you with your eyes watery and nose red.Hahahaa.Then suddenly you turned to our direction and said ''shit!!!!'' hahahaha.It was so funny.One by one all of us came out and everytime,you said ''shit!!'' Ohhh,it was so funny.Seeing you cry,and yik yee and mich,and see wei cry makes me start to cry too.I'm amazed myself too that I was crying because I'm not very emotionally expressive in these kind of things in life and don't usually like to cry in front of people really.

I know you'll be able to do well there.Take care of yourself there.Missing you loads and loads too.xxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Thanks to See Wei and Karyn for the pics.The airport photos is still with Edward.Dia belum upload lagi I think =(

-with lots of love,peace out-

Save Your Last Goodbye-The Quin

 Save Your Last Goodbye-Mike Posner(explanation in the previous post)
Second to leave was Mei Quin.So sorry that I was late and couldn't make it for the breakfast/lunch near college and had to meet you guys in college.Due to being in different class,we do not have as much time to berbonding as compared to with Kim and all.But,kind of had the opportunity to do so during the Penang/Langkawi trip.As,those were good times. =)

What can I say about this girl here,she's kinda super tall,also another beautiful one and is also kinda fierce at times.but she' a very very nice person.Know for a fact that she's ambitious in what she does.And am wishing her all the best here for her 1/2 years in UK.Get back a first class honours ya.hehehehhe.

Also not forgetting,we are both v.i.p's(HUGE fans of Big Bang). :DDDDDDD Hence,dont need to say,we are both awesome people who have good taste in music and idols that we like.Hahahahahhaa.She's one of the few (wait,i think it's only? ) person in college whom I share my korean stuff with. ;)

So sorry that I couldnt send you off at the airport the day you were leaving.It was a bit hard to do so really.Anyway,missing you lots and take care there.xoxoxxoxoxoxo
Thanks to yik yee for the pic.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Save Your Last Goodbye-The Sweestest Of Em' All

Ok.The title of this post is not a original one.Took it from Mike Posner's song title.I did check out the lyrics to this song first,but feel that it doesnt really fit the stuff I wanna write in this post,but the title was suitable.So.....

I have been delaying this post for a while now.One was because I was tired out by my first week of class in Part 1 aka my second year into my law degree.If someone were to come to me for advice on whether they should study law,I will certainly discourage them.seriously.Another reason I've been delaying this post is because it's still so surreal to me that 3 months has just passed me and it seems now that everyone leaving already. 3 people who hold close to my heart is now in another continent away from me =( One whom I've known from primary school till today.Another two whom I've known all through my college life till today.

First to leave was Sweet Yin.A person who is oh so cute and funny and beautiful and blur and fierce+scary all at the same time.Ahhh,the times I have spent with you for the past 3 months was awesome.Hearing stories of your life in Scotland and the stuff that you do there was interesting.Coming to find you on a random afternoon for lunch during your work in KL was a funny one.Due to the rain,a 'kebanjiran' occurred in your shoes.I died of laughter when I heard this statement.hahahahahahahaa.Also the moments where we were exchanging email was fun.This is the first time where I have been using my email to the very max.hahaha.I think most of the times we spent we either eating nice food or going yamcha at night for hours which also includes eating.Man,we have such fattening hanging outs dont we?

This time around went with Vincent,Mei Wee (in 1 car) and Ah Mah also joined us to send you off.It's so unfair that everytime you wanna leave,you were always the earlier one to reach the airport =( And we were always hungry like hell when we were sending you off.Hahahaahaha...What a combo.Since this is your second time leaving,am more prepared for it.Just not prepared for the fact that you'll be leaving for 2 years.Haih...hope I'll have the chance to visit you there man.

Take care of yourself there (which I know you will) and if there's anything which makes you feel unhappy there's always fb and skype and msn and email to find me and vent your unhappiness out :D I dont think words can express how much I'll be missing you,but just want to write here,i miss you loads and you know i love you.*cries a sea*

Writing the card people 1
Writing the card people 2
Even got her a slave to push her trolley how awesome are we right? hahahaa
Moi,Sweet Yin and  Mei Wee
All of us =)
Not all the pics were from me.Only the few 3 ones.Thanks to Ah Mah for the pictures and being able to make it what not.And thanks to Vincent Chan for putting up with whatever trouble we put you through. :DDDD

Monday, September 5, 2011

The past week or so,has been a week of hanging out,enjoying food and stuff.Had our annual bbq session with Ms.Lee and Ms.Chua.had a great time,eating.laughing and talking about stuff.though,Ms.Chua ended up sleeping way earlier than both of us,leaving us both to chat and looking at her sleep from time to time.=.= It's so fast that 3 months has actually passed and she's flying off again.*cries a sea*

Ooh,also went to the Bookfest (if i'm not mistaken,that's the name) at KLCC then,meeting up with Ms.Chua for lunch.Bought 2 story books and a BIG bag.Muahahahhaa.I feel so cheated looking at the books being sold,that I shall wait for this kind of event to happen next time.The books that I want are sold at almost half price people.It is so so cheap.haih...the amount of money that I have spent before this.Memang sakit hati..I bought this book by Haruki Murakami partly is due to the title of the book called Birthday Stories( i have a thing for birthday somehow) and I like how the book started off.Shall talk about it further as soon as I am finished with it.:D

And now,September's here.Gosh.time flew by so fast.Almost at the speed of light.And I dislike it.Why? Well,class is starting,a good and a bad thing.Good thing is I get to meet my friends again,and not rot at home.Bad thing:I will be busy and stuff.Another reason why I dislike September is that it will be a month of farewells.And it's starting this week itself.*sigh*  Losing my kaki-kaki kpop.=(
Though,a bit on the bright side is that I will be seeing my G.D and TOP,(i have been waiting for this moment for like forever.Even thought that this moment will not come true at one point in time)Was actually expecting to see the whole 5 members of Big Bang.But oh well,tak jadi and I do hope that they will come again year maybe with 2ne1.*prays* I was actually looking forward to see them with my k-pop kakis,either phui gi or mei quin =(((

There will be another concert happening in November,and that's 2pm's concert.Need to really save up money.Ahhh,to be able to move on to be a Part 1 student is surreal.All is happening so fast.Don't know how I'll do,but I'm all positive about it.Will be missing the King of Gold Bells to the max,but there's always skype,twitter and fb.So,it wouldn't be so bad I hope.I also hope to continue on my evening exercises with mum and dad,so that at least I could stay in shape a little bit.Still working on shedding off fats.

2ne1 had their first concert last month,and I love CL's solo performance.She did a cover of Jojo's version of Marvins Room(which was originally sang by Drake) and Nicki Minaj's Did it On 'Em.Really like all of their performances live,that I hope that I could see them live one day as well.Oh,how I would kill to go to their concert.=( Also got addicted to Pitbull ft.Ne Yo,Nayer and Afrojack'sGive Me Everything(Tonight) and also Gorrilaz-Feel Good Inc.This was such an old song.I saw a cover of this song a few days back by Josie Charlwood that I got hooked on both hers and the original version as well.Loving U-kiss and Verbal Jint's new album too.Oh and also Super Junior-Superman.It is such a cool song.I was hoping for them to release their Mr.Simple song as sung in their teaser mv's version,but they did not.I feel that that version is so much better than the[ supposed to be] original one.

Speaking of which,Kim Heechul has enlisted into the army.Ahh,it will be Lee Teuk's turn soon.And it will be a 2 year wait.Sad,but it can't be helped.I guess that's about it for now.=D Here's some pics of some recent stuff that I did:

Ta dah! Super Big Bag and the 2 books i bought. :D

Food.Delicious food


Like this pic somehow.though some say its ugly =(


Ice creams.Guess who has the most expensive one? .Hint:she's soooo sweet XD 
Ooh oh.It has been a long time since I hang out with me sstwo.And last Fri it was pure awesomeness too!!Went for lunch at Ikea and picnic at Desa City Park where there are a lot of cute dogs there.Pics are not with me,so shall upload them and blog a bit about it as soon as I have them :D
p/s: there are more pics in fb =)
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-