Sunday, November 6, 2011

When you're useful,people'll come to you.And when you're not,you're left to rot.That's what life is about.-the Star newspaper article.

Have been meaning to post this up,but somehow it was stuck as one of my draft post.Read this article about an old woman feeling bitter about life in general.I think I was kind of feeling bitter and fed-up somehow at that point that I was so feeling the article written.Hahaha.That sentence above was the conclusion that I find it meaningful and made a mental note of it.

Realistically,everyone uses someone.But,if balanced with respect and courtesy,it's cool.There a fine line between cool and going overboard.And once you cross that line,to get forgiveness from someone (for me that is) is very very hard.Over time,you maybe forgiven but it is never really forgotten really.

I was pissed about stuff relating to this issue.After a while though,I told myself,'hey,why should I waste my energy on pitying myself,bla...bla...bla... right?' I've learnt my lesson and screw you.Go talk to the hand next time.Am I overreacting to this? am I expecting too much?

What do you call a guy who is acting like a b*tch? This question has been in my mind from time to time.Forgive me if you find my level of profanity has increased lately.I'm just too pissed or fed-up sometimes that I help it.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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