Monday, June 24, 2013

He's the one and only

As many of you guys who followed in my various social network sites already know that I am a HUGE fan of Big Bang,and my thick skinned claim that Mr.Kwon is my husband. Hence,without hesitation that when he announced that he was going to have a solo world tour,I will definitely be going!!

I think this is the first time I have bought a VIP seating tic, and yes,I spent a bomb on it.You will think I am crazy if you know how much I spent on it.For safety reasons I shall not reveal them here..I actually asked a friend of friend of mine to help me purchase the ticket as I was having my exams during the whole month of May and had no time to waste to go buy the tic.

Though I really appreciate her willingness of helping me-I paid for that help and the whole ticket thing turned a bit ugly and at one point in time,it totally ruined my mood to attend this concert.I tell myself that there will be no next time where if i wanna ask for help,she would be my very very last resort to go to.

Come on the day of the concert,I went tot he venue quite early to collect the ticket and my merchandise that I bought .GD came out with a limited  edition vinyl disk as like a commemorative token of his world tour.

I was very very tempted to attend his rehearsal session where you need to top up rm100 under celcom..But after much indecisiveness,I finally decided not too and Ms.Lee played a great role in it.Though,she batu api aku lepas tu sikit,cissssss. Hahahahaahhaaa. i am just joking.The weather was VERY  stuffy that day and I was feeling a little bit sleepy and all during mid-day but was nonetheless pump up when I was in the venue and the moment the lights went out!

After that we went to klcc/pavilion area to chill and stay away from the haze ...and around 7.30pm we decided to go into the venue.Our seats where at the far end of our row and we were a bit disappointed,but it turned put to be a nice spot after all.The spotlight was facing us,so it was a very nice view when GD came to the front wi the spotlight behind him!!

The lightings for his concert is really really beautiful...I seriously LOVE IT!! And though it may not seemed based on pictures that I saw hi. Like super close or something,but seeing him there,live theview was seriously very very HD!!! And I love the venue also as the floor was not a grass field as like during the big bang's alive tour!  And also there was a lot of room to actually jump.hahahaha.

The crowd was not as much as compared to Alive tour,but nevertheless it was AWESOME! It was a really really awesome concert!! When he came out ,I just died!!! Many of my fav song of his were performed!! One of my fav stage of his would have to be when he was singing Obsession and She's Gone..Like before  he came out,they were playing on the screen of him running and so,his face in black and white---He was JUST SOOOOOO HOTTTTT!! And the gazes he kept goving the camera during the performance, i just went crazy.hahahahaaha.

The happiest moment for me would be hearing him sing This Love.I got a little bit teary duringt hat part as I just couldn't believe my eyes and ears as to what I am witnessing.This memory has been safely recorded and keep in my brain and heart.I have been listening to this songs literally for years and have watch many of the live ver of this on youtube,and being able to finally hear it live myself--The feeling was just indescribable...seriously i cant really put this in words.its just too awesome,and surreal.

I LOVE Taeyang's performance as well.He was sooo hyped up during his performance and his dancing is just too awesome!!!!!!!!!! I wished he sang wedding dress,but its all good.Still love his performance.Ooh and I also LOVE his all white outfit,,,gahhhhhhhh~~~~~~ *faintts*

The concert started on time and finished around 10.15 p. or so....It was sooo epic that I didnt want it to end *criesss* It was just too nice...I was screaming and jumping and whatnot..hahahahaha.If I
could turn back time and re-live the moment again,I TOTALLY WOULD!!!!!

The side effect of concert are: i feel like an old person the next day having exert a lot of hand and leg muscle during the concert.hahahhaa.But it was all worth it . i have no regrets at all :)))

All in all it was a really good concert.Ooh and not to mention his english was amusing for me..And it can be seen that he was really really happy :)))

Am a bit lazy to post photos here,as i am writing this post using the ipad as my bro is dominating my laptop-but have uploaded them on my insta and what not :))
-with lots of love and spazzing,peace out!! -

Dedicated to you.

I have known this girl since I was 8 years old and fast forward many years later, she is now an official graduate in the field of actuarial science!!

We have been classmates throughout primary and secondary school and there were too many moments where I have copied her homework( yes,me being lazy) ,competing with each other to see who will finish copying sejarah notes and whatnot as given by our teacher and me being motivated to give my best shot to do well in my tests and exams.

Also,we ponteng class together,got into trouble a bit and curi makan dalam kelas, vandalizing the school table ( where i was always the one who got caught-specifically at bio lab-so not fair ! Boooo ) .Ahh,the memories.Then we parted ways heading to different colleges to further pursue our degrees with the aim of graduating and working in the field we have interest in .

And on 21.6.2013 she graduated!! Words can be written down and expressed enough how proud I am of her-Ms.Sweet.Wished I could be there,but sadly I cant.Am looking forward to meet you soon :DD

Another chapter of your life has closed but a new one is starting soon!! Wishing you all the best and I know you are gonna ace it :))

P/s: thanks for reading my blog from time to time*terharu*

-with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just some venting and self pitying.

You know at times where you tend to be perceived as someone who is strong and independent and cool with stuffs in general, that people take that trait of yours for granted.However,it tends to get frustrating at times.

Its not that i am self pitying myself (come to think of it,there is a little here,but whatever,i need a place to vent out my thoughts and what not) it's just at times, internally i am screaming " Hey, I have feelings too you know" I am no robot. I do have emotions- to feel tired, and angry and frustrated at times. Sometimes, I just want to do nothing and laze around and just get to be lazy,not feel the need to be responsible for every tiny little thing.

When you then show out how you truly feel,people deem that you are overreacting, being selfish and calculative now.Like 'why cant you be less immature and selfish and be more open?'

I have been,but, there are just some moment in every human where you just have the ' I am sick and tired of this shit' feeling and some moment of weakness and want to rely on someone instead.

When that moment comes though,at times you find yourself not knowing how to react to it as you are used to being strong,etc,etc.And so you tell you self to stop all the self pitying and whatnot and just be strong.

And slowly then,you start to build a wall around  you,and if it is possible,try to solve things on your own and not asking people for help because that's how you were trained (indirectly) to be. Doing your own thing and not really complain when you feel troubled or tired as you are usually the one people take for granted for.The one who does not seem to have any problems,insecurities,sadness,or loneliness.


Everyone is a little screwed up in their own little weird way.
Is it because of this that we tend to consciously/subconsciously strive to fill a void?
A void that is deemed by us of something known as perfection.
It's where everyone of us is trying to achieve from our own perspective of what we think perfection is.
It's a subjective thing and when perspective collide,it leads to many different kind of result.

Is it all worth it? For how long would we be happy once we have achieved it?

I find myself thinking about this.
I remind myself not too be too caught up in this,
To at times stop,look back and appreciate all that I have experienced.

With that also I find myself thinking,what is it in life that I am living for?

-with lots of love,peace out-