Friday, March 26, 2010

As you guys know,I went to Super Junior concert last weekend.Sorry for the super late update.Was busy and tired.And i had moral exam this week.=.= back on the concert,it was AWESOME !!!! Way way way way way beyond HOTNESS !!!

Met Phui Gi in Nilai and we went to Bukit Jalil and later on met up with Nicole and her bro and Ke Xin with her friends.We reached there at about 4.30 like that i think and there were tons of people there already.Fast foward a few hours and I'm in the stadium,waiting for it to start.

It started at 8pm.And everyone was screaming their lungs out.Me included.Phui Gi and I went totally insane during Don't Don,And i wished i could see Eun Hyuk nearer,especially during Heartquake's performance.Donghae's beautiful rocks.And is my current addiction now.This concert is sooo totally AWESOME.and totally worth my every penny.shall not hesitate to buy their concert tickets the next time they are coming again.It's pure HOTNESS!!!!!!!!!! ~wohoooo~ seriously,if you wanna see me go crazy people,you should have see me during the concert.haahahaha.

A big thank you to Nicole for letting me stay at her house and bringing me and Phui Gi to 1U the next day.And also to Phui Gi.Had a great time.Come to think of it,this is my first korean concert ,and a first concert I went with my friends,and it ruled.=DDD And it's surreal seeing them in person.All of them are so much more good looking than in pictures.~faints~I could talk about this the whole night,but,I shall control myself a bit here.hehehe.Just watch some of their concert clips in youtube.They were some funny moments caught on fancam.ahahahaha
donghae !!
lee teuk =DD
dont don perf.(this is where i went crazy.XD)
eun hyuk.(cant see his face =[ )
hee chul <3
eun hyuk,hee chul
phui gi & moi after the concert.XD
they guys doing chu by f(x)
all the E.L.F's.
before the starting of the concert.
eun hyuk again.
kyuhun =DD
eun hyuk,kyuhun,siwon&donghae
*i curi these photos from Ke xin.Her friend,took really good pics.And for more pics.pls check out fb*
If Big Bang were to come,and I hope they will one day,I shall definitely go.And yes,i'm gonna spend.So will I during Suju's next visit.heh heh heh.Gonna start saving ...
Moving on,as I mentioned before,had moral exam this week.As everything that i read came out,so ,it was ok for me.Had a bad day on Thurs.It was raining heavily when my class ended and it took me 3 HOURS to get home.Was stuck in Labu for 45 mins.And after that,Was stuck in between Tiroi and Seremban,A train was spolied and all the passengers there need to get on the train that I was in...Was really tired and hungry that day.Learned a lesson here.I shall definitely store some food in my bag next time.Luckily i stll have some water left.Hopefully,my specs will be ready soon.It's almost 2 weeks already =(
Exams are near.i am stressing and freaking out.Need to start revising !!I guess that's pretty much it.
                                                                                                                        -with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

yeah people,tomorrow's D-day.~wheee~ shall update about it soon ^o^

p/s :noticed that a number of people ber-emo baru-baru ni,i choose not to do that.Lifecan seem much happier and brighter if you aren't.Though we are only human,and need emo-ness in our lives at times.
                                                                                                                                                 -with lots of love,<3 peace out -

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Urghh,my comp is infected with virus.Partly thanks to Survivor and Karan.So,now,I'm stucked using mum's laptop which is moving at a snail's pace at times.But,at least I can online.This week  is kinda a partially lucky week for me.Though on Monday,I had a surprising open book test.And I need to start revising as I predict that in April I will have some mock exam going on.Speaking of exams,my A-levels exam timetable is out.*sobs*

Exams shall commence on the 25th of May till the 11th of June.Out of the 2/3 weeks,it will only be 5 days,where I have to sit for my papers.So now,i need to study ,study,study..of course,I shall not forget to relax from time to time as well.=D All work and no play,makes Jo a dull girl,right??  hehehe.Finally got in touch with uncle.He lost his phone and is on a mission to play the M.I.A (missing in action) plan.=.='''' Had lunch with him last Wed which dia belanja. =DDD .This week Tort class  was cancelled.And i only got to know about it,just as I got into the KTM going to class.It changed into Contract.

And I was clueless on the discussion going on that day as I haven't revise that part yet.And that day,Savreena and I ran for our life to get into the KTM.And this is the first time I had done it.We were breathless by the time we got into the train.ahahahha.It was certainly an amusing thing.Oh,and i have my moral exam next week,on the 24th,which I dont really care,as long as I pass the subject then it's fine.Seriously,the class is just .....................

Got to know a few interesting stuff also. XD Well,gossip makes life a tad more interesting right?? *winks* Ooh,and guess what?? this coming weekend is Super junior's concert.~wohooooooo~ Come to think of it,this is my 1st korean concert.I hope there's more to come.(Big Bang,PLEASE come to Malaysia =[ ) gonna start their marathon soon.Haven't really been in touch with meow and sweet.All have been busy. =[ Ohhh,and 2ne1-try to follow me mv is hot.A bit weird,but overall,i love it.=]  Hmm,i gues that's about it for now???

p/s : I went to make a new pair of glasses last weekend.Can't wait for my new one ~wheee~ and went to the police station that day.It was such a long,painful and hot process that I got hooked on Sudoku.It's a nice game.I get it why now See Wei likes it.Though the newspaper ones are harder than in the handphone ones.(ok,it maybe cos i only play the easy and medium mode.but,still ..........)
                                                                                                          -till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Sunday, March 7, 2010

was reading a magazine the other day when i stumbled upon these lines.Loving this quote :
 A person who talkes about himself for 24/7 has a unhealthy love for his own voice.
Hahahahahahaa.These pharse amuses me a lot.Classes are back to normal this week.=[  Why can't I have 1 week holiday too like Ms.Lee?? *sobs* jealous jealous.Craving for japanese food and shall wait for karan to be completely well and we shall go talak together.muahahahahahahahaha XD
                                                                                                                   -with lots of love,peace out-

Friday, March 5, 2010

This week has been quite tiring as the whole week my classes were almost the whole day.@@ Exams are just about 2 months away.And i'm begining to freak out.I need to study study study study study!! I shall not forget to have some fun too.As i dont think i'll be able to resist not watching tv and stuff.hehehe.Nothing much happened this week as far as I remember.Aunt Sandara came down from Singapore.It's been a long time since i met her.Am going to start my super junior marathon soon as their concert is about 2 weeks away.Yeah baby !!! =DD Has been listening to old songs lately.And is looking foward to Epik High's new album..Wannabe is sooooo addictive.I realised that the phrase ''beauty is pain'' is trully as it means.Had facial today.And it was soooo painful.(carried out by karan). Watched Law Abiding Citizen (a movie staring Jamie Foxx and Gerald Butler).This movie is amazing..awesome.For those who haven't watch this movie yet,you're kinda outdated like me as well.ahahaha.Nah,i'm just joking.Go watch it if it's possible,It rocks.Oh ya.Jermaine Sellers from American Idol is out.I'm kinda sad as i love his voice.=[ didnt expect him to go out so early.I kinda half forgot what i want to write here.(yeah,i have been having a bit of short term memory lost at times,lately.So,till i can remember,what i wanna write here,
- -with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I came across this question from bryanboy's blog the other day.The question is:
What happens when the person you love loves someone you hate? Go on and ask yourself and you'll find yourself thinking the answer to this question.hehhe.
Loving m-flo once again and B2st new song,please take good care of my girlfriend(say no). Its waiting for big bang and 2ne1 new album.=D
- with lots of love,peace out-