Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It's been a while since i posted a post here.Usually,when I see something interesting I would make a note in my mind to either tweet about it or to remember to write it in my blog.The stuff that I write here have usually been pre-drafted in a very short and messy framework in my mind in a very short amount or time.Or I just blog on the spot the stuff that I wanna say.And I feel I have the tendency to write a LOT or really in detail(as what I'm doing now right??).Hahaha.

My classes are on Monday,Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday and Sunday.Surprised that I even have a class on a Sunday? Well,I actually choose to attend the sunday class because I am choosing my lecturers (which whom I prefer) for some of my subjects.Hence,the sacrifice.Will usually feel exhausted after classes (some end as late as 7.45 pm!!) and the procrastinating thought to post pone posting stuff here.

It's been a month or two since classes start and gosh,time pass by so fast.Year 2 is definitely no joke.The first few weeks or so,I could sit in class trying hard to pay attention but find myself to not understand what is being taught at all.The fact that the English language in the textbooks seems like Greek to me made it even worse.I was scared and worried on how am I ever or will I ever be able to catch up.Being kiasu,all these thoughts were the firsts that came to my mind.Thankfully for now,am coping with my studies quite well I may say.There are still loads of work that needs to be put in to perfect it though.

Studies aside,I don't really have much life outside it in a way I guess? Sad isn't it? But I'm not all depressed with it.I mean I still see my best friends in college and stuff and we do have time to chat during break times and all.So,it's still oklah.But on holidays and all,I have to admit I don't have the most colourful social life lah.Not that I'm complaining or really hating it,it's just that sometimes I feel so bored,that on impulse I wanna do lots of things or crave to eat this and that.At the same time,the lazy feeling of going out makes me feel reluctant to do so.Yes.How much more contradictory can I get right??Also,I like to have some ''alone'' time at times.Shoot.don't tell me I'm slowly turning into an otaku/nerd am I??? =(((

Wanted to go to Genting with Ms.Lee this thurs and fri as she had ajak me,but I have a class on Thursday and I can't skip it.It's too important for me.Have been longing on going on a trip like this,but there seems to be no right time for it.Looking through Yvan Rodic Visual Diary Blog does not help at all.The places that he went and the pictures he took is just amazing! It makes me wonder will I ever get a chance to visit these places? I told myself,oh well,even if I can't,at least I've seen pictures.hahahaha.It makes me wanna go to places during holidays or something.*sigh* Here's the link to the blog if you're curious.haha

Also,I think lately I'm quite hot headed,as in I get pissed off or irritated easily.One is due to a certain classmate of mine,I have to admit.It's not that I totally hate her,it's just that,my level of tolerance for her is running thin at times.And being the person that I am,I dont feel comfortable or nice to just kick her aside out of my life.Another is just about certain stuff that I go through on a daily basis.Like how unkind people can people be.I mean.I'm not super kind or what not,but like it wouldn't kill you to just be kind and help somebody.I don't know,I feel happy if I am able to help someone in a certain way.Maybe like just giving direction or anything.

On the music section,loving Teen Top's Clap,Jun.K (Junsu of 2pm)-Alive,Gummy ft TOP-I'm Sorry(Jap ver) Rihanna ft Calvin Harris-We Found Love and Patrick Stump's new album-Soul Punk.Ooh and also Anya Marina-Satellite Heart and Move You.=)

p/s:I'm itching to buy nail polish.I know,I have been whining about this for a while now.hahaha.
That's about it for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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