Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This thought just came into my week last week, 'Ahhh, Fakeness. Perhaps everyone has a certain level of it? It depends on how you present yourself to people / the world and how people interpret it.

I guess at times,I do fake it too.Some for courtesy purposes.I guess I'm too nice or unable to bring myself to show that I actually have a great dislike for that person? Now though,I try to stay away from the person I dislike as far as possible.It's better and healthier in my opinion.

I've written in one of the posts here before that it takes time for me to warm up to people.I'm generally perceived as a quiet person if you don't know me well.For e.g: if I do know you,but we're not close,or like have ever really spoke to each other,chances are I won't really say 'hi' to you when I meet you? maybe a slight smile.that's all.I think it's a bit of an ego/pride issue here? Like just in case I say 'hi' to you and you don't respond to it.Ohh.the embarassment.Also,I am afraid that you don't recognise/ actually know who I am.Hahahahaha.

I wonder at times,do I come on as arrogant due to my kinda 'cold' personality if you may.I get that a lot when I was in primary school.I do admit I was a miss-know-it-all.It's just that if I know something where I am 100% sure of that I'm right,I'll tell you straight on that,''this is it.that's the answer.I'm absolutely confident of it''And I guess the confidence came out as arrogance and that people actually hate me for it.After that,being humble and over the years,I prefer to just keep a low profile now.

Or people think that I'm fierce or just a plain nerd whom does not know anything other than reading/studying.

I hate being used.(who does right?) And I know how it feels.Experienced some directly and that feeling sucks.Hence,I tired not giving people that vibe.How does one define 'using somebody' ? Having thought about it,I realised it's a bit hard to come up with an answer.I feel (feel free to disagree with me) that we do use people everyday.It's just not over the extend of too much,you know what I mean? I'm not then implying that using someone is hence good, it's just don't use someone purely for your own advantage and when they're of no use to you,just drop them like a hot potato.I don't know about you,but my conscience does not feel right doing these kinda things.

I think too much don't I? It's not like I always have too much free time,just that from some daily encounters,people watching at train stations got me thinking.I write these thoughts down in a way as a reminder to me to practice what I preach (?) and I take it as something to change/improve myself for the better.
 p/s:stay strong mei quin!!!!! am always here supporting you!
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happened // Happening Soon

Hello October.Time flies again.A lot of happenings had happened or will soon be happening! First off, a Birthday Shoutout to Phui Gi --Happy 21st!!!!!! It's not everyday you come to the day where you are regarded generally as an officially,(legally,and traditionally (?)) as an adult. =))

The King of Gold Bells is back to UK.Ahhh,the short moments where we attended classes together are fun and definitely to be missed ! *cries* All the best there,and I am bad at keeping in touch at times,but that does not mean that I don't care.*angel halo above the head* hehehehehe.

H&M have finally reached Malaysia.I was so excited to go for shopping.But the place was just so crowded that you lose the sense of excitement.I have to confess here also that I was a super kedekut shopper.Like I would really think twice,ok,more like a million times over before I buy stuff at first.I am worried that I'll regret it later on,or like it's not worth the money.I also weigh in the practicality of the items.Hence,I could go shopping the whole day and ended up not buying a single thing and then going home regretting at times.Gahhhhhhh.Also,tyhe stuffs that I came to feel in love with at times,is a bit pricey.Like a rm 150 or so flats from Topshop and a bag from Muji which is like rm 280 *le sigh* See,if I were to purchase these all in one day,of the burning smell in my wallet is sooo strong.But,I know,I know,I spend more willingly on concerts.Don't ask me why.I can't give a justified answer to this.COme to think of it,clothes,and shoes and  bags do last longer than concert.T.T Oh well.Ohh.I am also hunting for sneakers.Have yet to find a really really really nice one that I like.My Nike of 3 years ++ (the first sneakers I bought with my own money) is not really in its best condition.It's almost time to say goodbye.

I am tempted to buy a high top sneakers.Am targeting either from Adidas or Converse ( a red one.heh heh) but am in doubt one how often I would use them and feel I need a normal one also.Gahhh.See what I mean in me being a kedekut/shopper that thinks too much ?!! *cries*

Ok.I shall stop about my wants on shopping.I have chosen my subjects for the final hurdle.Jurisprudence and Company Law is both compulsory officially and unofficially.So that leaves me with 2.I find Succession interesting in its own way.So am torn in between Conflict and Intellectual Property ( IP ) .For I find both are interesting also.Final decision is: *drum rolls* Juris,Company,Succession and IP.I hope I made the right choice (i dont wanna ponder about this already) and God bless my friends and I all for our exams.

I'm still have not come up with a final decision/plan for Big Bang concert/Korea trip thing.Like how am I suppose to meet my sis and all that stuff.One thing for sure is that I think I might be attending both events.You know I don't like things to go to spontaneous or planned at last minute at times.But have not succeeded to have a ''serious'' talk about this with my sis =.=''''' And I am in a way,planning the itinerary for the Korea trip.The accommodation has been settle.Gahhh.sedikit stress on planning cos if its not enjoyable and stuff, it's gonna ruin the trip. So , fingers crossed on this.

Am excited to see Big Bang.It's like a dream finally coming true.Am of course a bit bummed that  I will not see the entire concert.But it's better than not seeing at all and  I hope (*prays*) I get to see them another time.Am also waiting for confirmation of 2ne1 having concert here a well. See there goes all my money.Hahaha.But I do hope I get to see them for I love them a lot.=))))

ok.enough rambling.this is a long post i think for I tend to just write and ramble on and on at times without realising how long the  post is gonna be.I think I talk/dramatized too much at's a hard to change habit of mine i guess.

-till then,lots of  love,peace out-