Friday, February 26, 2010

Though I can't stand being bored at times,
Isn't it nice to just have a moment of silence and just enjoy the quietness around you?
I feel it's good to be quiet at times.
Hold on a second,am I turning into a boring,emo person??????
Nooooooooooooooo! i don't want to turn into someone like that..hahahahaha.

p/s:Sorry about my previous post if it shocked you.I just felt the need to let it out somewhere instead on someone.I'm fine now.thanks for the concerns y' know i love all you.=D
-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Urghhh,not in a good mood now.Dont ask me why.I think its a combo of a few things to it.And once again dont ask what is it.Arghhhhhhhhh,just fuck it

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's been such a long time since i updated my blog.many apologies.Have been a bit busy and tired lately.Well,I shall start off with last week.It was CNY (it still is now till this Sunday i think).Before college ended,we had a pre-reunion table at the big table,which was wayy awesome. =D and we celebrated Lee tat's b'day in a way he definitely wont't forget.hehee.Had sreamboat for the reunion dinner and on the first day,went to the temple to pray.We didn't go down to Muar this year as Karan's leg is not fully healed,so,ang pow has been on a decline this year. =[ But,I had fun.Went to watch midnight show of the movie 72 Tenants of Properity with mei wee,her sis,her sis' friend and sweet.And then we decided to have steamboat and bbq feast the nest day.And guess how many people were eating it?? .............. 3.............. hahahaha.We started eating steamboat at about 5 i think and by the time we were half way through,all of us were sooo full that it was impossible to eat bbq later on that night and so,we postponed it to Friday.It was on Wed when we had the steamboat.Agaknya itulah akibat mempunyai cita0cita yang tinngi kadang-kala XD And on Fri we had bbq and there's 4 of us this time,with Nic Hiong.(instead of being an auntie killer ,he is the dog killer) hahhahaa.

Had a blast.And now,college starts again.There wouldn't be any holiday anymore until the exams are over *sobs* I shall start revising my work and stuff now !! Though I was kinda lazy in doing my Econs homework yesterday.ahahahaha.Karan had her check up yesterday and the doctor said that her bone have all formed fully and she can start to practice walking now. ~wheee~ Her thoughts on it was,she cant wait to get up and about like normal so that she can eat her beloved sushi. =.='' Ooh and,on Monday,as usual,after class,Savreena and I was taking the Ktm home when it suddenly just stop at Salak Selatan.(One of the stations where little people get on and down).And it was soo stuffy and hot inside the train as the air cond got switch off as well.There's this lady who then fainted and her friend pulled on the emergency door open and everybody started getting off the train.We had to wait for another train and pushed our way inside.And the train then had to reverse back a bit and use the 2nd track.It was certainly interesting as this had never happen before.hehe.Urghh and we have moral class tomorrow.I am not a big fan in attending the class.

But,for the sake of attendence,well,terpaksalah.haih.Oh and I'm going back to Acs (my high school) to receive some anugerah for SPM i think( which hopefully they give it in the form of $$$ ) hehe.I think,i'll be meeting CKE,Hui Peng and all.It's been such a long time since I met them,And it's been almost 1 year since I went back to school.Damn,I feel old =[ And i heard the politics there is getting greater day by day.hahahaa. Hmm,i guess that's about it.

p/s : Uncle has mysteriously been missing these past week or so.dont know what happen to him.guess i kinda miss him?? hmmmm
-till then,with lots of love peace out-

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


~wheeee~ It's holidays for a week now.hehehehhee.And then,I have no more breaks and shall start studying like mad again. =[ Had a kinda like reunion lunch with marcus,kim,see wei,etc at big table.The usual gang.It was awesome.Went for Moral class today but we went to eat breakfast at kopitiam and came in about 11am.heehhehe.It's just that,the lecturer is seriously perverted and there's just no need to really pay attention to what's he say 90% of the time.So........... Celebrated Lee Tat's b'day in a big way during Contract class today.Pics and videos about all this events shall be on facebook soon.A BIG thank you to Jake for always doing all this stuff,capturing all these memorable moments.Jake,you know we love you right?? hehehe.

As Kim,Kong,Savreena and I was on our way to McD in sentral,I was talking and laughing while taking the escalator when suddenly this guy in front of me and Kim was saying,''Wow,you're happy today.And me and Kim was like,''Errr,ya,hehhe'' and we continue talking.And then this guy was suddenly touch my hand ! And he was saying''You have a nice watch''.Me being blur,thought he was asking me what time it was.And Kim heard him better and so she was like''hehe ,thanks.And took my hand away.I was holding my purse at that time,I was like,don't tell me he's gonna snatch my purse.And he was sooo weird and was like staring at us.EWWWW.If this had happen to me in the train,and I am alone,I am soooo gonna get far far far far away from him.He's sooooo bin tai (read in cantonese) urghhhhhh.yucks

Am currently addicted to 2ne1-try to copy me.hehehe.And watching Family Outing again.=D. Ha ve a few homework for the CNY holidayss..*sobs* why is that happening,I'm sooo lazy to do it..=[ Looking foward in hanging out with my homies next week. ^o^ Ooh,and as you guys know,the First day of CNY falls on the same day as Valentine's Day this year,but the Single Awareness Day this year has a less effect on me I guess.Not that affected by it. This may be due to: (1) I am celebrating CNy with my family. (2) Is not expecting anything special,etc also this and I have finally get my hands on Crows Zero 1 and Crows Zero 2 Dvd.=DDDD that movie is awesome.And Shun Oguri is hotness!! (well,for melah) though i hate his hairstyle in it.Anyway,here's just a very brief summary this week.As i am sleepy and lazy...

p/s : i am having a pimple attack now.*cries a river* ishhhhhhhhh.benci
-with lots of love,and enjoy your new year/valentine's day people,peace out-

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello people.I shall say this week was a fun & tiring week.But,overall,it was awesome! I had dinner at TGIF on Sunday at the Gardens which was sponsored by Mr.Aria for everyone who got an A for Econs.And had a great time there.And we kinda like celebrated Jie Yang's b'day there,and the speech that he gave was sooo funny.hahahahahaha.And after that,I stayed over at Kim's house and had a great time there as well.We watch this video of a girl not talking anything at all for about 1.30 min at least and having like 1-2 million views.gosh....=.= and the comment that we posted was sooo funny,and we laughed like mad.ahahahahha.And she also introduced me to some cool songs as well.So, a BIG thank you to Kim for letting me stay over and all. *muacks* Moral class was boring as usual.=[ On Tuesday,after Econs class,I went home and reached Seremban at about 4 i think,and ,as usual,i was sleeping

.When,I woke up when I was in Labu,I saw Roger sitting on my right,opposite of me.And I was kinda embarrassed for 2-3 minutes there,as he told me that,when he came in from Nilai station,he saw me sleeping so soundly that he didnnt wanna disturb me or anything.It has been sometime too since I saw him.And the previous week or so,I met Loi Chun Fai (not sure if it's the correct sp) in the station.The moment we saw each other we were like ''Ehh,it's you.'' And was like thinking to ourselves,what is he/she doing here?? And we said hi briefly as he was gonna board the train.The moment where we saw each other was super funny as well.hahahahah.And as my Tort class today changed time again,from 1-4pm,I took the express train to Kajang.And it was raining heavily when I reach there.=[ And when I got into the train from there,sitting opposite me was Tan Tze Yen.I thought he could not recognize me at first,as we kinda knew each other from school but have never really talk to each other before i think,and so we chatted on the way home to Seremban.

I just got to know that he's leaving for Australia this coming Monday to further his studies.It's kinda sad that he has to go there before the CNY. Hmmm,I guess, I kinda met people whom I didnt expect to meet at all in the ktm this week.Oh and another embarrassing thing happen today.As we were in sentral,Savreena wanted to buy some food,and I totally forgot about this and had touch my Touch n Go and was on the way og going down to Platform 6 when Savreena was asking me''Jo ann,where are you going??'' I was like''oh shit,you wanted to buy some things first'' and was like,ohh what do I do now,what do i do now?? the ktm guy who is in charge of collecting tickets was looking at me ,puzzled and in amusement.And when I when to his side,to touch the Touch n Go,he asked me 'why??' and I said,'oh,my friend wants to buy some stuff' after we did,we went back to the same place and he was smiling at us,and was asking me''Do you wanna touch the Touch n Go again??'' and started laughing to which I replied embarrassingly that I dont want to.Although it was funny,it was sooo embarrassing overall =[ Ooh and,I guess it's just me,but i'm kinda impressed with ktm effort to decorate kl sentral on festive occasions,such as when Christmas,they had a small Christmas tree and for CNY,they had lanterns along the platform.

Am currently addicted to Ke$ha-blah blah blah and the new song from T.O.P which has yet to be named.-Blah blah blah,zip your lips like a padlock.Love that.hahaha.Reminded me of the word that Karan love to use as well which is ''Just zip it'' ahahahahaha.And I am currently watching this Hong Kong drama( i know,it's been years,ahahah)called Cupid Stupid and I just LOVE this toy the main actor had on his table in the drama.It's just sooo cute and just makes you smile every time you see it. XD Is gonna meet up with mei wee and sweet this sunday and going shopping tomorrow.-Wohooo A pic of all of us.*more pics in fb*
Forgive moi for the poor quality,see the laterns were all along the platform.
Awwww,ain't this pic just soo cute.its like the toy's saying,''yea baby,just smile XD
p/s : has installed air-cond in my all,~whee~
-with lots of love and blah blah blah,peace out-