Tuesday, June 21, 2011

of randomness,memories and loves

There's some overdue and random pictures from the past month or so.

Our tool of battle in exams:pens.loads of it.

Was so shocked when i see this.do you think people would actually steal the flush??
Outing with Mei Wee, Sweet and her sis brought us to buy macaroons.=D
Went shopping for dip ingredients with bro and sis and see what i found.A GIANT big TomYam paste.i was so amazed by this,that i can't help but take a pic of it.hehehe
Chacos original flavour and dip that bro made.awesomeness.it had cheese,grapes,mayo,thousand island and a lil bit of black pepper.fattening but nice. =p
ooh and i was cleaning up my room a few days back,where i found these stuff.some given/made by my besties and others were from school.it brings back the memories i tell you.
Booklets and name tags from camps and school  functions
In an attempt to make stars and draw the scene from Meteor Garden(taiwanese drama)it was in 2003 when this was made.=.=
I remembered it was sport practice at padang MPS,we were bored and you made this ring.hahaha.i forgot when this was.i think this was during standard 6? not sure.-made by Ms.Sweet.
a clearer pic of the above pic.sorry for the cacated rabbit mei wee.a very sad accident happened.
that's about it.when i saw the stuff that i posted above,i was thinking to myself,i need to take a pic of it and post it in my blog for memories sake.hehehe.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

did a personality test from here 
and my result is as follow:
Your Type is
Strength of the preferences %
You are:
  • moderately expressed introvert
  • slightly expressed sensing personality
  • moderately expressed feeling personality
  • slightly expressed judging personality
the description to my personality are here and here which i find to be pretty accurate.they describe me as:often with very good memories and unexpected analytic abilities; they are also good with people in small-group or one-on-one situations because of their patient and genuinely sympathetic approach to dealing with others.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

just need to let it out for a moment

sometimes it just feels a little tiring and frustrating that i need to do almost everything.i am not the most hard working person out there..and am lazy at times.but,if i'm supposed to do something,at the end of the day,i will do it.it feels like at times..things about being the youngest and hence have to do stuff in order to learn or be better in it and ''i'm older and have done it before,hence its your turn now'' has some truth in it that i can further improve myself.but it gets irritating when you are the one that have to start to do everything.

it feels like people take me for granted at times.i see it as a good & bad thing.it shows that i can be relied upon at times,but please note that i have feelings too.please remember it from time to time.looking as if nothing's wrong on the outside and that nothing can really bother me doesn't mean i'm feelings-less on the inside.