Wednesday, September 28, 2011


As many of you know,I went to Korean Music Wave last saturday (September 24th).A sacrifice that I made was to skip my evidence and land class,but I do not regret it (for now). It was so so so surreal.I could not believe that I finally get to met G.D,TOP and Seungri. I told myself a few years back that the chances of Big Bang coming here would most probably be very very low.So,can you imagine the happiness and excitement?

Plus the fact that they're performing songs that I love off their album is awesomness.I was screaming my lungs out,really screaming my lungs out when they came out and I was sooooooo happy and high!! All were standing on their chairs when they came out.Their performances ended a bit too sudden and there was no encore.haih.sedih.I think it was because they need to rush back to Singapore and maybe cause they're tired? Either one i guess.

The concert started off at 7.30 and ended around 10.30.It started off with F.T.Island.I honestly have to admit that I'm not really a fan of their songs,but they're good live and got me cheering and screaming for them.Lee Hong Ki was sooo cute.Each group that came sang 5 songs with the 3 big bang members singing a total of 6 songs all together.The next act was Teen Top who got me screaming too! After that was 4minute.Hyuna was super hot and their music are all those who makes you wanna dance.Next up was u-kiss.Kevin! Eli ! Dongho ! *faints* I think they lip-sync some of their songs,but nevertheless they're awesome too.Was screaming my lungs out for them too.Next up was Park Jung Min.He's so tall.Like really tall.And he kept smilling.He was the only artist who smiled the most. =) And also he took the time to write what he wanted to say in BM.sangat teramat cute. 

After Park Jung Min,everyone was super excited.Seungri came out first.No surprise that the cheers and screaming were the loudest.I think majority of the people who went was waiting for big bang.His performance was super high.Telling us to jump and all.And when the MC's interviewed him,he looked so arrogant,but in a good funny was.Trying to act all cool.hahahaahaha.

After Seungri went in,I kept saying,omg!OMG! OMG! then went to stand on the chair.When I heard Knock Out started playing,I went crazy.Really really crazy.G.DRAGON AND TOP ARE PERFORMING IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANT FREAKING BELIEVE ME EYES AND EARS...Everyone was either singing along/recording or just screaming. TOP did not do much talking when the MC's interviewed them.But,nevermind.they are oh so HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  After that they sang Oh Yeah and ended it with High High..The energy and vibe that they give off was really awesome.They are really good live.I died that night.really died.Died of happiness and disbelief. =)

Was a bit sad that some many pics I took came out blur.Urghh,I'm bad at using the new nikon camera that dad bought.As flash is usually annoying and not allowed,I off it,resulting in not so nice pics.I was frustrated at times.Cause,taking a records 1 second of the moment where you want to freeze it.Missed that moment,and its gone *cries*. For G.D.TOP and Seungri,I didnt give a damn already.Just switch on to flash mode because I WANT CLEAR PICS OF THEM.hahahhaaha.Need to practice using the camera lah.Haih...It's a good cam,only not as user friendly or easy to use it to take pics as the canon one that I had previously. =(  Didnt actually took much also.Was screaming more during the whole concert.XD

I did not take much recording of the performances.Only short ones.I realized that everytime I go to a concert and record a video of the performance,I dont really see it afterwards.I feel better taking pics and keeping it as a memory,As I usually will browse through them again from time to time.Also,the video that i took this time around,you could hear me either screaming like an insane person or that I was shamelessly singing along.So,I decided to not post it anywhere.*blushes*
p/s: First time going to concert with May Ginn.Had a great time with her.=)
Pics of the concert can be seen in my fb.Just wanted to post a few here.=D
Hong Ki =D

Hong ki was actually dancing.shaking his ass in a super cute way.

4 Minute

U-Kiss ^3^

Seungri <3

They need to introduction i guess.



The end  =(

My partner in crime,MG =)

 -with lots of love and happiness,peace out-

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