Monday, November 30, 2009

As she sits alone in times where there is nothing to do,
She wonders what should she do??
A lot of things will then play it self back in her mind,like a broken tape recorder,
There were a mixture of amusement,joy,sadness and boredom
And once again,she thinks she's confused
And once again another self of her tells and assures her to not to think too much,
But,still she can't help but wonder.
Someone told her,you'll never know the outcome if you don't take a leap,
She knows that's the truth and maybe the only solution,
But,she's afraid.She's not confident,she's a coward?
The year is coming to end,another year has passed,
Time certainly flies.
A thousand or maybe a million memories were created again.
She'll certainly not forget it at all.
And once again she thinks she's confused.
The song 9 Crimes by Damien Rice somehow help her in a way.
The song depicts how she feels and it's calming for her
The best solution she could think of : Just go to bed.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Saturday, November 28, 2009


*sobs**sobs* The holiday's coming to an end.My god,it's sooooo,no it's tooooo fast. =[ Well,I could say i half enjoyed and half did not enjoy my holiday.Didn't really go anywhere, (wanted to watch movie and go shopping and eating) but, due to certain circumstances,i.e. bro & sis and time constraint,so.... anyway,i kinda like this holiday?? you must think i'm crazy? Well, I take it that I learn kinda a number of things this hols.hehe.

Went shopping with Dad on Friday night after visiting Karan.Dad said there was a sale and wanted to buy her a pillow (therapeutic pillow),and so I went with Dad,and i was shocked,there was this MEGA sale and it was like in a market.The sales promoter and stuff were shouting and using whistles,there was music blasting,tons of people,and I freaked out for a moment.I sms-ed Karan straight away.I saw Dad's fav tupperware and got excited and asked him , '' Dad,its your fav tupperwares,aren't you buying it??'' Dad replied cooly,''Dah, I bought adi this afternoon.I bought 10. It was so cheap,RM 1 for 1.'' My eyes almost popped out.@@ ''You bought 10???? my god.=.='' '' .

We went to choose Karan's pillow and at last we bought with tea leaves or something to do with tea inside it.And I bought 3 t-shirts which is super cheap (about RM 10??) and nice.heh heh.While I was choosing the t-shirts,this guy suddenly yelled,'' Come come,Smart Connection t-shirt,from RM10 now RM 3'' .I looked at Dad and laughed,and the guy who was yelling away,saw me laughing and he laughed as well.Somehow,it was kinda funny to me.While waiting for Dad to pay,I took some pictures.Ohh,and they suddenly played Se7en-La la la.And i was like ,wohooooooo, syok sendiri for a second there cause I didnt expect them to play korean songs there. =DThe entrance,saw the speaker at the side,it was blasting really LOUD music.
Oh and I am currently addictedto a drama called You're Beautiful.It's about the life's of an idol group (korean boybands) called A.N.Jell, and the members are BEYOND HOTNESS.Mrs.Jang,has already said that Mr.Jang geun Suk is hers,so,The other 2 members of the group shall be mine XD I cant decide either one of them, there's 1 guy (Shin Woo) who I predict will be the good guy who never gets the girl,haih,sedih gila, and another guy, Jeremy( F.T. Island member-Lee Hong Ki) who's sooo funny and cute.*my current msn status is dedicated to him***smiles to self happily* Mrs.Jang and I agreed that it's been a long time (since Coffee Prince) that there has been a good korean drama that is worth watching and being addicted with.-Woots- I went to the hospital today,as usual to take over Mum's shift.Karan has been tranrsfered into the 1st class ward where there's only 2 person to a room and there are better facilities, privacy,better food and air cond as well. =]

Hmm,I think I have not mention here before that Karan loves to call me bruise Chua,the reason: i love to knock myself around the house(furnitures are made of wood) and I often get bruises till I didn't even realize it at times.Now,Karan is known as Bruise Chua too,*note that its with a capital B'' cause,due to the accident ,she has a scary bruises at her legs and her hand.You maybe thinking,Wth?? Is it something to joke about??? Hmmm,maybe it's a private joke that the 2 of us get it and she's doing soo much better now.Sirion has open his eyes as well,a few days ago,but he can't speak yet.Still,it's really good to hear that he's doing much better,though it seems that he has back sores,a BIG thank you to the ''helpful and considerate'' nurse =.=''''
Hmm,I have never posted some pics about their accident,so,here's some pic.Dont look if you find it scary or gross
Her very damaged laptopher notes with pieces of glassesher bruised leg
Fruits & flowers from her friends.

The hospital dinner,(@ 1st class) that I ate today,as Karan was eating food cooked by grandma.It was actually nice
p/s : The nurse said,i look more mature than Karan.How could this happen,i look old???? *cries a river at in front of her comp* ishhhhh =[
-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Pictures from prom =D

-Our dresses & shoes- from left,kim's moi's,may jean's XD,ethel's,michele's & see wei's-
at the saloon

Mr.21-The 3 people who share the pain of taking ktm-
The girls


The boys

*more pics in fb*

Monday, November 23, 2009

On November 21st,which was last Saturday was prom day.hehe.was going down to Kepong to go to May Jean's house.She called me on Thursday (if I'm not mistaken) to ask me whether I'm interested to do my hair and makeup at this place called APT around her house there and I agreed.Was supposed to take the 11 am train,but I missed it.And I thought of taking the 11.18 train,but I didnt know they changed the schedule or something and the next train was 11.30 =.=''

And the train stopped for sometime in Serdang and Bdr Tasik Selatan,causing me to reach Sentral about 12.45.May Jean picked Kim,See Wei,Michele,Yik Yee and I from college and we went to her house and started taking pics for our dress and shoes and started discussing about air and make up.We went to the APT place at about 3 and Mj,Sw and I went to buy contact lense,(sw broke hers)and all of them suggest that I go get one ask they say I look better.But then we were running out of time and I never wear one before and didnt remember my power and stuff,decided to forgo the idea.When we went back to the saloon,it was about 3.45? I kinda forgot and only Ethel's hair was done.And i have to admit,when i saw her hair at first,I was shocked and freaked out a lil.Cos it was so curly.Then they did Kim's make up and hair and actually there was only 1 girl handling all of our hair and make up.=.= And then she had other client which showed up suddenly and so she decided to ask us to go back and changed into our dress and stuff and then go back to the saloon to do our hair and make up.I was like what the hell??? And on our way home,it was raining and there was a traffic jam,Thomas and Andrew had already arrived at Mj's house and thought that all of us were ready when it was only Kim.Thomas was staring at me ,he thought I had finishing make up-ing and stuff and the look on his face when he ask me''Jo Ann,you're done adi?'' was hilarious and i told him ''NO,i havent'' and all of us when upstairs to change our clothes,By the time we got ready to leave it was about 5 something till 6?After that there's this dude who did my hair (i forgot his name,he's same age as bro ask me started to chat a lil) and i was scared that he will make my hair super curly.And he said relax,you hair is short,i couldnt do that much really.After that i did my make up.And after that the lady help me to do my hair,which I was freaked out at first,but then she say i look better,more younger and stylish or something.Then i asked everyone's opinion.Michele said i matched the theme for that night.hahhaa.And all of them say,lose the glasses my friend.
We were late and I think we got there at about 8.30?? Luckily it had started not long ago,so it was ok.

As i got down the car,I said hi to Lee Tat and he did not reply me and I was not wearing glasses at that time,thought to myself,Shit,I just said Hi to a stranger.And then I went to say hi to marcus and all and only then did lee tat and marcus know it was me.They didn't recognise me.Almost all of them didnt,except for Uncle.He said he recognise my eyes.=.= The food was ok.Junior rocked the house and we had fun doing the yam seng thngie and lucky Lee Tat won the lucky draw: Tickets (don't know how many of them) to Indonesia.We took lots of pics and moved to the dance floor later that night.Come to think of it,there wasn't a slow dance session as Meow and I and maybe for a lot of people had imagined.hahaha.Had fun,but my legs were killing me.

Thanks to my heels and at last couldnt stand it any longer and took off my shoes to dance.Was only starting to get high when they say they wanna go back,cos mj has a curfew i think? Uncle say I was still stiff and need alcohol /boys to really get into the mood. =.= Kim and I continue to be high in the car for a bit.hahaha,When we got back,the process of removing the make-up.urghh,a lil' mah fan.Was tired and sleepy already,got ready to bath,chat for a while and at last we went to bed at about 2 something till 3.Uncle partied the whole night till 6am.Salute him.Jie Yang went out to yam cha and slept at 8am and woke up at 12 and then will be going to Malacca.Salute him too.

Woke up the next day at about 10 something ,was still sleepy,went to eat brunch and met up at the RM3 carpark near college.As Junior's train was delayed and I hang out with marcus and the gang before they leave for Seremban,Many thanks to Thomas and MJ for dropping me out at college =D Waited for the train and as it was delayed and there was a lot of people,managed to only get on the 4.33 train and reached around 5.40 I think.Went straight away to the hospital and updated my sis.She said I look nice.hehe.When home and was dead tired but slept at 2 something( sendiri cari pasal),as in my post below this one.Feet was still killing me,gossip with Meow on the phone and I wished someone was there to massage my arms,leg and feet, =[ Nontheless,had lots of fun and shall be a day i shall remember.I am lazy to uload the photos here,will do so in facebook later.
-with lots of love,peace out-


I went to the hospital today,to take over my mum's shift.I could not wake up at first,cause i slept late yesterday( i admit i sendiri cari pasal =[ ) but,i dragged myself up to go.Brought the laptop there as Karan wanted to watch her shows.And i watched with her.It was kinda funny that we watched Grey's Anatomy ( about doctors and stuff) in a hospital.Never have I imagine that I will watch this show in a hospital.haha.then ,there was this new lady that has just been admitted this afternoon.Was not sure about her injuries and stuff,but then,she started crying and saying why can't God just let her die and I could see that she was in pain and she was just lying opposite to me.Her husband/grandfather (not that sure who it is) keep telling her that it will all be ok and that tomorrow her friends/family will be there to visit her and stuff.But she keep crying and I feel sorry that she was in a lot of pain.
Death,I forgot at what age I was when i begin to think that in this world,at every second when a life life came into Earth,there is also one life taken away.It's like a balance i guess? (due to better medicine and stuff now,maybe some people are saved from dying,etc,etc) I know that maybe every second or minute there is someone out there in this world who's dying ,who's being thankful that they actually nearly died ,but didn't,or who is overjoyed that they just have a baby and stuff.Hmm,how do i put this into words,as had mention in my previous post,you knew that death happens everyday,you feel sorry when you receive news about someone,(celebs,someone you knew,etc) death.But,it is the last thing that you thought that it will happen to you.
This year,I kinda received a lot of death news.From celebs,to people I know.I feel sorry and sad.Sometimes it's so unexpected like the death of Stephen Gately of Boyzone and Lee Eom.And recently a supermodel named Daul Kim though I didn't know her before this,her death seemed shocking to the world.(i'm reading her blog these few days)My thoughts were,''Wow,I know that death happens,but it's so shocking,it's not right for him/her to go away so fast.It's just not right.He/She still have a lot to do,and he was so young.But after what happen to Sirion,my bro and sis,well,my perspective towards death changed.I feel more sad when I get to know about the death of someone whom I am really close with.I was sleeping when I found out about it.That someone told me not to call or sms,cause that someone will certainly break down into tears and that someone doesn't want that.I kinda know how it feels,but I also know that the feelings that I knew and the one that someone is experiencing is on a totally different level.I am not really good at consoling people and stuff,I think I am a better listener and stuff.I usually just give space to someone's who mad or sad,I wont like keep asking them stuff or ''pujuk'' that person,I will usually just leave the person alone.
i seriously feel sad for that the hospital today,I kept thinking about how that someone was.I know she certainly won't be ok .i believe that time heals ( i think it's the correct saying) and though it maybe hard,you will certainly get through this.The person you love,I believe has gone to a better place and may she rest in peace.
-with lots of love,peace out.-

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shit,she's confused.Maybe she's thinking too much.Is she?? Urghhh,she doesn't know.She tells herself not to think too much.Yup.don't think too much,it's just normal??If it happens,then it will,if not,well,then she guessed its not fated in a way then.Shit,she's confused.Urghhhh..
- with confusion and assurance to not to think too much,peace out-

Monday, November 16, 2009

BRO IS COMING BACK LATER AT 4PM.~WHEEE~ his first request is,please set up the comp for me.I can't stand it here...Dad and I actually feel that bro is quite a brat actually.. =.= Which reminds me of a quote that i just read just now : We are living in the world where attention is the new currency,by Pete Cashmore, CEO of the highly-influential social networking blog, Mashable.(for more about it,please click the the name bryanboy at my blog list)Anyways,I am happy that he is coming back,this means his condition is getting much better right? no? hehe..
On the other end,Sirion is in the ICU again,something to do with his brain i think,may God bless him and hopefully he shall get through this as soon as possible..
I am also currently so addicted with Taeyang's Wedding Dress, just kill me already.the song is pure l.o.v.e *faints*
-with lots of love and hope that all of you will be alright soon ,you know i love you,peace out-

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sis is looking and getting much better.Mum said,on the first night and so,she couldn't really sleep.She would suddenly wake up and said she saw cars at the highway and stuff.It's like she thought she was still there.*sobs* she has really been through a lot this year and hopefully nothing bad ever happens to her anymore.Bro on the other hand,was still in pain.Uncle will,who had broken 2 of his ribs last time,was in deep pain.bro,had 6 of his,so he still is in excruciating pain.The doctors wanted to take him off the painkillers,but he was in such pain that they put him back on.Bro always get angry easily and is impatient at times.So,today he go push himself to get up the bed and stuff,that he had muscle cramp at his chest area.And he kept ask why is the cramp not healing and and i told him that a cramp may sometime take a while (half an hour or so) to go away.And asked him to be patient.As i am at home,I help mum and dad to clean the house,wash their clothes and prepare stuff for them went dad comes home to takethe stuff that they need.Sirion's still not conscious yet,but mum said,when she talked to him and stuff,he has some reaction and is said to be doing better.I am happy to hear that.Yesterday was his 21st birthday.And for him to spend it this way is just certainly heartbreaking.A lot of his friends came to visit her and some of bro's friend i think though i didnt met them.Guess that's all for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12th

November 12th will be another that that she will never forget.Why? It was one of the worst day of her life and never had she imagine this would have happened to her.My sis,brother and Sirion got into a car accident yesterday evening.before my sis left,she said bye to me and stuff.I continued watching movies as usual,thought it would be just a happy normal day.When my mum suddenly came into my room,she was crying a little bit,saying "Jo, your bro and sis got into an accident.The 911 just call''. I was so shocked that my mind just went blank.And when my mum said,lets go to the hospital now,I got up,changed and went straight away.Only when i was in the car that everything starts running into my mind.I didn't know how bad there were in and stuff.I was praying on my way there that please,just let everyone be breathing..It was raining heavily when they were traveling and i think Sirion's car skidded(not sure if its the correct spelling) and crashed into a car which has broken down at the side of the road.i am still unsure whether there's anyone inside the car or not.
When i got to the emergency sec of the hosp.,my mum was freaking out.I told myself inside the car and at that moment that i cannot freak out and that I was the one who needed to be calm and help my mum there while my dad went to look for parking.My sis and my bro had not reached the hosp. when i got there.About 2-3 mins later they reach.I saw my sis,her face was in wounds and her shirt had blood stains.The 911 man gave me her bag and there were blood stains on it feelings at that time was unexplainable..My mum was freaking out and was very very worried.I ask the 911 person whether all 3 of them were all here already.At first they said that they only found 2 person,I was shocked.I said it can't be,where's Sirion?? Luckily he was brought in first.I registered my bro and sis.As this was the first time,I was kinda blurr..The nurse ask me to fill in my bro's details and i didn't know his IC num,(you can't expect me to memorize his)and his purse was in the car at the accident place,and she had the nerve to ask me to ask my bro what's his IC num,I went to my bro and saw that was breathing through the oxygen mask.He couldn't talk,could only nod his head.I was like wtf ? my bro can't talk and you ask my to ask him? wtf man,then I went to the counter in fron tto register him.The person asked me again,you don't know his IC num? I said,ermm,i didnt know.I think his IC is still at the accident place.Its not with him now.Seriously.i was like blank for a moment ,wtf I man.he's in an accident,so what if he doesn't have his IC at that moment?? I didn't know that had to register my sis as well,so,after 15 mins like that,only i went to register her.And then i asked about Sirion.He was still in the red room(which means his condition is serious) my bro and sis were in the yellow room ( for not that serious condition) I saw a glimpse of the doctors like umm trying to save him and stuff,and I shall never forget that moment.After stuff kinda calm down a little,I called Meow,as I didn't know who should I share the news with,and I couldn't help myself and broke down.It was just a shocking thing.It happened so fast.I can't really explain the feelings,I think one could only know the feeling if you have been through this kinda stuff before.We couldn't contact Sirion's parents at first as we didn't have their contact num and stuff, when finally my bro's friend managed to find someone to contact them..I seriously salute Mr.and Mrs.Lim.They were so calm.really really calm.As they were there, my bro's friend,Khanusha and I sneaked into the red room and look at Sirion.He was unconscious and after that they called only their parents in.His mum said that his condition was critical.That he had blood in his brain ( i think its an internal bleeding ) and he had fluids in his lungs.And that they had to monitor him for 24 hrs to see his condition and if he need surgery they shall send him to KL for that.The moment when i saw Sirion condition.Khanusha and I had to hold back our tears.Mrs .Lim was so calm that we felt that we too shall not freak out and cry and stuff.My sister's phone was with me and as her friends sms and stuff,i replied them,informing them about the news.My sis broke her collar bone and her pelvis bone.She had to go for surgery as there's a deep wound on her face near her eyes (but luckily her eyes were unaffected).My bro,he broke his collar bone too and 6 of his ribs.So he is in excruciating pain,both of them actually are,but they are in stable condition now,as there were awake and could talk.
You must be wondering then why the hell is the sister here,writing this post,well,I went to the
hospital at 4-5 something yesterday and came home about 10.My parents asked me to rest at home while they stay at the hospital overnight.Although I am not there,I couldn't really sleep last night,and I think I would like kinda burden them as they would need to look after my food and stuff,I am here at home,helping to keep the house clean and I cleared up my sister's bag and stuff that were int he accident.I am from time to time keeping in touch with my parents about all of their condition and am praying that all of them shall get through this.Tomorrow is actually Sirion's birthday,I found out through facebook,and when I saw that yesterday night,I started crying.He's still unconscious and stuff.I feel so sad for him. And my bro keep asking about him,how is he? is he badly injured? He asked about him immediately after he was stable.At that moment, it was just so sad.So,ya,here I am blogging to tell this story.I know I am like kinda useless,as i could probably be more helpful,but i am trying my best.At this kinda moment actually,I was angry with myself,I wished i could drive the car,so i could at least be more helpful to my parents.Urghhh,i shall learn to drive on the road and stuff again as soon as i could.
It all happen so fast.I know accidents and stuff happens.I know life is unpredictable.There's a shocking news for everyone every second,but when something like this hits you,you will just be surprised and start thinking,''I didn't expect this to happen to me'' and the feeling that you will experience is unexplainable.
May God bless all of them and hope that they shall all get through this.
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WOHOOOOO !!!! i finished,finally finished my As exam.It takes like a decade to finish,when i was in the car today,i had this empty feeling towards my temporary new found freedom again..However,today's econs paper 1,*sigh* was sooo should i say hard or tricky,hmm,i think its both..When i was halfway into the questions,i was thinking to myself, ''shit,i don't know what the answer is to this question,shit". So,i had this feeling when i finished my SPM acoounts paper ,where although its the last paper,but,you dont really feel that happy,though at the starting of this post i sound happy.haha..
Well,a small number of incident was amusing (to me) today.First up,there was this group of weird looking people in the train to sentral.There's this dude,he dyed his hair in stripes colours of black and blond,he had long fringe( which was straighten,i am sure) covering his face,i half thought at a first blurly glance that he was half bald or something,cos,his hair was in stripes.hahhaa.Almost everybody in the train was looking at him.hahha.Then,there's this beautiful person in the train,that kinda made by day before the exam starts.Then,as I was crossing the road to college,there's this 2 foreigner (mat salleh's) who were arguing on which way to go.One of them said to the other that they were clearly going the wrong way,but the other person insists that he was right,and i didnt listen to the whole arguement as it was my turn to cross the road.The scene kinda reminded me of amazing race..hahaha.Ok,i shall explain this from the begining sikit,for econs paper 2 (which i had sat earlier on) nhoJ was sitting beside me.hehe.though my crush on him dah semakin berkurangan,but,nonetheless,its a happy thing right? no? then today,i was expecting him to sit beside me also,but they changed the place a bit,so he didn't sat beside me..But then,he forgot to bring his eraser(its objective questions today) and he asked if Mq has a spare,and mq said,ask jo ann,she has.The he was like,who's jo ann?(was hurt for 0.001 second there) and i turn around,and then lend him mine.And after the exam,he returned it to me...he smiled (i think) and said thanks...*winks**grins to self* hahahhaa.So,it was kinda a happy day for me in a way,but a little worrying and sad for me too..
I am currently obsessed with : Pixie Lott - turn it up, kinda checking out 2pm's new album.and dynamic duo's album(there's too many songs,for me to hear all yet.).and i cant wait for tae yang's wedding dress.
my current plans for the hols :
-Going on a shopping date with Mrs.Johnny Depp
-Finish my story books,which I have been neglecting for a while =(
-prom & trip
- a very hard project,but i shall try my best to exercise and lose some weight too.hehe.
Time surely flies,i cant imagine that i have finished my AS a levels exam (which i hope i do ok in it).oh ya,and i bought my first (yup,you didnt read wrong) heels last weekend for prom..It's kinda high i think?? i dont know.But,i love it.hehehe.And thanks karan for being my sponsor.You know i love you.. - with lots of love,peace out-

Sunday, November 8, 2009

"And now i'm helpless sometimes,wishing's just no good.cause you dont see me like i wish you would,cause you never were and you never will be mine''
hearing the lyrics from robyn-be mine(accoustic version), it reminded her of someone.She was sure it was just and only a crush,but why is it that she finds herself thinking about him from time to time?? she would wonder how is he now? how is he getting on with life? why is it she never bump into him somewhere sometimes? just to get a glimpse of how he looks like now,whether he has changed or is he still the same? She sometimes wonder,why is it will she still think of him? whenever she does that,she will tell herself to forget him, and then the whole process will repeat itself from time to time again,he told her that they were friends,or so he said it.Is she stupid to take his words about it? is she stupid cause she didn't get the message behind it?maybe he was just trying to be nice.''urghh,you're thinking too much'' that was what she told herself.she told herself time and time again to let go and just forget it,but sometimes,she will just reminisce about it.the lyrics reflected what was in her heart,deep down inside she knows*you never were and never will be mine*why is it then,she will still think about him at times? maybe she missed him.or maybe it was just the song that made her think about him again? it maybe either one of them or is there another maybe to it?
-she wonders which it was,peace out-

Friday, November 6, 2009

Uhh,I am actually supposed to be sleeping now,but,as i ''tertidur'' around 9 something just now (and miss my fav tv show =[ ) i am not sleepy for a moment.Was watching x-man a whole ago.Damn,it was so funny,brings back memories when i was in f4, it was like my one stop entertainment to deal with my stress..Hmm,just finished my business exam paper 2 today.Urghhh,i am not happy at all.because : although i managed to finish my paper,i feel that my answers are crappy,feels that i could do a bit better than that *sobs* this then lead to me starting to feel worried about my up and coming results which will be in like 1 month++ to 2months time?? I am not sure.haihhh...I have 1 more paper to go,and I shall have a temporary freedom of about 18 days??hahaha cos A2 classes are gonna start on nov 30th.Activities after exam is that i mention this a few times,I am going to prom and after that to Melaka.See Wei gets to go too..~wheee~ And after that i shall TRY and spend my holiday by losing some weights?? if i can really bring myself yo do it,ohh and i shall finish my show,shinning took me months to finish this show.hahaha,due to me love for postponing i could probably predict the ending already,so....Just started on a new drama,IRIS..its different from the ones that i usually watch (those typical korean drama),one of the reason is because TOP is in it,and a whole lot of good actors and actresses are in it.and it has been receiving high ratings,so.... Big bang sang the OST for it.Hallelujah,it is pure hotness,being one of my new current addictions.hehe..also replay by iyaz is love..Was in the train that day,when there were 2 brothers who were sleeping in the train( primary sch children),and the older bro could not wake his bro,his way of waking him up after being unsuccessful,pulling his nose.XD it was soo funny,i couldn't help laughing..And today,i got on the express train(i think) to kajang.Uncle was in the same train too,i initially thought that he had gone back home,rupa-rupanya,the train that he was waiting before this delayed.I was thinking of telling him that I will be stopping in kajang to wait for the next train to seremban,when he sms-ed me,asking me whether i had gone home,turns out,we were in the same train,ahaha.And ,i stood all the way from there till seremban today...that could be why i tertidur just now,at 9 something.hahahaaha.And uncle had a sudden love for korean songs that day.ahahaha.having a number of songs,i supplied him with all the nice songs that i had, =] oh ya,i went for the bs part time class last week,as it was the final class before my exam,broke the record that day,had econs class from 10-1,then stayed in college till home at about 11 something i think.We celebrated Junior's birthday that day,I shall upload the photo later in facebook,i guess,as i am lazy now.hehe.and we laughed like hell in class during the break time,cos,we were naming nicole's ''baby'' lee tat said that,if the baby is a boy,his english name shall be rice,if its a girl,the baby shall be named mee..the chinese name,yap char,imagine,the person introducing himself,hi,my name is Rice,or you can call me char siew.ahahahhahaa,it was so funny..i laughed till my stomach was aching so was a good one.had a few surprises last week and this week as well.Didnt expect some stuff to actually happen.tak sangka betul,but it makes life's more interesting.heh heh..*winks* sis just bought music man concert dvd...i have yet to watch it yet,but,there is no doubt that it will be pure hotness.and dont worry,i shall borrow it to see wei,as soon as i am able to. hehe..i guessed,that;s about it now? i cant really think much for a moment..i am gonna sleep again.haha.
-with lots of love,peace out-