Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random ramblings

Although a person may seem strong on the outside,
Sometimes inside they are actually breaking into pieces.
Although a person may look happy on the outside,
Sometimes,inside, their tears is as much as the ocean,
Although a person may seem like they have no worries at all,
Sometimes they may carry what seems like all the troubles in the world on them.
Although a person looks like a person who doesn't have much personality in them,
Sometimes there are just other sides of them that you have never seen or get to know before
Don't just then judge a book by its cover for you will may be surprised what the contents inside may contain.
However,sometimes,a person is just how you look at them,
If they are happy,they smile from ear to ear.
If they are sad,they cry a river for days and then get over it.
If they are boring,then well,they just are.
If they are worried,when they sigh,they could probably blow a building away.
So,how are we to judge a person?
Or should we just ignore judging someone and just accept them for who they are?
The various personality that a person may have?
Broke the record yesterday.Stood all the way from sentral back to seremban+ i keep losing my balance in the train as there were too many people at first and i have nothing to hold on to.=[So, when i reached home,was totally exhausted.=[ and then I was told that my mock exam for econs will be in 2 weeks time.damn.havent start revising yet.Arghhh,yesterday was not really a happy day for me man.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Firstly i would wanna start of with the explanation of the header of my blog.As you could see,it is It's about Moi.Moi is not as in the name of a typical girl,i.e.Ah Moi,no,'s not that.Moi is actually a french word which means me.Pronounce as,after clearing out that i will also like to put a warning first.You will also probably hear about me wanting to go here and there,and also hear a LOT about k pop music and stuff and also about the drama's or stuff that i am currently obssessing.XD.So please enter and read this blog with caution,heh heh.

Well,not really much happen this week other than attending class.On tues i think,as usual was taking the train to college when this guy sat next to me and starts blasting his favourite song in another language which i do not like.(i will live it to your imagination to guess what language it is)and then he starts to sleep.What was i doing??reading.and i was disturbed.Being a *ahem* polite citizen,i did not told him off and instead took out my headphone and start blasting my own songs.How I wish i could show off my own music collection who i feel is waaayy better than his songs selection.But,i am not that be alone this weekend as parents are going to Terengganu.School trip.karan is not coming back.Gotta start studying for my pengajian malaysia as the final exam will be on the 3rdd of august.Hopefully something happens that will postpone the exam like last time.hehehe.*fingers cross*.Am learning accounts stuff again in business.Am quite suprised that could still remember fragments of the syllabus.hahaha.But it was only basic stuff so,not that hard.Gonna learn bout mode,mean,median and stuff again.@@ not my favourite thing.Went to eat lunch with the usual gang after class today,then went to sentral with nicole and mei quin to head back home.The platform to seremban was suprisingly empty today,which is a lil' unsual.=]
Wants to own a book called Pieces Of You by Daniel Armand Lee.It contains 10 short story.Read the synopsis and it looks nice.But,is doubtful whether it exsists in Malaysia and has a feeling that it will be expensive..*sobs*If am not mistaken,Sophie Kinsella came out with a new book?forgot the title but will check it out in the bookstore soon. Is also craving for McD but another part of me is advising me to NOT eat it as it is also currently addicted to the song in the club by 2ne1.and just discovered a song by fall out boy called pavlove and also natasha bedingfield called a.n.g.e.l which rules.Also cant stop watching this dance video by a choreographer called toybox and kyle hanagami.seriously these people are insane!!will seriously vow to go on a exercising spree in a few days time.Guess that's about it.Cant wait to go to mountain climbing with Mrs.Ikuta Toma.(you know who you are and your nickname will change from time to time,as you belong to too many people??hahahaha).that's it for now.-peace out-

Monday, July 20, 2009

hmmm,i skipped my pengajian malaysia class today,hehe cos it was sooo boring as the presentation thingie was still going on.Plus,in the class,i would probably be day dreaming more than listening to those involved in their presentation.besides,i feel my time is a bit wasted.I can have more zzz and also watch my show ^^ not forgetting though,of course i will revise my studies.heh heh.

super junior just finished their concert in korea.haizz,this makes me wanna go and see them live in concert more after seeing some clips in youtube.damn.However,i'm not sure whether they are coming here or not.i think most probably no? since malaysia is always left out anyways.=.= it's a sad sad situation.Well,moving on,just discovered that mtv world stage is coming to malaysia!The All American Rejects is COMING!! And again,i wished to be there,it will be in august,will probably faint if i hear them sing it ends tonight all time fav song..*sobs*

House is airing tonight.cant wait for this ep.Kutner( i think this is how it's spelled) will kill himself for god knows will be interesting.Oh ya and also,celebrated mama's birthday's in the afternoon.mum bought carrot cake from secret recipe for her.didnt really like the cake though.(it has raisin).that's all for now
P/S : is currently having family outing marathon.=]

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my first one

finally,i have decided to create a,went out for steamboat for nic's farewell.he's gonna study in terengganu tomorrow.though i think he'll be in melaka first.hehe.will not see that dude for a while i guess..phui gi,roger,edward,kok peng,chua kaa ee and etc were there..didnt see some of them for such a long time...saw sweet too.didnt see that girl for like a month? super busy betul that girl..=.=.then ah yong send me home..gonna meet sweet and mei wee tomorrow.=]