Sunday, November 27, 2011

Current state of mind and life

Work for the college the first time.Realised that there is really some generation gap with the people younger than me.Not all of them,but there are many of them.Am I too mature or are they too childish? I don't know.=.= witness another graduation.Although it has nothing to do with me,it was interesting.Can't believe I get to see 2pm live! AWESOMENESS.It's a priceless and another dream came true.Got to make another new friend.

Taking the public transport by myself to the max due to parents not being at home = a lot of walking/exercise and a lot of mind planning before hand.Feeling stress most of the time after I attend my classes.*cries* = me feeling really really exhausted at the end of every week = sleeping like a pig almost every night and in the train.Feeling very easily irritated at times.Maybe my patience is running thin on certain people.

Successfully opening a durian for the first time and was wondering during the process of doing so,how my dad manage to do it every time.

Missing my friend who is all the way in Scotland who tak reply/online for thousands of years already like crazy..Wanting to cut my hair as soon as my parents comes back.Happy that my friend Phui Gi is back so unexpectedly and love her souvenir.=D Wants to watch the movie 50/50..Needs to first find a partner in crime.=((

Shall post some pics up soon

-with lots of love,peace out-

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