Thursday, September 22, 2011

Save Your Last Goodbye-The Quin

 Save Your Last Goodbye-Mike Posner(explanation in the previous post)
Second to leave was Mei Quin.So sorry that I was late and couldn't make it for the breakfast/lunch near college and had to meet you guys in college.Due to being in different class,we do not have as much time to berbonding as compared to with Kim and all.But,kind of had the opportunity to do so during the Penang/Langkawi trip.As,those were good times. =)

What can I say about this girl here,she's kinda super tall,also another beautiful one and is also kinda fierce at times.but she' a very very nice person.Know for a fact that she's ambitious in what she does.And am wishing her all the best here for her 1/2 years in UK.Get back a first class honours ya.hehehehhe.

Also not forgetting,we are both v.i.p's(HUGE fans of Big Bang). :DDDDDDD Hence,dont need to say,we are both awesome people who have good taste in music and idols that we like.Hahahahahhaa.She's one of the few (wait,i think it's only? ) person in college whom I share my korean stuff with. ;)

So sorry that I couldnt send you off at the airport the day you were leaving.It was a bit hard to do so really.Anyway,missing you lots and take care there.xoxoxxoxoxoxo
Thanks to yik yee for the pic.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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