Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Day..that one day....for a day......

I just finish watching the movie One Day which I don't know why it was not shown in Malaysia or haven't been shown in Malaysia since it was already out like on last October or something and I LOVE IT that I feel that i need to blog about it.My friend,Ms.Sweet first told me about this when she was reading the book and pretty much told me the whole story and told me that they were making a movie.

I didn't know until much later that Anne Hathaway was to act in it as the lead.I don't know,some may find it boring,different people,different view/taste..But I love it somehow.Have not read the book,but wanna do so soon.Sadly,not enough time..See whether I can squeeze in some time or not =DDD

Watching the movie,I was thinking to myself.Ahhh,is it really possible for a guy and a girl to be just friends? I mean like just normal friends??? My initial answer was no..It's very hard.There are only a few who really can..But over the months/years..I feel that this maybe possible but...(of course there a but right?) I feel that at some one point in your friendship,either one has ever like the other or like one has thought/contemplated of 'what if we take it to the next level? ' ..

Hey,maybe you never experience/thought about it before,and it's cool.Maybe it's just me who feels that your bf/partner should also and always be your best friend too.Someone whom you can relate to,have something in common,sharing the same level of humour(this is very important for me),and also we must be able to like 'click'/communicate.I think I would die if that doesnt happen.hahahahahaa.

Also,I was thinking to myself,if you like someone,just like go for it..don't do it impulsively though.I mean,weigh some pros and cons,get some reassurance,etc so that you don't end up hurting yourself instead.But,I feel if 2 person are really meant to be together,then fate in a way or another help you.

Though the happy ending story does not remain forever,at least it lasted for a good period of time right? As a good memory for you to reminisce about? yes.there might be some anger,tears,hatred and all that negative feelings identified in the world,but I am a believer that every could has a silver lining.So,if the happy ending is a short one,appreciate it.At least you had one.Better than those who hasn't had one.Or had one as awesome as yours.hahaha.

Ahhh,I feel that I'm turning into an old soul now after looking at the stuff I've wrote here and also what I'm about to write.hehe.We should definitely savour all those special moments in our lives.It doesn't have to be like for a huge scale event whatsover.Just those small things in life that sometimes will just pass us by without us even realising it is enough.=) I mean,if you can re-live one day of your life,which one day of it would you wanna experience it again?? For me,I have to admit,I have to many of them.hahahaha.And if I have just one day to live,I'll make sure I'll do everything that I wanna do and not sleep.I mean,you can sleep later since you only have one last day on Earth right?

-with lots of love,peace out-

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