Sunday, August 30, 2009

the holidays are coming to an end.=[ I broke the record today,woke up around 1.45??haha.and by the time I finished eating my lunch and reading the newspaper it's about 4?? (I usually take a long time to read the sunday newspaper as there's a lot of stuff to read.) An article in starmag today is amusing.(for me) The writer wrote about his/her experiences on taking the lrt.I think he/she takes the lrt everday.The writer used to read when travelling,but then he/she discovered that it was sometimes fun if you observe the people taking the train.Which in my opinion is true.You get to see all kinds of people.Some weird people and some beautiful people.haha.But,i usually kill time in train by reading storybooks/my college notes,listening to music,or by sleeping.I cant stand the idea of not doing anything sometimes.I feel it's a waste of time?? so.....i make sure that i have enough entertainment for my 1 hour ++ journey going and coming back.XD
Celebrated dad's 50th birthday yesterday.Bought for him a cake which the flavour is non other that......CHOCOLATE BANANA.hahaha.Since he like to eat bananas,hahahaha.When the shop assitant introduced the cake,Karan and I laughed and we decided to take that.heh heh.My legs are killing me.As I helped karan to pindah rumah that day,helped her to washed her kitchen.woahh.membunuh betul.wonder how much fats i burned that day.hehehe.
D-day for econs results is getting nearer day by day.After doing the past year ques,i realized that i made a lot of mistakes in paper 1.shit.i think i have like what,15 or 16 wrong,not that sure.Damn,i'm getting worried bout my results now.I dont wanna fail.=[ I dont wanna get lower marks than the previous one cos i feel that the exam this time around is easier than the previous one.So if my marks is much worse than the previous one,means there's something wrong with me..ahhh,i dont wanna seperate with marcus they all.Hopefully(fingers crossed here) all of us will still be in the same class.It will definately be NOT FUN at all being in a different class from them.*sobs* =( arghhh,I dont wanna know the results.what if I get seperated from them?? what if i fail ?? My aim is not to fail.What if, what if... arghhhhh..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today = Love =]

Heh heh,went to midvalley to shop today.Was a fun day.Ate a lot of things.And can you believe it,Mrs.Johnny Depp and I went there from like 11 something till about 8??my leg is in pain right now.Consider all the stuff that I ate today,guess,all the fats(hopefully) was burned away.haha.Bought a storybook from Marian Keyes.This means there is only 1 left before I have her entire collections.=].Bought Dad his present for his 50th birthday which is this sat too.=].Hope he likes it,as once again,I was the one who choose it.Thanks to Mrs.Johnny Depp for being patient and helping my choose the present.*muacks* And I saw quite a lot of people that i didn't expect to meet them today.haha.
The holidays is gonna end soon.Too soon.=[ Didn't really study much this holidays.Was just being lazy at home.haha.*starts to feel a bit gulity now*.
Anyways,today is a fun day.Tomorrow gonna go down to kl again.Karan is moving house.Gotta help her with her stuff.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yay,I finally have another 1 week holiday.^o^ Just finished my exam for econs on Fri.The exam was much better than the previous one as I can answer more ques than I did from the previous one.Though I don't know whether my answers are correct or no though.The train home on Friday was insane.It was so PACKED with people,and it feels like you're in a concert more than like you're taking the train.It was also hot like mad inside there.Got home at about 7.30 and I was hungry and tired.being a pig,I didnt really have the appetite to eat,feel like sleepingJust ate a bit.But than,since it was Friday,there's this show that i watch in astro.So,i bertahan until 11.30 to watch the show and then at last,I think i ended up sleeping around 1 something-2am?haha..Been sleeping late,need to bertaubat.need to change back my sleeping time.Got to study this holiday though.ELS and Business exam is coming.=[ Arghh,and I'm lazy.Going to have some drama marathon also this holiday.Will most probably watch Say Yes Enterprise and Brilliant Legacy.karan's gonna move house this coming Fri.Will have to go down to Kl to help her with her things.Gonna cut my hair this hols too.It's getting long.uhh,guess that's about it for now.
-peace out-

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And not forgetting Happy Birthday're getting older now.haha

Yes,i did it

After much struggling,i berjaya to install a chatbox.=.='' you may think it's like almost one of the most simple task in the world,but,being a blur and sometimes a slow person,it's difficult for me.haha.this shows how bad i can be with computers sometimes. >.< style="color: rgb(255, 102, 102);">hotness keeps popping up in my brain and my hand keeps on typing it on the computers' screen.hahaha.August is a great month.A lot of artist release their album this month.brave brothers' bitersweet is hotness.just heard it today.=] As i'm in my proud mode right now,just wanted to post this up to say that i have succeed in putting a chatbox in my blog.haha.*thanks see wei for teaching me how to put this up*
p/s:just found out yesterday that ryuhei matsuda is married,at 26,he's already a fast.There goes another hot guy taken.=[ Discovered it when i was watching love collage again.A weird movie(cos the plot is a bit illogical to me in my opinion) but the pictures that were taken(this film is a lil' about photographers)were's beautiful.Had the urged to watch it again after watching the movie,Departures(it talks mainly bout death).
-peace out-

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


*Note that in this post you will see the word hotness in almost every sentence.*
Just ate my dinner and stuff not long ago.And,now,i'm listening to G.d's new album.Oh my GOD,it's is superbly beyond hotness!!!! His mv maybe a bit weird,but still,it's very him.omg,it's hotness.loves almost all his songs off the album.=] i cant stop saying this.It's hotness! cant wait for his comeback.wohoo!and also a very happy birthday to mr.kwon ji certainly did not disappoint us.Its just hotness!pure hotness!
Moving on,just got my econs result.It was borderline.Just passed.This fri there's gonna be another one.hope that i can do better than the previous paper and also hope that it is easier.heh heh.Tomorrow's is karan's birthday.She's getting old.bwahahaha.Seriously,this year her b'day present is a good one.She really will love it.(i hope) for i'm the one who choose it.=p Watched Khalil Fong's tv special on sunday.His songs are nice.Not always the type that i listen to,but,he's hotness.hehe. And i'm currently also addicted to jyp's kiss.damn that song is sexy.watching 2pm performing it again was hot.Seriously it was soo sexy.*faints**faints* Cant wait for the holidays to start,but then,may have to kill more brain cells this time around,ahhh,the pressure to do score well is building up..
Current songs that is playing in my mind this few days are:
damien rice-9 crimes
natelie merchant-my skin
fall out boy-pavlove(the starting of the song is hotness)
natasha bedingfield-a.n.g.e.l
k.will feat dynamic duo-one tear in a second
jewelery-strong girl
All the songs from g.d's album.
I think that's all for now.peace out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Double Dose of Badness

Why oh why must this happen??? why ? I didn't see it coming to me at all.You know what day is today?Today's the double dose of bad news day.*sobs* *sobs*

The first news is that I have class tihs sunday.From 10am to 1pm.Mr.Kevin said as the exams are approaching,you have to sacrifice a bit.So,there goes my beautiful weekend.

The second news,is that after finishing my exam on Tues,the papers were marked and it seemed that everybody sucked in it.So much so that we have to TAKE THE EXAM AGAIN next Friday.THis means,that i have to go through revising again. =[ IT is indeed today that i have tasted a double dose of bad news.luckily,there is at least one good news.G.d came out with another new song feat Teddy&CL which is hotness! Aug 18th,come faster

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

YES!!! i have finally finished my final term exam for malaysian studies.This means that i'm finally free from it,which i hope will be for the rest of my life,not that i hate the malaysian history or anything,but sometimes it's just boring.But then,next tues having my mock exam for econs.Is currently in the process of revising the subject.Am a bit worried that i will do badly in it(which hopefully i won't).I realised that i dont really know how to answer the section A,a bit nervous about the exam since this exam will determine which class i will go to.either to a good class(where it consits of all the clever student)or the average class.I'm not that sure whether there is a third class or not though.I was wondering,it will definately be an honour to be in the first class but there will alos be a lot of pressure as the puplis there will all be the clever lots and teacher will the lecturer/teacher will teach at a faster pace.On the other hand,being in the average class,you have more time to digest the syllabus,so....I guess i'll just have to try my best and see what the outcome is.Cant believe it's august now.time certainly flies.Come aug 18th,g-d will release his album.cant wait for it.Hopefully it will be a nice album.Then, in dec or so i think ss501 is coming.ant wait for it too.In the seoul concert,hyun joong strips off his shirt.*woots8 that's hotness.hahhaha.Sis and dad's b'day will also be in august.And my teeth appointment is this fri.damn,is a bit nervous again.Will always be whenever i have a teeth appointment,as Dr.Goh is seriously scary.
Still havent watch Harry Potter yet.The time is still not that right to watch it.And G.I Joe is coming out.College is havong a movie day for it,but I'm lazy to go cos it's this sat at 11am in klcc.Means i need to wake up early and travel all the way to kl to see it.So,i rather watch it in seremban.The trailer looks cool and Channing Tatum is HOTNESS!hahaha.that will be one of the reason i want to watch tihs movie.=] A drama unfold in class yesterday but,i will not talk bout it here and Mrs.Ikuta told me that her long time bf is back in malaysia.another shocking news.hahaha.-peace out-
i'm feeling as if i'm going to be sick and i hope i won't be.