Friday, May 27, 2011

i started off today with a sad news that a neighbor of mine has passed away.she has been was sad.she used to be so nice to me.watching me grow up over the years,as i watch her grow old.
My day slowly turned bright and happy and it felt it was just like old times,the 3 of us,hanging out,only thing,this time we are much more matured and stuff..

i ended this day,27th may with another news of death.Chae Dong Ha (a korean singer) had committed's just shocking and sad to hear these kind of story though realistically,death is something we cannot in peace.may you be in a better deepest condolences.
Though this may be some of the most overused phrase,treasure those around them,fight with them,miss them,hate them,but dont ever forget them or fail to appreciate their existence.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, May 26, 2011

today's word:awesomeness

Finally,my finals are O.V.E.R. can you believe this is happening? i can't believe.everything seem to come and go so fast.It really was a relief that i am done with it.Hmm,how do i put the exam that i went through this time around? i think it was like a month or two or so that i have been starting to feel stress about it,and let me thell you the first day of the exam,i was so nervous and scared and excited at the same time and let me tell you it is NOT a good combo...i could say,i studied hard for it.Hmmm,well i get straight A's or some B's..i dont really think so.i just hope i pass all 4 subjects.that being enough.not having high expectations at all.gave it my all for the exam and am hoping for the best *fingers crossed*

The celebration after exam was AWESOME.and you know what is even more awesome after finshing.Ms.Sweet is back!!!!!!! met up with her already.that girl has change in some ways,but who wouldn't after being in a foreign country alone,and making new friends and living a new life.I think i have changed over the years i have done things that i wouldn't dream of doing.making new friends and having very very close,and awesome one too.(iknowyouloveme and iloveyoutoo.hehehehehe) have a list of things that i wanna do/achieve this holiday.Not gonna say it here,for i fear that i will not go on to do it and you guys will think that i am all talk and not taking any action at all.hehehe.

Ok.back to Ms.Sweet.we talk and talk and talk a is just pure awesomeness.hahahahahaa.i think i am very very happy.and i love the stuff that she gave me.didn't expect it at all.<3 need to plan to go to somewhere.a definite must!!!!ahhh,this is an awesome holiday..pure happiness.=DDDDD
current songs addiction are:

Big bang's 4th mini album(yes,i am still not bored of it =p)
Big Bang-Ora yeah (T.O.P 's part in the beginning is just LOVE)
Chris Brown-Oh My Love
The Cataracs ft.Dev-Top of the World
Natalia Kills-Wonderland
C.N. Blue's album
Park Bom-Don't Cry
One Public-Good Life
LMFAO-Part Rock Anthem
Breanne Duren-Daydream
Britney Spears/Jimmy Wong's cover-Till the world ends
David Guetta ft Rihanna-Who's that chick.
ooh ooh and i just discovered this korean band call Nell.and they are awesomeeeeeee =)))
Jang Woo Hyuk's new album.

i think that's about all the songs that i could think of for still waiting for big bang&2ne1 news about coming to malaysialah.ishhh.i really hope the do come.i shall die of happiness after meeting them.on the other hand,MTV WORLD STAGE 2011 is back again.this time at i-city shah alam.didnt expect it to be there.thought it would be at sunway far,the confirming acts are 30 seconds to mars and pop shuvit.i am hoping(like really hoping) they are bringing some awesome acts because i wanna go again this year.shall try my hardest to win some tickets.hahahahahaaha.ooh oh,Jang Keun Suk is coming on the 4th of June but i didn't manage to win any tickets.oh well another time i guess.

I feel that i really need to go to korea one i feel that once i go there,i'll never wanna come back.XD
ok..i guess that's all for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just some thoughts

Was reading some stuff in the newspaper today where it got me thinking.(plus,in the middle of the night,you brain goes a little crazy,so.....) When is it do you know you love someone if you don't really know the person well? It just got me wondering,like for example,you meet/get to know this person and are attracted to the person and want to date him/her and so maybe you go after that person and after getting to know each other more(i.e a few weeks), confess to him/her. Would you say i love you or i like you? some may think that maybe this doesn't really have much difference.but i was thinking to myself,how can you tell someone that you love that person if you don't even know them well?

I once read this quote/sentence somewhere which i have says 'i don't know you well enough to love you'.This sentence has since then been on my mind.I do admit that i have one too many crushes in life (i am talking about normal human being and not celebrities) and from there, liked  2 or 3 of them that i come to realised that i really really like them to the point that i feel like taking things to the next level.

I have confessed to someone that i like.And at the time of doing that,i realised that i can't bring myself to say i love him.there's just like a voice inside my head telling me,well,love may seem a bit exaggerated cos,i don't find myself knowing him well enough to love him but well enough to know that i like him and want to be with him as a bf/gf status and not just as friends.maybe to get to know him better and then to love him.

it's not that i'm criticizing people when they confess using the words 'i love you' is wrong.Some may really mean that,but to some,do you really love him/her or do you just like him? I'm of the opinion that (maybe) for me,i find myself to usually start liking that person first,then i'll proceed to love that person? one of the reasons to this,is as stated above,and another is that,if i were to love that person,it means that *cheesy/cliche sentence ahead* i really see myself having a long term relationship with that person and that if we break up or something,it would really really break my heart,as i would really love him wholly.Though,realistically,if i'm in a relationship with a person now,at this age,(though i'm not in one now)do i like see myself being with him forever,etc,etc,well,honestly no.maybe a few years.who knows what may happen the next day.

I just feel that at times,where you like someone and things don't work out or go the way you want them to be its really sad,what more if you really love that person? it would be worse.I guess i'm just more cautious in classifying my feelings when it comes to these things?

At times though,being caught up in the relationship you just got into,all else are blind to you,and you don't realise that you actually dont love that person to the extent you thought you were.Maybe when i'm in one,all this stuff that i wrote here may not even come to my mind at all.or that all these doesn't make sense at they say love is blind.only when you stop,you come to realised that ''omg,why do i even like/love that person?? can't believe that i did.urghhh.he/she is totally ________________ i so deserve someone better..'' XD

These are just some opinion of mine after watching/reading/listening and experiencing may have a totally a different take on this,and you are totally entitled to that take.This is just my take on it.For me now,i guess i'm waiting for that someone.=p and i just wanted to like put this thought in writing? that's it for now.
p/s:one of my fav pharses:i dont know you well enough to love you,but i do know that i really like you for now =D
-with lots of love,peace out-
Was very surprised to receive these for my bithday.l.o.v.e it <3

                                                              -with lots of love and appreciation,peace out-