Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello December.One more month to go and it's the end of 2011.I do not believe that the world will end in 2012.So..I'm looking forward to live on.hahahahaa.These past weeks my life is pretty much a pretty boring routine.Going to college,revising stuff,sleeping as much as I can,hearing songs while checking out blogs that I'm usually stalkingI'm feeling busy/tired that I am not really watching the dramas that I am cathing up lately.Shocking.I am shocked myself too...Just discovered another new blog and I'm addicted! It's by Teen Vouge beauty editor,Eva Chen =)  Once in a while,I think to myself,if I'm not doing law,what would I do? I think I would do something related to fashion,or like organizing concert stuff.Reason: I love reading fashion blogs,drooling about clothes/shoes/bags/accessories/nail polishes but usually will think twice before I really purchase something. and I LOVE concerts if you dont know that already.

I need to get this out of my chest.I hope and need to go to YG Family/Big Bang's concert one day.Like seriously.It's a lifetime dream.The ultimate one is being to attend it in Korea itself.I can die happy after that.Without any regrets =DDD Also,I know this is bad,but I'm already compiling stuffs that I want for my birthday already.I have this feeling to spend more on myself since it's my 21st b'day next year.What an excuse right? I also have another dream birthday list that have been compiled in my mind.Why is it a dream list? Stuffs that I want in that list is too expensive.Shall own it when I earn a salary in future.(which is hopefully enough to get what i want in my dream list).*sigh*

Life is peaceful lately without much drama going on to affect my take on what a good life is.Dramas that happened is at times what makes life a tiny bit more interesting.hehehe.Songs that I am currently into Junggigo-Waterfalls.Jang Jae In-Winter Night,Calvin Harris-Bounce/Feel So Close,Rihanna ft.Calvin Harris-We Found Love(yes,i am still not tired of it),Jang Woo Huk's 4th mini album-Back To The Memories.Spitz-Yoru Wa Kakeru ( of Honey and Clover OST) and Yui-Hello (of Paradise Kiss the Movie OST). I guess that's all for now.

-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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