Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm tired,i'm stressed and this leads to me being emo.. *sulks * to my brain cells,thank you for the fights you help me go know i love anyone who thinks i'm going crazy or a lil random lately,forgive me.i am going crazy.soon
                                                                                               -with lots of love,peace out-

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Went out with uncle for movie-shutter island semalam  after tort class.(yes,even on saturdays now,i have class *sobs* )Was really looking foward to that movie as when i saw the trailer,it looks and sounds nice.Overall it is a good movie,but, that movie is...... seriously,the ending will leave you think huh??? so what does it mean? he's sane ? he's insane ? what actually happen? which is real and which is a dream ??
The train got delayed,and i reach Midvalley about 2pm.Uncle told me that he's gonna be there very much earlier,but,it ended up that he reached about 2.50pm ?? =.=''''

He said,cos there was a kinda massive traffic jam as there's like 5-7 schools in town on the way to the ktm station plus there's a lil' problem with the ktm.But still...........Since i reach dulu,went to collect the tickets and went to look around for mum's b'day present which is next week...I dont know if i have mention this before,but,i am not a fan of shopping/ eating out alone.I find it boring. During the good old days,it is usually the girls who will be late whenever they go out,but nowadays,it seems the other way round. For example, Mr.Uncle and Nicholas Hiong.Both are a perfect exanple of guys being late.And not like 5/10 minutes late,but it's like up to 20-30 minutes late. Seriously,and nowadays also,it's the girls who goes after the guys.(confessing to them,making the first move,etc) To be honest,i prefer the good old days though,where the situation is the other way round. no ??

Currently loving Gummy-There's no love.Some parts of the lyrics is totally true about the stuff i mentioned  above.The chorus do remind me of Drake feat Lil wayne &Eminem -Forever , Also loving New Boyz ft.Raj J- Tie me Down.Big Bang-Tell me goodbye.
Loving the lyrics from Dumbfoundead Ft.Jay Park&Clara-Clouds:
I've been a little lost
But I'm not colorblind
I'll follow that yellow brick road
And put my fears behind
And on that yellow road
I'll find a wishing well
Cast a line and in time I know I'll prevail

 p/s: is now looking forward to August for step up 3 and in September for Wall Street.Been waiting for these movie fora long time now.
 ,i loved saturday. though .it could be considered the first time she went out with someone she liked.She realised that she kinda like how they are now,since both are like busy with studies??or is it just  her? well,to be honest,if the stuff that she was expecting did happen,she will be more happy..oops,here we go again,she's thinking too much again.Well,you can't entirely blame her right? after all,that's what girls still do till today right?  thinking too mch at times XD
                                                                                                                 -with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, April 19, 2010

As they say,beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.Even if it's not,everyone is beautiful in their own way.But,we live in a materialistic world,I have to admit and most of the time,we will judge people based on their appearance.
However,if you're not such a beautiful person yourself( i'm talking about the whole package here.i.e.personality and physical appearance) wouldn't it be a little unfair to criticise or judge people as you're not that great yourself??

I admit that i am not that great either and I do judge people,but sometimes it is just better to keep some thoughts to yourself,or if you wanna judge someone,make sure the person that you are judging is not somewhere near you where they can hear it.Cos,if they did get to know/hear about it,there'll be one lable on your forehead the next time they see you.That is you're either a Jerk or a Bitch.the freedom of judging someone i believe do have its limits at times

Sunday, April 18, 2010

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stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress
Stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress
 After studying econs and thinking on other stuff which i shouldn't really think too much now.(you know what i mean & kinda know what it is).this is the result of it..I think i'm going crazy.hahahhaa.Just heard Big Bang's new song.Tell me's hotness.~woots~ and a new group called 2nise.their songs are not bad
p/s:gotta study business by this week too as there's a mock next monday.*cries a river*
                                                                              -with lots of love,and a near sign of insanity,peace out-

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Although it's a Saturday today,it doesnt really feel like one as I had class,from10am (which means i have to wake up at 7 something) till 1pm.=(  Although i know that's it's for my own good,but,one cant help to feel lazy at times.Was suppose to meet up with Sweet Yin after class today,but she had to go back earlier as at night,she'll be back in K.L. I guess we can meet up later.Econs test is this coming friday and there's Business mock exam next monday.I have 1 chapter left for Econs (though i havent read the textbook yet) which i plan to finish by Sunday,and shall start on Business this week.Urghhh,there's tort class next Saturday too.*sobs* But,after that,if all plan work,shall be going to watch the movie Shutter Island with Uncle ^^  hehe.This week was kinda tiring as I had  6 days of classes.Nothing really much happen i guess??

hmmm.=,time certainly flies.It's almost the end of April already.. I guess that's more or less about it..cant' wait for YG artist to be back.Though competition between Rain and Hyori will make quite a number of artist to delay their comeback?? hehe.Oh ya.that day Michele changed her blog punya skin,and See Wei and Kim was helping her.I am lazy and very bad in doing this kinda thing.So,i think my blog will more or less be like this.hahahaha.Even putting the chatbox last time was like doing some super hard Econs/add maths questions.Haih,i know,i know,what you're thinking. I am bad at this kinda thing...
                                                                                                                   -with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i was suppose to update bout my birthday last week but then,i got to know about my ah ma's news,and lost the mmod,Anyways,this year's celebration was awesome =DDD Mei Wee and Sweet Yin came down to my college after class which is at 5pm.OMG ,i was sooo shocked.Didn't expect them at all.Thanks for all this tedious plans man.*muacksss* You know i love birthdays right? hehehe.I got 2 nail polish from Nicole,Kong belanja me makan and movie + he bought me a body shop bath gel.Was suprised as he gave it to me today.And all the others gave me a new bag to use and See Wei made this super beautiful and only one in the world b'day card. ^0^   Thank you so so so so so so much guys.

I went down to Johor last Tues till Sunday.Granma's funeral was on Friday.She wanted to be cremated,and the moment where we saw her coffin going in to be burned,all of us broke down,it was like it's the very last time.My cousin and I complied a slideshow for her which we played for a short while after we were done with the prayers ceremony.Although my granma's a Buddhist,she practices japanese Buddhism,which is a little different.Ate a lot of good food there too,and had more time to ber-bonding with my cousins actually.And also tried my best to minimise crying,.haha

Exams are near.I'm stress,gonna study like crazy again.The time has come !!!
Currently addicted to Lee hyori's new album and Rain-Hip Song.+ Justin bieber feat Sean kingston-eenie meenie.HOTNESS...waiting for big bang,se7en and 2ne1's comeback.=DDD Saw 2 beautiful people this made my day.hahahaha.and don't think i'm ham sap ok,it's a normal reaction cos it's hard to see beautiful ppl in the ktm.=[
                                                                                 -with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happiness & Sadness

It's my b'day last friday.Had a great one.Will update about it's gonna be a tired/depressing week next week.Why ?? I have a test on Tues. And every tues and wed,i have whole day class.10am-5pm.And i have afternoon classes on monday,thursday and friday.5 days of classes.*cries a river* I guess this is what happens when the exams are near

Grandma passed away today.Got the news around 11pm.Kinda saw it coming on Sunday,as she's very weak.But,didnt expect it to be so sudden as she was a bit better towards the evening on Sunday.
Rest in Peace ah ma,i'll miss you a lot.
                                                                                                                       -with lots of love,peace out-