Saturday, January 30, 2010

If you love someone,you should let that person free,if you find yourself stalking that person.then,it's not meant to be after all.
-a sentence taken from the movie All About Steve-
Love it.And,T.O.P is HOTNESS.loving his new song.Urghhh,will kill to be in the Big Show Concert.*cries a river =[*

Friday, January 29, 2010

Of challeneges/decisions/actions and the stupidity of the human race

If a lot of issues in life is just a simple straight foward problem,wouldn't it be great as we could solve it without much worry/debate/consideration/hesitation?
But,if that were to happen,life wouldn't be a challenge right?
However,these challenges pose different difficulty levels to different people.
Because,different people have different behaviour,different opinions on things/the amount of pressure/stress that they could take at one time.They even react differently towards these challenges.
For a person who don't like things being complicated,will always look at things in a straight foward manner, and though it will be hard,they just face the challenge.
Though it requires a LOT of courage & determination to do that.
For some people,they know the challenges are staring right at their face,but,they sometimes,choose to ignore it thinking that would be a better option.
But,it's only a matter or time right ? no? before they face the music ?
There will be a decision at the end of the day right?
And the outcome of it,will be due to that decision right?
So what will you do? Which type of person are you?
Or maybe you're neither of them?
Decision, decision, decision.
It must be made somehow right ? no?
If it is ignored,you may find yourself regretting it later, at times.
A statement that comes to my mind : (sometimes it's just) The stupidity of the human race
-peace out-

ramblings about stuff

As from the previous post,results were out this week.The ride to college were certainly nerve racking.I was sleeping in the train(to like relax) when Uncle suddenly called me and said I got 3A's.I was blur and was like,seriously?? And then I couldn't sleep anymore.I could not believe my ears.I wasn't expecting straight A's. Was expecting B's/C's or the worse even E. It's just wow.But,the pressure is just starting now.= ( I shall try my very best,to do well in my A2 also.And so,aku akan dengan tekunnya mula revise pelajaran aku ! A drama unfolded in tort class the other day.And while I was waiting for the bus on thurs,there were like blood stains on the road.And it still looked fresh.I didnt notice it at first,but then this lady was walking to the bus stop and asked me whether an accident had taken place just now.I was blur for a moment,and then,I saw the appetite for lunch,was gone for a moment.And once again ,I met See Wei in the toilet in sentral.We burst into laughter when we saw each other again.hahahah.Ooh,and we had our moral class last wed with the jan intake a-levels junior.

Gosh,we (or shall I shall I) feel old.The situation was like,when we started a-levels( now this juniors were ''we'') with the LLB seniors( now us being like them)Totally didnt listen to the class,as it was boring..On the train back home on Thurs,this uncle started to talk to me in the train and stuff.Was kinda interesting and amusing.hahaha.Had my dental appointment today,and Dr.Goh said,my teeth almost ok already.Hopefully I'll be able to take out my braces by May.hehe.Heard some shocking news.Had mixed feelings towards it.haih.I guess everything happens for a reason right,though it is sometimes due to your words/actions.And we should not be a pessimist .So..............

Moving on about lighter stuff,Nicole's gonna help me redeem Super Junior's poster this Sunday.I hope we are able to get the posters as we had lined up soo long to buy the ticket that day.*fingers crossed* Today and tomorrow is BIg Bang's Big Show concert in Korea.Their guest,is none other than 2ne1.How I wish I could attend the thing.arghhhh.T.O.P's gonna reveal his new solo song it seems.Am looking foward to it.=D Why cant they come here one day?? *sobs* But,i shall hold on to the hope that they will come here one day.heh heh.I think its kinda all that's been happening this week? short term memory loss is kinda bad lately XD Oh,and i'm gonna be soo broke.Karan's craving for expensive food.Had to buy for her subway the other day.It was a blow to my purse. =[ ooh,i have dinner in midvalley on mon.courtesy of Mr.Aria.Gonna stay in Kim's house after that.=]
-with lots of love,peace out-

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Summary of this week.
Went for classes as usual.Went to watch Tooth Fairy on Thursday.It was funny.Was surprised to see Ryan Sheckler in it.He's ummm, a pro skateboarder.The train back home on Wednesday or Thursday was literally hell.As there were a LOT of people cause one train was canceled and one disappeared,hence,TONS of people were there,waiting to get on it.=.= Was half dead on the way back as I was already feeling tired after class..=[ But,there was what I can call ''drama'' in the train.It stopped at Kajang,and there were these gang of high school kids(about form 1/2).These guys were noisy and then these 3 uncles came in.I was kinda like in between 3 of them.And one of the uncle shouted 'shut up' to those kids.And there were kinda shocked that they did.Some of them uttered some bad words which caught the ears of one of the other uncle,and he scolded them.Saying,don't you dare to be rude,etc,etc.There was I standing in between these 2 groups of people.

And I was kinda that a fight would take place,cause if it did,I am soo dead as I was standing in between them.But,that ride home was certainly not boring.And guess where those Uncles were from? Seremban. =.= Since its after 12am now,in about 24 hours,my results will be out.I am cleverly trying not to think about it in order to not freak out.Don't know what to expect,don't know what to think,and hence,is telling oneself not to think of anything.hahahaha.Am also lazy to do my homework,and study (someone,please give me some inspirations =[ ) And I havent buy my new year clothes yet too.
p/s : though a load of can I say distraction is out of my system,she thinks to herself,should she move on or she shouldn't ?? guess,she just feel a little down a times,(cause she kinda think of him from time to time??))it's kinda stupid and foolish at times right? maybe the best solution is to move on?
-with lots of love and nervousness,peace out-

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's been a while since i blog.Was a mixture of being busy,lazy and tired.So...hehehe.Class went on as usual last week,and as far as i can remember nothing special happen in particular.

People are always encouraging each other to do things that they know the other person won't do.And then get the shock of their lives when the person actually does it.I'm culpable myself .Read this sentence when I was reading Watermelon by Marian Keyes. I somehow like these words.

People,I am going to Super Junior's concert.~wheeeeeee~~ But I went through a painful process of lining up for almost 7 hours (10 am -5.30 pm) to get their ticket.Although,it so happen that I like the num 7,but,it's wayyy tiring...urghh..I would really like to thank the very ''smart and efficient'' organizers for setting up ONLY 1 COUNTER yesterday and thinking that they DIDNT EXPECT THAT MANY PEOPLE TO SHOW UP AND PURCHASE THE TICKETS.You guys really did your research ''very well''.And since I wasnt able to make it for my business class yesterday,I went to the B class today.Which meant I had class one whole day today.Making me tired.(though i slept at 11 something the night before) Thank God that my class is at 3pm tomorrow.But,will be going earlier to do Econs homework = [ I don't know whether it's just me or that,it seems lately that they are quite a number of people who like to their their hair blond.(an in the whole head) almost like G.D.I guess it's like maybe a trend???

Loving C.N. Blue's new album.Didn't really expect Yong Hwa (from the drama You're Beautiful) to sing that his voice and he can rap ! Am currently also watching the drama Glee,and the songs in it were nice.Was hearing the OST just now,and they sang Confessions by Usher,which makes me wanna hear the version covered by jay & nickhun.The song is l.o.v.e =D

Shall write till hear,am tired..Ooh, results will be out next Monday.I'm scared..and nervous...and i dont know what to think or expect.~arghhhhhhh~
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Ms.Mei Wee

As the title above,today's one of my most favourite person's born day.I am very thankful that I met her.Seriously.Though in the beginning we use to hate each other,I can still remember the scene,in 3 Merah classroom,we were like being sarcastic to each other and stuff.I kinda forgot since when we starting to ''click'' and did all the berbonding sessions.Was it standard 4 or was it 5? Hmmmm.anyways,this girl is my go to person.There's almost nothing that she did not know about me.And our LOVE for dramas and movies,are never ending at times.I remember when we were f2,going crazy over Full House,watching it in 8tv everyday and coming to school the next day and gossiping about it.Oh,and when we talk on the phone,we could definitely talk for hours and hours. XD And our plans for the sketches that we made.Most of it kinda inspired from the songs we listen to.Ahhh,the good old days.Wait.... it's kinda not that long ago.And we are not THAT old yet.. let me re-phrase the sentence,ahh,those were certainly happy times. =D.Our shopping/eating spree was definitely fun,hehe.

Oh ya.and the crazy stuff that we did at times,hahahaha.Remember the chicken rice incident at Sen Wai Soon's shop.I shall NEVER FORGET what you told his mum.Didnt know i was shocked or was i speechless/emotionless the second you said those words.hahahahahahaha.And the crossing the road incident,i SHALL NEVER FORGET THAT.Was dying of laughter at that moment.hahahhaaha.Did we have any major fights or arguements??? I somehow dont really remember those moments.hehe.It can be said that we have kinda been through a number of major/stressful stuff together.I remember the time where we first hug each other.It was not cause we were happy or something,it was because we were cold.hahahahahhaahha.I think that was the one time that we hug.And I realised that over the years,me,you,and sweet didn't really take much pics together.

Well,this post is for you and it doesnt seem like we have known each other for a decade already.10 years must have pass by so fast.Thanks for being my consultant and assistant and everything else, for me. *starts to cry a river& becoming emo* Once again,Happy Birthday babe,and don't worry,you will always be young at heart,no matter what age you are.heh heh heh.
-with lots of love & you know i love you,peace out-

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Twenty ten

Hello people,although it's a bit late,HAPPY NEW YEAR.It's the year of the decade as it is now 10 years since Y2K. I didn't go anywhere for the countdown.Oh,and I cut my hair.Pic's can be seen in fb.And let me say,i do not look like Chibi Maruko =[ Stayed at home and watch tv instead.hehe.I think it was on the 31st or the 30th of Dec where there were MAMA awards in channel {V} and then kbs gayo daejun.So,i was korean-ized that day as I was watching all the performances from 6pm till 1am.heh heh heh.^-^
Class begin as usual this week,as we had already started in Dec.

Nothing really much/interesting happened. Though that day as I was taking the bus to the ktm,an uncle board on the bus and was walking towards his seat and as the bus had already started moving,he kinda lost his balance and kinda like half -sat on me.Everybody was like.'woahhhh,becareful uncle' and he was a lil' embaressed and apologised to me and i told him it was not a big deal.hahaha.It was the first tort class for us this week and the lecturer,at almost at the end of her every sentence will have the words,can? ya? alright? hahahaha.It was kinda funny.See Wei didn't attend the class that day as she was stuck at the lrt station for almost 1 hour ++ as the systems were down it seems.But,as the class was just an introductory class,so.............
Watched a French film this weekend,DVD courtesy of Uncle Seng.hehe. And the show was awesome.Jean-Baptiste Maunier is HOTNESS. ( No,I didnt not watch this movie because of him,i just discovered him in this movie) Go google him and he is now my new husband.hehe.Karan and I are craving for Japanese food.We vow that once she's ok,we shall go on an eating spree.muahahahhahahaha.

Am currently addicted& loving to a num of songs.They are:
Eagle eye cherry-save tonight
Mummra-she's got you high (OST of 500 days of that movie)
Urban Zakapa-Caffe Latte & Sweety You
Savage Garden-I knew I love You
f(x) ft M.I.C -lollipop (is not bad too)
Ze:A- Love Coach
HyunA's-Change (it's kinda not bad)
Brian Joo's album
Robyn-Be mine (acoustic)

Well,I guess that's about it this week.Oh,I almost forgot,we celebrated Nicole's b'day and am glad that she is happy.Sweet's having her exam tomorrow.I know she can do it !! =D And Mei V's b'day is this Wed.Sadly,she has class and is busy with her crazy school timetable & tuitions.So,shall see when is she free to date me.heh heh.
p/s: results maybe coming out this week.Urghh,is freaking out.*sobs*
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-