Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Are you an ugly crier? I am one and hence not a big fan of crying in public or showing any raw emotions.(what a reason right? hahaha)yes.i'm weird in my own way.

p/s:loving Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls new solo album-Johoney.All the songs off the album is awesome..Not all artist has an album full of nice songs.it's usually only one or two that i like.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! Meeting up with family and friends,food,fireworks,karaoke,lou sang and of course juicy gossip.Ooh and new clothes.Hahahaha.
ignore the fat photos of me *sigh*

-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I think I once wrote here,somewhere in my blog that people generally do not change easily.But I have come to realise that we as time passes by,we do however tend to change our perception on life and things.Mostly through experience and the way we adapt to new surrounding.

The now me don't really have a problem with eating/shopping alone.Yes.It is sad and super lonely at times,especially shopping.I have gotten used to it somehow.Eating alone used to be a big issue for me.Being super self conscious of myself,I hate eating alone or people looking at me when I eat( I still do today on people looking at me).But now,as I've realised lately,that I don't really care.It's nice at times.You get to people watch and be amused at stuff that you,yourself get it.I only tend to not have trouble shopping alone if I have already set goals on what I want to buy.Not clothes though,cos I tend to need opinion on it.hahahaa.

The now me don't long for a boyfriend and dread being single like I used to last time.Not totally 100% lah but not as bad as last time.Am of the opinion now that being single is actually a good thing at times.There's less drama in your life,as in you have a bit more freedom to a certain extent.Of course from time to time I wish I had a bf,(times where the whole world around me,people seem to be hooking up except me,times when I feel I need some companion everyone seems busy with their lives,etc,etc)but for now: ''No boyfriend,not a problem'' =D

The now me likes things to be spontaneous up to a certain extent.I like to plan stuff a bit beforehand.Especially like meeting ups or birthday stuffs or just some events.The now me realised that sometimes being the bad person is better than being the nice person all the time.The now me am not that naive in just simply believing some crap that is being said to me.

The now me keeps reminding myself not to fall for fantasy stuff,i.e. being realistic and facing the fact that some things are just suppose to work that way.The now me have learnt how to keep her mouth shut at times,and that ignorance is truly a bliss at certain times.The now me tries not to be super judgemental and try to practice what I preach(as in the stuffs that I always annoys me) The now me prefers to be low profile and try not to be a show off or arrogant.

The now me am very thankful of the people I get to know so far.Good or bad,in a way they help me become stronger.The now me have gotten tired of at times trying to be someone I am not just to impress a person.I don't see the point in doing it at times,but in the world full of fake people and people who takes people at the face value/at first instance,one can't help but be fake at times.

The now me appreciates the little things in life that is easily forgotten and tries not to regret on these things when its too late to turn back time.This results in me now trying to live a life of what I think is the right way.Living it for myself to a certain extend for I realised that my actions in a way always affects those who love and care about me.

The now me tries to me a (wo)man of her words for action speaks louder than words.The now me tries not to be over dramatic.The now me can take criticisms better and try not to take myself too seriously.The now me tries not to be overly sensitive and hence,be more open and positive.

p/s: At times I ask myself,what are my flaws? Am I a two-faced person,am I fake? Am I materialistic? What kind of person do you think I am? The negative traits of me.Feel free to tell me,for I am curious of your opinion of me,and don't be worried that I can't accept it for I seriously value constructive  criticisms.. =)

note:title of the post is taken from dillon francis' song.(currently loving the song)google the meaning if you're curious for what it means.An early apology for the level of profanity used.=p
-with lots of love and curiosity, peace out-

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Am killing me brain cells at this hour.hardworking? not really.That's because I took a 4 hour nap in the afternoon.The after effects of attending Trust class leaves you exhausted or emo or hungry.Was thinking of eating something to fill my tummy before I took the train today and thought of eating ice cream from McD.But I just ate some yesterday and I feel it's fat and hence decided to opt for a healthier option and so bought some fruits.Thank god i ate em' because the train that I got into today does not have air cond.At 1.30 pm in the afternoon!! 

As a result yesterday's train delay,decided to wear shorts today,which I am so thankful that I did.Once the train stop in Serdang I got my butt of the coach I was in and went to another coach.Thank god it has air cond in them.If not,I would have fainted for real.It was just so stuffy.Urghhh...

I'm on break time now and so decided to blog for fun...I think I may have found the perfect white shirt from Uniqlo.and I also spotted a nice shirt dress.Am very tempted to buy em..White shirt cost about rm.79.90.Shirt dress price? could not bring myself to find out..Arghhh.I'm worried if I keep spending I'll go broke soon.Even angpau money would not be enough to cover it.*sigh* Shall berjimat cermat this few weeks first.Less eating nice stuff and all.Invest em in clothes.muhahahahahaa.

AND AND AND,just discovered that Big Bang's come back is in FEBRUARY!!!!! Can't wait!!!!! More songs to put in my ipod and be a happy person.Be warned that when their album is released I'll more or less spam twitter and fb.*evil laughs* OK..back to work for now.
p/s: ice kacang/easyway would be perfect in this weather.=D

-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lalala.I'm so efficient that I updated 2 blog post yesterday.It's an easy one as it's just uploading pictures.Hahahahaa.This happens I'm lazy and feels that the pictures that I took can more or less do all the talking.*wink*

How's life for everyone lately? Me? Still pretty much the same.Thoughts of the exam is just around the corner comes to my mind every single day and me trying to not face reality.Such a energy and mind consuming thing to do*sighs* Decided to not go to Land class today as the cycle of that time of the month just started and I feel lazy.(this kinda explains the weird mood swings I've been having before that)Then woke up to messages informing me that there's a change of lecturer today for Trust as Ms.Puvan's uncle passed away.My condolences to Ms.Puvan's family.

And hence,decided to not go to class all together.Shall paint my nails,watch a movie,read up some blogs and drool over nice photos of clothes/bags/shoes/nail polish/accessories and revise at home instead.See I have the whole day planned out already.Hahahaha.

Chinese New Year is also just around the corner and guess what I have 0,yes ZERO tops.Only bought 3 leggings/tights from Topshop so far.Haih...and I also feel like getting myself a new pair a sneakers.But,I am not rich.And hence,when I am not in a sort of a financial crisis now only I shall get myself one.Fear of the shoes that I want will be gone,is acceptable by me already.For I got a feeling that the shoe that I've longed for would most probably cost a bomb anyway which leads to me not being 'sampai hati' to spend my money on it.But I 'sanggup' spend it on concerts.I know.I know.and I don't know why.Urgh..

Missing my friend Ms.Sweetlah.She menghilang again.*heavy sigh* And I have yet to hang out with Phui Gi.I feel so bad at times,cos I'm kinda busy with college and didnt get the chance to hang out with her from the moment she came back.Many apologies.Shall find a time to do so as soon as possible.

A couple of stuffs has got me thinking also lately.But shall post them up in seperate posts,as their more to what you may call emo-self-contradicting thoughts I guess.

Am addicted to songs that just make me feel happy or somewhere along that line of feeling lately.which equals to a number of pop songs.hahaha.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Moments of bliss.Merci

Spot me =p this pic was taken by Galaxy.
Note:the word merci used is french for thank you.=)

Of Hanoi & Halong Bay

Nope.your eyes are not deceiving you.There's no door.Only one of it in the toilet has a door.

Was actually freezing myself  here cos of the wind T.T

At a certain angle,these rocks looks like they're kissing

Note:the sampan is also gonna sink.It's so funny.

Failed jump shotlah actually.

And so,farewell.=)