Monday, September 5, 2011

The past week or so,has been a week of hanging out,enjoying food and stuff.Had our annual bbq session with Ms.Lee and Ms.Chua.had a great time,eating.laughing and talking about stuff.though,Ms.Chua ended up sleeping way earlier than both of us,leaving us both to chat and looking at her sleep from time to time.=.= It's so fast that 3 months has actually passed and she's flying off again.*cries a sea*

Ooh,also went to the Bookfest (if i'm not mistaken,that's the name) at KLCC then,meeting up with Ms.Chua for lunch.Bought 2 story books and a BIG bag.Muahahahhaa.I feel so cheated looking at the books being sold,that I shall wait for this kind of event to happen next time.The books that I want are sold at almost half price people.It is so so cheap.haih...the amount of money that I have spent before this.Memang sakit hati..I bought this book by Haruki Murakami partly is due to the title of the book called Birthday Stories( i have a thing for birthday somehow) and I like how the book started off.Shall talk about it further as soon as I am finished with it.:D

And now,September's here.Gosh.time flew by so fast.Almost at the speed of light.And I dislike it.Why? Well,class is starting,a good and a bad thing.Good thing is I get to meet my friends again,and not rot at home.Bad thing:I will be busy and stuff.Another reason why I dislike September is that it will be a month of farewells.And it's starting this week itself.*sigh*  Losing my kaki-kaki kpop.=(
Though,a bit on the bright side is that I will be seeing my G.D and TOP,(i have been waiting for this moment for like forever.Even thought that this moment will not come true at one point in time)Was actually expecting to see the whole 5 members of Big Bang.But oh well,tak jadi and I do hope that they will come again year maybe with 2ne1.*prays* I was actually looking forward to see them with my k-pop kakis,either phui gi or mei quin =(((

There will be another concert happening in November,and that's 2pm's concert.Need to really save up money.Ahhh,to be able to move on to be a Part 1 student is surreal.All is happening so fast.Don't know how I'll do,but I'm all positive about it.Will be missing the King of Gold Bells to the max,but there's always skype,twitter and fb.So,it wouldn't be so bad I hope.I also hope to continue on my evening exercises with mum and dad,so that at least I could stay in shape a little bit.Still working on shedding off fats.

2ne1 had their first concert last month,and I love CL's solo performance.She did a cover of Jojo's version of Marvins Room(which was originally sang by Drake) and Nicki Minaj's Did it On 'Em.Really like all of their performances live,that I hope that I could see them live one day as well.Oh,how I would kill to go to their concert.=( Also got addicted to Pitbull ft.Ne Yo,Nayer and Afrojack'sGive Me Everything(Tonight) and also Gorrilaz-Feel Good Inc.This was such an old song.I saw a cover of this song a few days back by Josie Charlwood that I got hooked on both hers and the original version as well.Loving U-kiss and Verbal Jint's new album too.Oh and also Super Junior-Superman.It is such a cool song.I was hoping for them to release their Mr.Simple song as sung in their teaser mv's version,but they did not.I feel that that version is so much better than the[ supposed to be] original one.

Speaking of which,Kim Heechul has enlisted into the army.Ahh,it will be Lee Teuk's turn soon.And it will be a 2 year wait.Sad,but it can't be helped.I guess that's about it for now.=D Here's some pics of some recent stuff that I did:

Ta dah! Super Big Bag and the 2 books i bought. :D

Food.Delicious food


Like this pic somehow.though some say its ugly =(


Ice creams.Guess who has the most expensive one? .Hint:she's soooo sweet XD 
Ooh oh.It has been a long time since I hang out with me sstwo.And last Fri it was pure awesomeness too!!Went for lunch at Ikea and picnic at Desa City Park where there are a lot of cute dogs there.Pics are not with me,so shall upload them and blog a bit about it as soon as I have them :D
p/s: there are more pics in fb =)
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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