Saturday, December 31, 2011


Decided that the previous post was supposed to be my summary of 2011,but realized that it was a bit difficult to summarize my recent trip to Vietnam.hahaha.So,a separate post it is.

Year 2011-The year where I had my LLB exams and pass it! (what a relief) I that constant studying is now a must for me.(i do slack off at times people,like for the past 2 weeks =((.] I think that my level of patience towards certain people has gone thin.Became more impatient and gets annoyed easily at times..Think it is due to the fact that I have realized that why must I just give way to people who at times take advantages of me or take me for granted knowing what kind of person I am.Realized that I shouldn't be a piece of cloth for people to use to wipe their feet. And that I can't make everyone love me.Better still to love myself and if you hate me,then so be it..

Visited a number of country this year which I did not expect myself to visit.Hong Kong,Macau,Vietnam,and in Malaysia itself,Penang and Langkawi with my friends. Been to a lot of concerts this year.A blow to my purse but all of it was truly awesome did not regret it at all..Had a lot of fun when Ms.Sweet came back!
Attended my friend's graduation for the first time,worked for the college and realized that there really is a bit of a generation gap with the people younger than me in my college( some of 'em not all though -- I guess it's the differences in the level of maturity and personality)

Had many sad farewells.Ms.Sweet going back to Scotland and kinda menghilang diri for months due to her busy schedule. =(((( Ms.King Gold Bell winning the King's College scholarship(so so so proud of her) and going off to London.Mei Quin and the gang going to UK for their 3rd year.Hence,missing all the times seeing them in college and hanging out with them.But these farewells are not forever so,it's fine =)

In the music department,discovered a lot like really a LOT of awesome music.Oh what would I do without them..From Big bang to coldplay to like Bobby Brackins,they are all L.O.V.E.  The same with dramas and movies.Love of reading fashion blogs are still very deep.Discovered some new ones from Yvan Rodic,Eva Chen and by Hannie Hidayah(not sure if its the correct spelling).

I think you can't compare like 2010 or 2011 was more awesome as you experience different things in a year.You change and you learn as time passes by,hence you view on things may also change,for good or for bad is one only for you and maybe for the people around you to notice.As long as you look ahead and continue to improve yourself and stay humble (i.e. not turning into some bitch) I think it will be fine then.

Here's to a great year ahead.Wishing everyone all the best in their exams,health,to experience more precious,happy and memorable moments in their live.Hello 2012.Bring it on!From the song of Bobby Brakins ft.Dev-A1--'' ..I'm solid,I'm lifestyle's A1..'' =D

-with lot's of love,peace out-

Looks like it,but it's not the summary of the year.

*blows part horn* it's the last day of 2011 today.what are you guys up to? partying? spending it with you significant other? being a glutton ? staying at home ? i am doing the last two stated.Hahahaa.It just occured to me that I spent New Year's Eve at home every year somehow.Don't ask me why.It just happen.I tend to contradict myself on that fact that in a way I do not need to be in a place where there will be tons and tons of people and I can stay at home and watch gayo daejun and tweet and watch normal television at the same time.Yes.It is doable people.I did that last year.Hehehe.The contradiction part is that I kinda half envy people posting up in fb on how awesome they're gonna party,etc.But,all is well,I do not,I repeat,i do not feel super emo...Shoot.I plan it in my head to try to not write a super long summary of the year this time.But...just look at this first paragraph!

Ok.Back to serious business.First up,yes.I have been neglecting this blog due to none other than my love of procastination.had a 2 weeks year end holiday to which I pack my bag and leave for Hanoi,Vietnam.Underestimated the weather and so freeze my ass out at certain hour of the day which resulted in : My lips and skin being super dry.Committing some fashion crimes,catching the flu when I got home.boooooooo... Other than tat,Vietnam was beautiful.Went to Hanoi and Halong Bay and at times,especially at Halong Bay,you wouldn't feel that you''re at Vietnam,more like you're in China with those super beautiful scenery.The food are ok.The people there are sadly kinda poor and being desperate for money,everything that they do has a purpose,which makes it (for me) hard to see when are the times they are sincere and when are the times they are not.And 2 of my H&M bracelet got stolen,partly was my mistake of not carrying my backpack in front (like a pregnant lady kinda style).Luckily though not more valueable got stolen,i.e. my ipod and ipad.Word of advice: it is best not to carry a bagpack in vietnam as it's not that safe.

Stuffs sold there are more to handicrafts and not like clothes,etc.Did not buy anything for myself other than a pair of leggings which I thought was rm8 which ended up to actually be rm20.(was at a hypermarket which is to them is a shopping mall and there was kinda a sale.)Ooh oh,another highlight in my trip is that in the tour group that I join (27 of us) there's a good looking guy.Heh heh heh.Sadly though,didn't get the chance to know him as most of them we hang out with our family.Oh well,let's hope that there's fate for us to bump into each other again maybe?? hahahaha.

It was interesting to spend Christmas there,(the hotel had a special supper which I was too full to eat any and ave us free chocolates in our room.hahahhaa.) Also,some of the culture and way of live of the people in Vietnam is interesting to watch.My sis and I had a great time spending a certain amount of time doing people watching.Ooh oh,one thing I need to say is the people there LOVE flowers.They buy bouquet of flowers like they wanna propose of something...When do they buy the flowers? going to the airport or just like a daily kinda of thing to give to their love ones,etc...And another thing is that the traffic is CRAZY there.There are not many road lines dividing the road lanes and the vehicles don't seem to stop for you to cross.In actual fact the just slow down but,being a tourist,you get the feeling that they dont stop,you get what I mean? After like 3 days there,I finally get the hang of crossing the roads there.Hahahahaa..

Will most probably upload the photos next year,since today is already the last day of the year.=)

-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Day..that one day....for a day......

I just finish watching the movie One Day which I don't know why it was not shown in Malaysia or haven't been shown in Malaysia since it was already out like on last October or something and I LOVE IT that I feel that i need to blog about it.My friend,Ms.Sweet first told me about this when she was reading the book and pretty much told me the whole story and told me that they were making a movie.

I didn't know until much later that Anne Hathaway was to act in it as the lead.I don't know,some may find it boring,different people,different view/taste..But I love it somehow.Have not read the book,but wanna do so soon.Sadly,not enough time..See whether I can squeeze in some time or not =DDD

Watching the movie,I was thinking to myself.Ahhh,is it really possible for a guy and a girl to be just friends? I mean like just normal friends??? My initial answer was no..It's very hard.There are only a few who really can..But over the months/years..I feel that this maybe possible but...(of course there a but right?) I feel that at some one point in your friendship,either one has ever like the other or like one has thought/contemplated of 'what if we take it to the next level? ' ..

Hey,maybe you never experience/thought about it before,and it's cool.Maybe it's just me who feels that your bf/partner should also and always be your best friend too.Someone whom you can relate to,have something in common,sharing the same level of humour(this is very important for me),and also we must be able to like 'click'/communicate.I think I would die if that doesnt happen.hahahahahaa.

Also,I was thinking to myself,if you like someone,just like go for it..don't do it impulsively though.I mean,weigh some pros and cons,get some reassurance,etc so that you don't end up hurting yourself instead.But,I feel if 2 person are really meant to be together,then fate in a way or another help you.

Though the happy ending story does not remain forever,at least it lasted for a good period of time right? As a good memory for you to reminisce about? yes.there might be some anger,tears,hatred and all that negative feelings identified in the world,but I am a believer that every could has a silver lining.So,if the happy ending is a short one,appreciate it.At least you had one.Better than those who hasn't had one.Or had one as awesome as yours.hahaha.

Ahhh,I feel that I'm turning into an old soul now after looking at the stuff I've wrote here and also what I'm about to write.hehe.We should definitely savour all those special moments in our lives.It doesn't have to be like for a huge scale event whatsover.Just those small things in life that sometimes will just pass us by without us even realising it is enough.=) I mean,if you can re-live one day of your life,which one day of it would you wanna experience it again?? For me,I have to admit,I have to many of them.hahahaha.And if I have just one day to live,I'll make sure I'll do everything that I wanna do and not sleep.I mean,you can sleep later since you only have one last day on Earth right?

-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hello December.One more month to go and it's the end of 2011.I do not believe that the world will end in 2012.So..I'm looking forward to live on.hahahahaa.These past weeks my life is pretty much a pretty boring routine.Going to college,revising stuff,sleeping as much as I can,hearing songs while checking out blogs that I'm usually stalkingI'm feeling busy/tired that I am not really watching the dramas that I am cathing up lately.Shocking.I am shocked myself too...Just discovered another new blog and I'm addicted! It's by Teen Vouge beauty editor,Eva Chen =)  Once in a while,I think to myself,if I'm not doing law,what would I do? I think I would do something related to fashion,or like organizing concert stuff.Reason: I love reading fashion blogs,drooling about clothes/shoes/bags/accessories/nail polishes but usually will think twice before I really purchase something. and I LOVE concerts if you dont know that already.

I need to get this out of my chest.I hope and need to go to YG Family/Big Bang's concert one day.Like seriously.It's a lifetime dream.The ultimate one is being to attend it in Korea itself.I can die happy after that.Without any regrets =DDD Also,I know this is bad,but I'm already compiling stuffs that I want for my birthday already.I have this feeling to spend more on myself since it's my 21st b'day next year.What an excuse right? I also have another dream birthday list that have been compiled in my mind.Why is it a dream list? Stuffs that I want in that list is too expensive.Shall own it when I earn a salary in future.(which is hopefully enough to get what i want in my dream list).*sigh*

Life is peaceful lately without much drama going on to affect my take on what a good life is.Dramas that happened is at times what makes life a tiny bit more interesting.hehehe.Songs that I am currently into Junggigo-Waterfalls.Jang Jae In-Winter Night,Calvin Harris-Bounce/Feel So Close,Rihanna ft.Calvin Harris-We Found Love(yes,i am still not tired of it),Jang Woo Huk's 4th mini album-Back To The Memories.Spitz-Yoru Wa Kakeru ( of Honey and Clover OST) and Yui-Hello (of Paradise Kiss the Movie OST). I guess that's all for now.

-till then,with lots of love,peace out-