Monday, September 28, 2009

Arghh,i'm tired.class finished at 6pm today.And Derek and I was waiting for the train.Couldnt get on the first one as there were too many people.So we waited for the second one.And then lo and behold,the train was delayed.And there were a lot of people..I was hungry so we went back up to "ta pao" McD..the guy taking the order was so nervous,it was funny.hhahaha,And when we went to the platform to wait for the train.Woahhh,insane lot of people there.But,we managed to get on the express ktm and it was freaking hot inside the train.Derek was particularly bathing in the business mock exam is postponed to next mon.Is relieved as this means I have more time to study,I was freaking out as i was scared I have not enough time to study.From this Sat till next tues got law extra class. *sobs* although its good,but....This reminds me that i have to start revision for law as well.ahhhhh!!!! stress stress stress.A song keeps playing in my mind and i cant get it out of my head..addicted to it.there's actually a few songs..hahaha.Oh,and i;m going to Beyonce's concert.Although my exam will be around that time,i have one paper on the 15th, then the next one will be on the it is not that stressful. =D hmm,this is all i could think of for the till next time..oh ya,and a *ahem* beautiful person(you know what i mean right beautiful person = a hot guy.=]) sat beside me today all the way from seremban to sentral.hahaha.i was happy.i made my day by 1percent i think?? hhahaa
-with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, September 21, 2009


Today,i created history.Went hill-climbing with Mrs.T,Sweet and was TIRING.Well,i was the one who had the least stamina there.So,it was half killing me.After for dont know how long,finally reach the top.The view there was amazing.beautiful.There was actually an indian temple there and there were a lot of monkeys.One of Mrs.T side mission other than losing weight is to catch insect.We almost lost hope as there were surprisingly no insects to be seen at all.Finally,on the way back,we saw a grasshopper and nic helped Mrs.T caught one.I think she still have 20/21 other types of insects to an uncle there.Seriously salute him.He lead us to another path,which was so damn long and steep,and he was so fast.And he doesnt seem tired at all.And I was gasping for air and was already sooo tired.(that time i havent even reach the top yet) ishh,when i was on my way,a kid was even walking faster than me.=.= I created a new philosophy,never judge a book by their age.hahaha.Anyway,today was a nice day.after that,we went to eat breakfast and sat there for 2 hours?? I predict that tomorrow my legs will be pain like crazy,even now,i can already feel the after-effects of hill-climbing =(

The top.Although it look like it was soo high,it was actually ok.

Meow,me and Nic.
The view at the top =]

loving this pic of the sky
Meow helped me crave my name at the tree there.haha
Meow,craving her intials and mine.

Oh and i went down to Muar last sat and we were on our way to take otak-otak and we saw this badminton court.The name: Dewan Badminton Chua.hahha.Karan and I was wondering whether we could go in and play for free as our surname was also Chua.hhahahahaa.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Friday, September 18, 2009

[e] =love

Holidays!!! =D however,the bad news is i have to study.exam is around the corner.Arghhh,why cant it be later??? ishh,if only it was a bit later,then ,i'll have more time to breathe..Listening to Epik High's new album,Omg,it is hotness!!loving the album...much respect to them for coming up with insane lyrics.insane.
-dont blame the Dj,it's the playlist,cause,Blame is a slutty word-
-ex-planation,ex-ecution,ex-cuse,share the same ex-
-living in this hollywood,there's no rich&the poor,there's just Christion Dior-
-polluted phrases are the kill of the season-
-go independent,be your own self dependent-
some of the lyrics sentences taken from a few songs,wow.the stuff that they come up it.
Had dinner with nic,sweet and meow,nic changed.he's darker and stuff.Had a FULL dinner.much contributions from nic,sweet and meow.Sweet help me to cook all of the chicken and fish i ate.Meow help me cook the triangle shaped thingie,(dont know what's the name of that food)and nic took the food.XD had a blast today.Been quite sometime since we went out like that.We went to eat steamboat.Seriously,some clothes that the people wear when they went to eat.=.=''' some dudes,are as meow/nic was saying it was like preparing themselves for going to UK,wore long sleeve style shirts and folded it.Some girls,wear skirts,dresses??? no offence,uhh,you're eating,in my opinion,isnt it a lil' bit inconvenient?plus some of them wore make-yp and heels?? lol.we were eating and watching some interesting fashion show as well.haha.Meow and sweet wanna go climb bukit this coming mon.the time:6.30am.I dont think i can go.Reason no1.i cant wake up that early.Reason 2.Mum and dad will definitely not send me.Cos its the school holidays,so they wont wake up that early.Going to muar tomorrow.and my hand was completely healed today.there's no spot at all.Was glad.when there were no spots on my hand and stuff,it was nice,''Wow,my skin suddenly looks so smooth".hahaha.that's it for now i guess.Epik High rules!!*their album name is titled [e] if you were wondering about this post's title*
-with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wooooooooo,i just finished my mock exam for Law..paper 1 was ok for me,though didn't really have time for the 3rd questions,wrote as fast as i could.But,paper 2,i think i'm doomed.Don't really know how to answer the first 3 ques.only knew the last one.So, habislah.*sobs* I had a sudden attack of weird spots or rashes i think,which is quite scary.Miraculously,its gone now.Though there are still some on my legs,it is wayyy much better now than it was in the afternoon.After tomorrrow,there's holiday for 1 week.~wheee~ But,i gotta start studying again as the business exam in Oct 2nd which is after the holiday.=[ And plus the final exam is coming also.Arghhh,time certainly flies...Feel like going out to watch movie or something,it feels like such a long time since i watched a movie?? I think the last one i watched was umm,The proposal.There's gonna be a few good movies in Oct if i'm not mistaken but my exam starts on the 12th,so............. Also The All American Rejects is coming again and its on Oct 10th.Just 2 days before my exam.Why do they have to come now?? Cant they just come later?? Ishhhh.Watched them in Mtv World Stage,and their performance was niceee..=( i'm currently addcited to kiss by sandara park of 2ne1..Its been playing in my head for almost the whole day since yesterday.hahahaha.i would like to thank my brains cells for performing well in their task today.Brain cells,you know i love you right?? hahaThe train home today was not that pack and I went home with Derek and a senior whom i just got to know,her name is helina.She's soo tall,that i was kinda in awe when i saw her.Haahaha.Nothing much really happen this week as well,as I think everyone was pretty just much stress up for today's exam( or is it just me??) One thing though,i think a lot of people would be relieved that the exam has finally ended.I know I did.hahahaha.Wanna meet up with Sweet and Meow.Didint go out together for quite sometimes now.Tengoklah macam mana.And Hyun Joong(my *ahem* husband XD) has recovered from the H1n1 flu.phew,luckily.that's it from now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ermm,nothing really much happened this week.Class started again after the very short 1 week holiday.haha.Went into econs class without lee tat and others,it was soo quiet and sad.Was not that used to them not being in the class.They are the ones who usually makes the atmosphere happier and brighter??*sobs* Arghh,next week is my mock exam for law.and i have like 4/5 chapters left.and there's like 1 month to my as exam.Getting nervous.times flies!!!Derek,as usual was taking the ktm back to kajang went he smsed me and said that 3 train were cancelled.I pity him.Understood the feeling.haha.My exam next week will be from 2-5.30.which means when i reach kl sentral they will certainly be a lot of people going home.So,i plan to take my time and maybe eat dinner if i'm too hungry before i go back since there will be a LOT of people.Experience the same tihng last wed when mr.kevin actually let us go back home earlier.And i was expecting to get on the 5.08 train when it was cancelled.The next train was at 5.48?? and there were lots of people and well,Sharveena and I was determined to go back so we pushed our way or shall i said got pushed in at the same time into the train.And it was like a sandwich in there...=.= so......
Am currently watching we got married joongbo cuts again for fun.It is so funny.helps me release some stress.arghhhhhhh!!!!!I guess that's bout it..a very short summary of what happened this week as i', lazy to write everything in here.hahaha.
-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Was saddened by the news that Jay Park will be sorry,has left was cause he insulted the country where he is a singer now.I feel that people should forgive him and give him a chance.Ok,maybe it was a serious offence that he had committed, but still,at least they should like give him air to breathe.People make mistakes.Give him a break.he apologised publicly.He's already back in the US though.Ishhh.Got another news.Hyun Joong has H1N1.He was in Japan when he was diagonised.and now he's there,getting treatment.It is soo shocking.Hope he gets well soon.Shocking,shocking news.ss501 confirmed that they will be having concert in malaysia.So,i hope hyun joong recovers.*fingers cross* A day filled with so much drama.haihh,
*you know i'll always support you.*-peace out-

Friday, September 4, 2009


*Please be warned that for like almost 3/4 oh the post,I was very high,and if you are reading this.Please bear with me a little.*
WOOOOOOOOOOOO, as a number of you knows about this.I went to see my *ahem* husband yesterday,KIM HYUN JOONG and the rest of ss501 members,young saeng,kyu joong,hyung joong and jung min. Although i only saw 3 of them,I'm satisfied.haha,I reach the place at about 4.45-5pm?? And it was INSANE.I was in a blur mode.People were screaming at me,asking me to queue in line,as i was ONLY asking how do I buy the album.As there were too many people.The queue was a U-shaped queue.I just cut the queue.haha.i bought 2 albums,one for Mrs.Giraffe.Went there with Nicole.As she wasn't really a big fan,I gave her the other album to help me get it signed.luckily I went there with her,as only 1 person was entitled to have 1 album signed by ONLY ONE MEMBER cause there were too many people.The albums were sold out.So,maybe there were about 1000++-2000 people?? i'm not that sure.After waiting for like an hour or 2 finally got to meet them.The people were strict though.Not letting us taking pictures of them.Ishh,teruk betul.As a LOT of people wanted my husband's signature,his queue was the longest until they had to close it.So,i went up to hyung joong's queue.Lucky me,(it's fate)hahahha,the security asked me to go to my husband side to get his autograph,and the people said stop asking them to write your name as stuff,so I didn't request it.Instead as he was signing,me being mesmerized by him,didnt know what should i say to him,I just said
"Can I shake your hand please" after he finished signing my album,which he then put foward his hand.I WAS SOOOOO HAPPY and i was in a very high mood I think glady shook his hand and was saying "thank youuuu".After which I went down,was like in a different world for a moment,dumb folded,a girl who i was talking to a bit when we were queue-ing,was soo high that she turned to me and asked me,can i hug you?? And me,who was also high was like SUREEEE.And there we were,2 crazy people, unknown to each other were hugging each other,screaming a little.HAHAHA.This is the craziest thing I have ever done.Talking to strangers and stuff.ahahaha.Nicole got the autograph from my husband too,but it didnt occur to her to shake his hand.She was a bit blurr i guess.My husband looked tired and thin though.He was kinda half dreaming or like in another world when he was signing autograph?? Poor him.Nicole just told me that he almost fainted yesterday.And that from Malaysia ,they are then going to Japan for another fan meeting.i pity them.they must be super tired.When i was on the way back home,in the ktm,met 3 other girls who also went to meet ss501.And this girl,Fiza,managed to take a decent photo of 2 of the members,and we immediately,exchanged facebook addresses.And with the 2 other girls,Liz and Annie,we started talking about them,the situation there and stuff.They waited since 12.30/ 1pm and at that time there were like 100-200 people there already.So imagine how many people was there,by the time i got there.1 lady who couldnt buy the album,even offered RM 200 to buy it from another person.But,who would sell it to her.All of them there were wanting to see ss501.And man,I was SWEATING like crazy there and WAS PUSHED by people till I almost FELL at one moment,as there was a step there and people was just pushing until I didnt even know there was a step there.
When I saw the news that ss501 was already in Malaysia since Aug 31st,I freaked out and that they were coming to KL yesterday.They were in Sabah(Kota Kinabalu) before that filiming a MV or something.I knew somehow they will be coming down to Malaysia before having their concert later this year,but didnt know that it was so unexpected.So,in Tues night,i WAS FREAKING OUT.Finding and hoping someone would go with me.i sms-ed Nicole,and she didnt replied me until Wed morning at 6am( cos she was sleeping) i lost hope to see them in person.As my parents and Karan wouldnt let me go there alone.Besides,I dont really know the road there and stuff.But,I didnt regret any moment of it.It was worth it i guess.IT WAS PURE HOTNESS OR IS IT BEYOND HOTNESS?? I don't know.MAYBE IT WAS INFINITE HOTNESS. !!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh
Oh and it seems that about 15 min or so after i got the signature,they closed the session.So there were quite a lot of people who actually did not get to meet them.I was kinda glad to cut the queue after hearing that news.And was relieved to get to know that I managed to buy the album and meet them.If i didnt,i may cry there (well maybe not,a bit exaggerating) or be SO DISAPPOINTED as i came all the way there and didnt get to meet them.For those who didnt get to meet them,I feel ror pain people.Trust me.I know.
i am VERY SORRY to See Wei and the others for suddenly backing out on the plan to watch movie after class.But,later that night,I heard from Derek that it was scary and May jean was very very scared when watching the movie.And that i think see wei was not scared,i think she find it interesting and fun?? haha.Horror movie is really not my thing.Oh ya,and i got my econs result yesterday too.Wasnt really able to concentrate in class as I heard that the result was out.I got into the A class,which means i passed??yay! but,i'm curious about my marks though.The sad news though is that I'm not in the same class with lee tat,angel (hahahha),junior and a few others.=[ It's so sad...ishh.why do they really have to do this,whatlah,haizz
Overall,yesterday was a mixed of happiness ans sadness which maybe the correct word to fit this situation is bittersweet?? IT WILL BE A DAY I WILL DEFINITELY NOT FORGET THOUGH.*you know what I mean* =]
-with lots of love,peace out- pictures

went to korean plaza before going to 1u.tool pic with none other than the famous f3.many apologies to kim joon for being cut off here. as I didnt get the chance to take a pic with the real person.this will do.XD
there were a lot of people.There were more outside though.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I wrote this story for my high school magazine last year.After much pestering from my English teacher,I managed to come up with this story.Somehow,after the pestering and like ensuring that my story will be published,it miraculously was not published.I was kinda shocked and hurt when i discovered that.So,i decided to publish this in my blog instead.At least I manage to publish my story somewhere,and i'm cool with that thought.haha.
p/s:i change a few words and stuff as I was typing this e.g.the plea before venue and stuff.

I woke up,shivering.Wondering where I was.It must have been about 3am in the morning now.I was about to reach out to check what time it was,when it suddenly occurred to me...I was not at home.I was at the police station..The policemen had given me a room to sleep,or shall I say that I was actually in a lock-up room.The bed was not as comfortable as the one in my room and the blanket provided barely kept me warm.As I was now awake,the whole incident that had happened a while ago was playing over and over again in my mind.

"She deserved what had happened to her.She was the cause for all my misery.Now,she was finally punished for what she had done to me," i was smiling to myself as I said this to myself.

My life used to be perfect.I had a happy and loving family and i was a popular student in school.I had many friends who cared about me.It was the best thing in my life.Suddenly,my perfect life all came crashing down.All this happened after SHE appeared at the doorstep of my home on fine day.Being the only child,my parents thought I was lonely and adopted another child to keep me company.Her name was Lucy.She was the same age as I was and will be studying in the same school with me.At first,I was thrilled.

Unfortunately,that was when it all started.Slowly,SHE started to take away my happiness one by one.MY love for her soon turned into hatred.i hated HER so much that I was willing to do anything to get rid of her out of my life.And then,the perfect opportunity came.Without thinking,I just pushed her from the staircase of my double story house.And now,SHE was lying in the hospital,fighting for her life.Here I was,waiting to be questioned by the local policemen.I jumped when I suddenly heard someone sobbing.The room was dark,and I couldn't see anything.

"Err,hello? anyone here?" I asked.

And then,as the moonlight shines into the room,I saw a girl about my age was sitting opposite of me.I was so caught up in my own world before this that i had not noticed that I had company."Why are you here? What had you done wrong? I did something and now,I regretted what I had done." the girl sitting opposite of me said." Do you think they'll forgive me?" she asked.

"Well,I don't know.I did something wrong too.But,I did not regret it.What did you do?" was my reply to her.

"uhh,I was caught stealing some money while I was working.I'm Rina by the way.What's your name?" Rina replied.

After I introduced myself,it was not long after that that Lina was telling me her story.She was actually stealing the money for a reason.She needed the money to give it to an old lady who was homeless and sick.But,her kind act was misinterpreted.She was now labeled as a thief.Rina was crying as if there was no tomorrow because earning a criminal record meant that her whole life will be ruined after that.As she was adopted,her adopted family is now considering of sending her away.She had lived a hard life when she was young and did not want it to happen to her again.

Rina then asked me what I had done wrong and so,I begin to tell her my story as how it had been playing over and over again in my mind like a spoiled recording tape.I ended my story by telling her that I was not sorry at all of the things that I had done.She was shocked for a moment,and there was a moment of silence between us for a while.When she said,

"You really did not feel guilty at all? Don't you wished that your parents or your sister could forgive you? Aren't you scared that you have to got through life all alone after this?"

"No" was all my answer to Rina's question.A moment later,Rina's boss,who had caught her stealing,decided not to press charges against her after thinking about her future and is willing to give her another chance.Rina couldn't believe her ears when she heard the news,and before she left,she asked me to think about the stuff that I've done.As i lied down on my bed,her words were echoing inside my head.

"You should ask forgiveness from your parents,Lucy and also God,for what you had done.Please think about this carefully"

After much pondering,I came to a conclusion.I shall not regret what I had done as it is impossible to turn back time.Everything that had happen,is history now.Deep inside my mind though,I was wondering,what if I had not been so jealous? what if I had talked to my parents about my frustrations? What if..............

There are always 3 sides of a story for everything that had happened.My side of the story,Lucy's side of the story and the true story that maybe only God will know.

So,should I really ask for forgiveness as Rina had suggested? Well,I finally decided that although it was the right thing to do,I somehow could not bring myself to do it.I was just too proud.I may seem heartless to everyone,but,life is not a bed full of roses.And lets just say,that sometimes,you have to be the bad person in life.With that,I shall pay for my actions by waiting to enter my plea before venue,and to plead guilty,and to also wait to serve my time in jail.
As I was eating dinner today,I was was watching Coffee Prince again when I suddenly remembered that last week,on August 21st,it was Lee Eon's 1st year death anniversary and i forgot.i still can't believe that he died.He was like only 26/27 when he passed away.He died at such a young age.May you rest in peace and be in a better place now.
There was another news a few days ago i think,that DJ AM,Nicole Richie's ex-bf had also passed away.This was kinda another shocking news.It was believed that he may have died of drugs overdose.He survived a plane crash or something last year.And now he died??'s shocking to me.As he escaped death once.Ahh,maybe there has been a number of shocking death cases from last year till this year that sometimes makes you really feel that life is certainly unpredictable.This statement didn't really hit me until hearing these kinda news.It just makes you think that whoever can die at anytime and at anyplace.
-peace out-