Monday, October 24, 2011

Music addiction much?

October is coming to an end already.Can you believe it?!?!'s so fast to the end of the year already.=(( There's a lot of album releases for the past week or so,which makes me a happy person.hahahahaa.Patrick Stump released his solo album called Soul Punk and I'm loving it.Just downloaded Verbal Jint's album,Go Easy,which is awesome too.and Tablo's back with his solo album.It's a very personal album i feel.The songs,I feel are mostly about what he has gone through the past 2 years.Sad,but I love every single song in it.Can't wait for Part 2 of his album.Heard Tae Yang's being featured in it.Never have I imagine they would have collaborated.Also,need to check out Coldplay's new album which is out already I believe.Loving Rihanna ft Calvin Harris-We Found Love.The mv is not the best way to portray the song,but I like the opening of it.Hehehe.I feel it is a bit better than Britney's new mv though in that it has more meaning?Loving Girl's Generation-The Boys too.=D I'm loving house kind of music lately.Mainly by David Guetta and Calvin Harris.(if this can be classified as house music that is) =p  Ooh,I know this is a bit late,but I'm hooked on Sistar19-Ma Boy.The dance in it is so sexy.I mean,how do they manage to do that kinda body wave?? salute. Also,am still addicted to Jun.K-Alive and 2ne1's cover of Love is So Difficult .See,I told you,October is a month full of song addiction for me which equals to me being a very happy person.hahahahaha.

Music addiction aside,am having 1 week holiday for Deepavali now.The one good thing of my college being in Brickfields I guess.hehe.However,need to catch up with my studies,as I have assignment to do and a time test to study for.For what subject you may ask? it's none other than Trust.Ms.Puvan scares the hell out of me and will never fail to make one feel stress.Hence,need to start training my brain cells for war people!!! =((

Am currenly watching 2 dramas.The Man Who Can't Marry (this is an old drama which I somehow was not interested when it came out,but am interested now)Didnt realised that Yoo Ah In and Kim So Eun is in it.Uhm Jung Hwa is just beautiful.=) and Man of Honor starring the cute Park Min Young.=D
That's it for now.

p/s: Ms.Sweet if you're reading this,I hate you for not replying my fb messages.Boooooooo =((((( Am missing you and a bit worried about you you know?? *cries a river*

till then,with lots of love,peace out

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