Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The year that was...................

*please note that this post shall be long and you have been warned*

Firstly,I am wayy high in my previous post,so,faham-faham sajalah.hehe.This year is the first year that i finally do not need to attend high school anymore.Though I missed my school life at times.But it's now the last day of 2009.Gosh,time really flies.As this is my last post for this year,I shall sum up 2009.

As I started working after SPM in a furniture shop (Casarini).Wanted to work until Feb,but as I had a great disliking towards my boss,I worked till January.Learn from this that people can be really SELFISH(though I learn about it duringF4/F5,and about people's fake-ness as well) and no matter what happen people will always save put themselves first.But,I did make some good friends there and had a great time. =]
Took 1 month break and went for my NS in March.SPM results came out before that,and i was kinda disappointed as I knew that I could do better in some areas,but anyways,it was a satisfiying result nonetheless.

When I went to N.S,and as I was not in the same company as Sze Yin,it was kinda lonely at first.I got appointed as 1 balak in my company,Charlie =.='' But thanks to it also I knew almost everyone in my company and stuff. =D Made a number of good friends there.(almost all of the charlie's members) I was only there for 2 weeks and i was kinda half happy and sad to go back early.Oh and I did the Earth Hour thing at camp and it was very very cool.Though someone fainted or something.haha.I got to know that i am able to go home early at the very last minute and it was kinda shocking to everyone( to me as well) and it was the first time that I had hugged sooo many people and that many number of people that wished/sang me a hppy birthday song in my life.As 1/2 days after I went home,it was my b'day.hehe.
After N.S,I started my college right away,and as I didnt attend the orientation week,I didnt know anyone when I first get there.So,here's the cronology of how I get to know them:

Individu pertama yg saya kenal ialah Marcus Tan dalam intake saya,semasa kelas Econs.Saya sampai agak lewat ke kelas(saya pergi makan tengah hari dgn Kanimoli selepas kelas Matematik) dan kebanyakkan tempat duduk telah diambil pada masa itu,dan tempat di sebelah Marcus adalah kosong.Saya pun duduk diseblahnya dan dia,seorang yg peramah,pun memperkenalkan dirinya

Individu yg kedua ialah See Wei, semasa kelas ELS.Saya sampai agak lewat juga dan semua tempat duduk di sekeliling Marcus telah diambil,jadi,saya memilh tempat duduk di sebelah See Wei.Kami terus ''click'' (jikalau saya tak salah) apabila kami sedar bahawa kami berdua juga dari PLKN.Selepas itu,saya,See Wei danMarcus pun makan tengah hari dan menghadiri kelas B.I selepas itu.

Individu yang seterusnya ialah Kim,Dia sampai lewat semasa kelas Pengajian Malaysia dan duduk di belangkang saya,Marcus dan See Wei.Marcus,dgn peramahnya memperkenalkan dirinya dan seterusnya saya,dan See Wei.

Melalui Kim,saya mula kenal Lee Tat dan melalui Marcus,saya kenal Ramon.Kemudian saya mula kenal Junior (yg sentiasa mempunyai banyak topik perbualan)dan Kean Hoe(walaupun dia duduk di sebelah saya semasa kelas Econs dgn Marcus).Kami mendapati kami pun dari PLKN dan terus ''berbonding'' dgn cerita-cerita kem.hehe.

Tidak lama kamudian,saya pun mula kenal Mei Quin,Daniel,Stan,Andrew,Thomas,Michele,May Jean.Ah J,Ah B.Jake,Yik Yee,Savreena,dan Nicole dan ramai lagi.( Maafkan saya,akibat short term memory loss saya dari semasa ke semasa,saya tidak boleh ingat bagaimana saya mula kenal kalian)
Pada bulan Jun pula,saya kenal Rainbow dan juga Derek tidak lama selepas itu jikalau saya tak salah.jikalau jadual waktu kelas kita sama,Saya,Savreena dan Derek akan pulang bersama melalui KTM.Dan perjalanan pulang kadang-kala( Khususnya pada pukul 5-6) adalah neraka.ishhhh.

itulah,sedikit sebanyak tentang kronologi bagaimana saya mula kenal sahabat-handai saya di kolej.hehe.
After that,time flies,and the exams were here.Everyone was stress,stress,stress !! After the exams,we went to prom and had a Melaka trip.=D

November came and Sis,Bro,and Sirion go into a horrible car accident.they are all now getting better and thorugh time, they shall all be fine soon.(thankfully).

There has also been many of deaths this year.
Besides that,there a also a number of great drama's which I LOVED: You're Beautiful,WGM,Family Outing,2D1N,IRIS,Shinning Inheritance,9 ends 2 outs,Dalja's Spring,LIFE,Tsubasa No oreta,BrothersSisters,Grey's Anantomy,House,Leverage,Chuck and many many many many more.hehehehe

There are also a LOT of great songs and albums out this year which were HOTNESS: 2ne1,G.D's,Taeyang's and Brave Brothers solo albums,Big bang (of course).BoA,Super Junior,Shinee,f(x)-chu (current addiction) Brown Eyed Girls,DD,Epik High,Justin Bieber,Beyonce,Jay Sean,AAR,FOB and many many many many more.XD

I also get to see Lee Hom's concert which was on the 2nd of May(was also one of the reason I wanna get out early from NS hehe).Sat sepeerately from sis this time as she had bought her ticket earlier,but I had a blast.(in situation like this.i.e,in concertmyou need to syok sendiri )And never had I imagined that I get to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person and the rest of the ss501 members.And also being able to shake his hand.Saat itu memang high gila.hehehehe XD So,overall,I had a lot of fun this year..It was interesting,amusing,happy,dad ,etc which equal to a bitter sweet year.But i loved every moment of it.In 2009,all's well that ends well.
A small shout out to Mr.Yong on his 18th birthday today. =] + I am looking foward to 2010.Expecting a number of great movies,drama's (hopefully nice ones),songs,albums,movies and many more.hehe,
p/s : a huge load of burden is out.And she is relieved & happy now. =D
-with lots of love and wishing everyone a happy new year,peace out-

a lil bit of tis and that

Tempat kerja saya

with Ms.yew

with Ah Yong

Raju & JJ

winner of the Golden Horse Awards*drum rolls* meeee XD

in N.S The closing ceremony

My postman shirt XD
Meetings after N.S with Fong Ming

Lee Hom's Music Man
SS501 =DDD

Hill climbing with Sweet,Mei V & Nic
Junior's B'day
At big table kedai makan

Two fav.people in the world.
Ms.Lee & Ms.Chua

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

omg,SBS Gayo Daejun is wayyy beyond HOTNESS.Looking foward to KBS & MBC one as well.

~woohoooooooooooo~ 2ne1,G.D and Taeyang,S.J,2PM and many more,you guys are HOTNESS.WAYYY HOTT !!! i shall die tonight.
- with lots of hotness in the house,peace out-

Friday, December 25, 2009

Although its after 12 already,but,Merry Christmas everyone. ^^ This year was fun and kinda different for me as I spent it with Mrs.Jang and Sweet.We hung out at Sweet's house from noon till about 10 something pm.I surprisingly got 2 presents this year from 2 unexpected people.hehe.1 from Dad( a watch) and 1 from Sweet(a necklace which i converted it into a bracelet instead.).Thank you so much for you presents.LOVE IT.Was supposed to go out with my 2 partners in crime yesterday,but, Sis came back and was busy so....Was guilty.many apologies about that.But,on the other hand,Sis is back from the hospital.She finally did after about a month there,She still cant walk yet,but,at least it's much more better now. =D Bro went to Sabah for work and he won't be back for 4 months.=[ A very long post shall be updated soon,sumarizing the year of 2009,so,I shall keep this short.
p/s: Rest in peace Brittany Murphy
-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Saat- saat yg menggembirakan

WOW !!! As i mentioned on the previous post,I was gonna go for a sleepover at Mrs.Jang's house with Sweet.We plan to talk and talk and talk and gossip and gossip almost for the whole noon and at night,we had bbq.There were too many food,and so,we called Sanjiven (who is living nearby) to come and eat.An 9.30 invitation lead to a almost 12.00am arrival.But,he was having prayers and night weather was nice and there were stars ( and bats and rats and cats as well) and so,we just lay down on the porch (it is tiled) and talk for THE WHOLE NIGHT. Although I sleep late,I usually MUST SLEEP. I cannot not sleep.And there we were,Mrs.Jang,Sweet,Sanji and I talking till about 6 am in the morning outside in the porch and after that Sanji went for a game of futsal at City Park.Itik tu,memang bersemangat dan dapat tahan.And we were talking in BM the whole time as we had not use that language to talk for a long long time.Sanji adalah itik yang paling ber-egoistic dalam dunia ini.hahahahaa. Oh and we even used a few peribahasa that night.Those were :

Genggam bara api,biar sampai jadi arang
Air yg tenang jangan disangka tida buaya (something like that)
Planet Pluto dan satu planet seperti Pluto ''crash into each other'' = egoistic (something to do with Sanji's dad and him) -Peribahasa/Teori ciptaan Mrs.Jang

Had a super great&crazy time and we slept at 7 am and woke up at 12 something.We actually planned to go hill-climbing in the morning,but as we didnt sleep,so....hehehe.And we continue to talk and stuff till about 5pm XD After that,i headed to the hosp.(as *ahem* it seems that Karan missed me.. muahahahhaha) I helped her around and we watched Sam Soon.Karan said that the Japanese F4 (hana Yori Dango ) are not hot at all.How can she say that about Shun Oguri ?? ishhh and i just uploaded some pics in fb and send some to Mrs.Jang.And i need to wake up early tomorrow(about 6 am ) =[ .

Current songs addictions are still Justin Bieber,Taeyang and you must hear Archies-Sugar Sugar.An old song.It never fails to make me feel happy and smile everytime I hear this song.=D

Walaupun hari ini penat gila, tapi Ia adalah saat-saat yang teramat menggembirakan.Aku rasa lain kali jikalau plan untuk adakan parti baju tidur juga disetujui untuk dijalankan,ia juga akan menjadi satu perkara yg sangat dinanti-nantikan.haahhahaa.Tidak dapat tunggu Sweet untuk menayang baju tidurnya yang ''seksi''.heh heh. Tidak lupa juga,video-video peribadinya.hahahahahaha. Lets look at pictures now.hehehhee
preparing the foods and stuff
Lucky was hoping to get some of the food

Hotdogs and nuggets,I forgot to take a pic of the chicken wings =[
Chief &Asst Chef of the night
Lucky yg masih berharap dia akan dapat sedikit makanan
barbequing with pink-purplish fire. XD
Food,glorious foood
sisa-sisa selepas tu

Chocolate ice creams as deserts !! Masa berbonding 1 Masa berbonding 2

Masa berbonding 3
Masa berbonding 4

Before I went home,Mei Wee gave me some of her homemade tart which is nice.It taste even better than the cupcakes the other day.*thumbs up*

Tart yang dibuat oleh Mrs.Jang.= Enak A surprise Christmas gift from Sweet.
(shall wait till Fri to see what it is hehe)
A BIG thank you to Sweet and Mrs.Jang.Had a fantastic time.And it is truly saat-saat yang menggembirakan.looking foward to the next one.heh heh
-You know i love you and you and you and you,hehehe.peace out-

Friday, December 18, 2009

As I just woke up,cause I tertidur again just now and missed my shows on Friday night,(never mind that,it has repeats on Sunday) and after reading Marcus and Kim's blog.I have the sudden urge to blog too.hehehe.Jake started the trend to blog about college friends and I am tempted to write about it too,but shall save the best for the last and hence,that post will have to wait for a bit.Went to the hospital as usual again today.Karan's friends( the ones that I met at KLCC the other day) came and visited her today.And they bought her Jaffa Cakes (that she had read in a book the other day and enquired her friend about it) and cupcakes !! The jaffa cakes were very nice.The cupcakes were pretty,but it was kinda a disappointment as it doesn't taste as good as it looks.Aren't they just pretty,its sad that it doesnt taste so good though.=[ Oh and I have another photo that has been in my phone for sometime.In previous posts had mention about Karan changing her menu.Well she gets western food now.And it's yummy.hehe.Here's a pic of it :And when karan couldn't finish it,of course I naturally help her finish it XD. And Dad kinda did not notice when he was on the way to the hospital the other day,and when he came into Karan's room,he said to mum,that he just realised that he wore wrong/mismatching slippers.And all of us roared into laughter.ahahahahaha.Has currently started on a new drama series (it's not korean/japanese this time) called Brothers & Sisters.And it's a mixture of all the emotions.(too lazy to list it down) and the show rocks !!!
Gonna have a sleepover with Mrs.Jang and Sweet this coming Monday and Tuesday. ~wheeeeee~ we are having bbq at night and I am sure we definitely shall have midnight chats and snack and watching movies/dramas and playing a few games. ~woots~ I am soo looking foward to it. =DDDD I think my short term memory loss-ism is getting bad.I forgot a choreographer's name which I love,and only a few hours after that did I remember his name which is Wade Robson.Urghh,as I was walking alone today,I was thinking, god,2008 is coming to an end and I'm gonna be 19 in a few weeks time (not officially but...) and it's so fast.Then what Sweet said the other day came into my mind,next you're gonna be in the 20's.I was's soooo wow. My bed's calling me again.So....
p/s : i miss you =[
-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mr.Kind Guy

Wohooo.tomorrow's the last day of class for 2009 and I have my holidays again people. =D I can go back in becoming a pig again.heh heh. Skipped lunch today as I was full drinking chocolate shake from made me seriously full.Went to see Karan today.and of course,as usual,we irritated each other.hahha.The kakak beside her has gone back and there's a new lady there.Her relatives came I think.I didn't mean to eavesdrop on their conversation but it was sooo funny.
Relative : (was explaining that someone was baking a cake for her husband or something) Suami dia teruk betul.Dia condem isteri dia.
Lady : Apa dia cakap?
Relative : Dia cakap kek yang isteri dia buat,kalau baling dekat dinding,dinding tu pun boleh retak.

My god,when I heard that,I was dying of laughter.I had to control myself so was the best man.And oh,i forgot to write this that day,I was crossing the road to go to Sentral,when the traffic light for people to cross the road turned red,i was still crossing,so I said,''Shit!!'' as I was scared those cars and motor will hon at me and stuff.And i think i said it a lil too loud,as this mguy on motor was looking at me when i said that and i was so embarrassed.=.=''
Karan laughed like mad.ishh.And today,was taking the train with savreena as usual and a guy offered me his seat.Fuiyoh.was suprised.I didnt think it happen to me before? and he got off at Nilai,I thought he was getting off somewhere near,like Midvalley or something.So,thank you Mr.Kind Guy.You are truly a rare species. =] And I shall dedicate this post title to you.hehe.Maybe going out or having a sleepover with Mrs.Jang and Sweet.~whee~ it's been a long time.Sis is so much more better now.And Sirion was discharged.Doctors ask him to reast at home.It seems that he kinda have lost his memory? not completly sure.Hope he recovers.Overall,it's a happy day. Oh and I'm still confused about some stuff,but as I had wrote before,I shall not think too much.He take me like as a sister ?.Hmmmmmm.....he's just not that into me? hmmmmmmmmm
-with lots of love and a lil' confused,peace out-

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A combo of this and that

A combo of lyrics and songs from:

Joshua Radin-The fear you won't fall
Justin Bierber-One time
Taeyang-Wedding Dress
Sum 41-pieces
Avril lavgine-losing grip(acoustic-about first half of the song)

If you know this songs and the lyrics/the melody to it.You'll know what i mean.Enough said
-peace out-
I was sick,down with flu last thurs.Which makes it the second reason on why I skipped Tort class.hehe.And so,this week I didnt go and visit Karan,=[ It seems like there's quite a lot of people who's sick lately.Kim,Nicole,Jake,Mrs.Jang & Uncle are all sick.hmm,i guess it's the weather?? It was certainly boring at home. Urghh,but,I managed to finish You're Beautiful.(did I mention this already??) the shows is love.Wanted to watch IRIS,but the videos in mysoju are so screwed,that made me stop watching it.*sobs*And I manage to watch the movie Sophie's Revenge,which I have been looking for sometime.

And I love this movie.It's a love story,girl(Zhang Ziyi) gets dumped by her bf,(So Ji Sub)for a hot actress(Fan Bing bing).She plots her revenge with the hot actress's ex(Peter Ho)(there's a twist to it actually) and the girl will eventually lose interest in her bf and she falls for the other guy,I love the movie.Its funny.And not to mention the actors are of course hot.hehe.And it stars Ruby Lin as well.I almost didn't recognize her if i had not read who were all the cast in the movie before this.And today,I watched the movie Prince and Me on tv2.Been a long time since I watch anything on that channel.haha.Luke Mably(pure hotness) and Julia Stiles just have great chemistry in this movie.

One of my all time fav as well besides another million shows.Watch CSI also while ironing mum & dad's clothes.Stopped watching that show after Gill Grisom(i think that's how its spelt) left.I lebam-ted my arm,as I banged my arm against the shoe rack while going out to the porch to take in the clothes.And the pain when I banged aganist it was...................And so now I have bruises on my arms.=[ Am also currently reading a book by Chris Manby.(cause Karan took my Marian Keyes while I was reading it halfway.ishh)I thought the author was a man at first,but '' he'' was actually a ''she''.Saw her books before this,but I have never read them before.Her books are not bad actually.And Uncle,Aunt and Yling came today from Muar.They brought Otak-otak.heh heh.It's been quite sometimes since I ate it.So..=] I think Auntie Paulyn is coming on Mon,and the house's in the mess.Was actually sleeping(at 12.50 pm,I know what you guys are thinking.) when Dad called me saying that Uncle and all will be coming later.I rushed down and cleared up the hall a bit in a half-alseep state.hahaha.And i watched tv all day long.Dont really have the mood to study yet as I'm looking foward to the holidays next week.hehe.

Ok,i did rasa bersalah of not studying,so,i read business for a bit yesterday.And i think i will revise a bit of econs/law/business too,as I am feeling guilty of not studying now.haha.Ohh and I think I have plans for Christmas and New Year.TV marathon.heh heh.You may think it's kinda sad,but for now,I have no other plans,so..........
P/s: I saw one of marian books at the bookshop the other day,called dress rehearsal or something like that.It has short stories in it i think,and the book is not thick at all and it costs RM40 ++ and it's just so expensive,damn it,if,not I would have buy it.And,Daniel Armand Lee,I shall try and own your book one day.i definitely shall try. =[
-Till then,with lots of love,peace out-

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Went out early today.The reason? i went to KLCC with See Wei.We went to sample some perfume and I love a scent from Ralph Lauren.I forgot to ask what was the name of the perfume.We had a lot of fun know what I'm talking about.*winks* =[ I was about to reach Sentral when See Wei sms-ed me and said that all the LRT system were down.I was like, what???? When i waited for the LRT from sentral it was not as bad as i magine it would be.So,it was bearable.On the way to Kinokuniya,i surprisingly saw Karan's friend.I saw him once at Sentral too.Sadly,he didn't recognize me.Bought 2 books today,1 from Alexandra Potter and Chris Manby,It looks nice and i hope it is.Marian Keyes had a NEW book.The cover is gold.*sobs* I shall patiently wait for the small version as it is too expensive.RM70.50 *cries a river* why must it be so expensive??? Took the ktm to Kajang back today and from Kajang,I waited for the Seremban train.Had to stand until Nilai,and only then was there a seat for methere was 2 guys before me and they were on their way back to Seremban too and they were like finding for seats when people get down but didnt really succeed and it was kinda funny,looking at their expression.And they were another 3 chinese guys,standing beside me,who wanted to eat something I think,and they dare not as there was a sign of no eating pasted at the window.hahahhahaa.The situation then was funny (for me)I am not feeling great at the moment,it looks like I am about to get flu and sore throat.which i hope i dont. =[ Will be skipping class tomorrow.hehe.Tort is just tooooo boring and it is a waste of my time,just sitting,today was a fun day,=]
-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last week. was an interesting and amusing week for me.Classes for A2 started and the feeling without the express route students there were so quite and stuff.*sobs* I missed all of them *sobs* It was only the first week but Mr.Aria gave us homework.I only finished it yesterday.hehe.Thanks to Uncle and Marcus for the help.*muacks*Decided to go back early and skip lunch on tuesday and I reached Seremban about 3 something I think.Dad and Mum said ''ta pao'' for me A&W.For the first time,they gave me a free drink.

I was so surprised. hehe.Uncle said I was too beautiful.hahahahaa. XD.Contract class was kinda interesting for me.Had not know who was Mr.Kumar before this,thought he was kinda strict,but it turns out to be the other way round.As Ms.Naveena was sick,Mr.Baljit replaced her for Tort class.My god,it was booriiinnggg.He kinda reminded me of Mr.Mohan who taught us Pengajian Malaysia last time.And for the first time I had not pay attention in class for 3 whole hours.Was just shit chatting and day dreaming away.As the class was in the afternoon.and finished at 5,there were so MANY people at the ktm that day.Saveena was almost hugging each other.Urghh.As usual on friday and saturday I went to the hospital to take over mum's shift.Went shopping with Mrs.Jang on sunday.Went to Times Square and I bought Crows Zero(a japanese movie) DVD.Didnt expect to find it sold here,so I was soo happy,hehehe.Shun Oguri is hotness.*winks* It was kinda a burger/sandwich day for us.Ate Subway for lunch and Carl's Jr. for an early dinner.We went to Pavilion and I bought my i pod's protector cover and was thinking of visiting Uncle at the place where he was working.guess it was not fated to see him as we didnt see him.When window shopping and there were toys at the 2nd or 1st floor(selling christmas stuff) that were cuteeee.(like a beanie,if i am not mistaken that's what its called)Had a lot of fun going out that day,It has been such a long time. =D As we had changed our business timetable,class was from 2-5 yesterday.The train back home was once again HELL.There were so many people and I hereby announce that my boyfriend when taking the train home is the ''tiang'' or anything thing that I could hold on to.It was kinda my ''pillar of strength'' hehehe.I hope that it wont be like that again tomorrow.=[

Am currently addicted to You're Beautiful,that show rules and the song Justin Bieber-one time,and also songs from owl city and i am still not sick of the song wedding dress by taeyang.hehe.G.D had his concert last weekend,and I would kill to be there.He performed the leaders with teddy and C.L *sobs* and Se7en was his guest.I would really kill to be there.=[ haih,the year is coming to an end,cant wait for the christmas and new year holiday.Hmm,dont think I have anything on for Christmas and New Year.So,.....hehhee.
p/s: i wish someone would present me something special like a pig-rabbit doll too. =[
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-