Saturday, December 31, 2011


Decided that the previous post was supposed to be my summary of 2011,but realized that it was a bit difficult to summarize my recent trip to Vietnam.hahaha.So,a separate post it is.

Year 2011-The year where I had my LLB exams and pass it! (what a relief) I that constant studying is now a must for me.(i do slack off at times people,like for the past 2 weeks =((.] I think that my level of patience towards certain people has gone thin.Became more impatient and gets annoyed easily at times..Think it is due to the fact that I have realized that why must I just give way to people who at times take advantages of me or take me for granted knowing what kind of person I am.Realized that I shouldn't be a piece of cloth for people to use to wipe their feet. And that I can't make everyone love me.Better still to love myself and if you hate me,then so be it..

Visited a number of country this year which I did not expect myself to visit.Hong Kong,Macau,Vietnam,and in Malaysia itself,Penang and Langkawi with my friends. Been to a lot of concerts this year.A blow to my purse but all of it was truly awesome did not regret it at all..Had a lot of fun when Ms.Sweet came back!
Attended my friend's graduation for the first time,worked for the college and realized that there really is a bit of a generation gap with the people younger than me in my college( some of 'em not all though -- I guess it's the differences in the level of maturity and personality)

Had many sad farewells.Ms.Sweet going back to Scotland and kinda menghilang diri for months due to her busy schedule. =(((( Ms.King Gold Bell winning the King's College scholarship(so so so proud of her) and going off to London.Mei Quin and the gang going to UK for their 3rd year.Hence,missing all the times seeing them in college and hanging out with them.But these farewells are not forever so,it's fine =)

In the music department,discovered a lot like really a LOT of awesome music.Oh what would I do without them..From Big bang to coldplay to like Bobby Brackins,they are all L.O.V.E.  The same with dramas and movies.Love of reading fashion blogs are still very deep.Discovered some new ones from Yvan Rodic,Eva Chen and by Hannie Hidayah(not sure if its the correct spelling).

I think you can't compare like 2010 or 2011 was more awesome as you experience different things in a year.You change and you learn as time passes by,hence you view on things may also change,for good or for bad is one only for you and maybe for the people around you to notice.As long as you look ahead and continue to improve yourself and stay humble (i.e. not turning into some bitch) I think it will be fine then.

Here's to a great year ahead.Wishing everyone all the best in their exams,health,to experience more precious,happy and memorable moments in their live.Hello 2012.Bring it on!From the song of Bobby Brakins ft.Dev-A1--'' ..I'm solid,I'm lifestyle's A1..'' =D

-with lot's of love,peace out-

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