Thursday, September 22, 2011

Save Your Last Goodbye-Jojoba hearts the King of Gold Bells

Save Your Last Goodbye explanation in the previous previous post
The last to leave and the one that made me cry was the one and only Ms.King Gold Bell.Ohhh,the person who always ask me for tissue for you-know-what and the person whom I always go to her house and stay.This girl ahh,super funny and hyper at times.What else,hmmm,she's super steady in all kinds of things and is not selfish at all in many things in life such as sharing her knowledge and always offering to help in anyway she can =) Am very very happy and proud for/of her for excelling like crazy in her studies.=)  Was not close to her at first in college,but are very close now.I forgot at what moment in time and how we get close..This memory is a blur one inside my brain...Have been trying to figure this out for a while now. thought for real we were not going to send you off at the airport on the day you were flying right? I thought so too at first,but then,how can this happen right?When we had lunch on Monday,and you thought that was the last time you'll be seeing us,you were crying a little already,making me feel emo too when I was on the way home in the ktm =(((  We definitely can't bring ourselves to not see you for the last time before you fly.The process in trying to surprise you was so funny and exciting.After being told by Celine that you guys were at Secret Recipe,we were trying to spot where you were sitting from afar and was planning on how to show ourselves up.Finally decided to sit at a table which is was the closest to you.The moment where we came in and was pulling the chairs to sit down.We were all trying to act casual and the pulling of the chairs punya sound,sounds so loud to us at the moment.We were so scared that you'll discover us.

Mana tahu,even when I look at you a few times,you did not notice,And i saw you with your eyes watery and nose red.Hahahaa.Then suddenly you turned to our direction and said ''shit!!!!'' hahahaha.It was so funny.One by one all of us came out and everytime,you said ''shit!!'' Ohhh,it was so funny.Seeing you cry,and yik yee and mich,and see wei cry makes me start to cry too.I'm amazed myself too that I was crying because I'm not very emotionally expressive in these kind of things in life and don't usually like to cry in front of people really.

I know you'll be able to do well there.Take care of yourself there.Missing you loads and loads too.xxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

Thanks to See Wei and Karyn for the pics.The airport photos is still with Edward.Dia belum upload lagi I think =(

-with lots of love,peace out-

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