Friday, November 4, 2011

It's November now!!Pimples,go awaylah.i beg you.pleaseeeeeeeeee... Things are going on as usual.Got my hands on a few more albums.hhhehehehe.They are: Coldplay-Mylo Xyloto,Demi Lovato-Unbroken,Table-Fever's End Part 2,and Dev-The Night The Sun came out.I'm such a music junkie.hahahaha.loving all those album there.=DD Am gonna start my marathon on 2pm songs soon.=D i'm excited.There's another concert called Mnet Live i think where Super Junior,f(x),miss A and B1A4 is coming.I'm thinking whether to go or not to go.It's happening in December.Just a short update for today.Oh ya.of course,not forgetting,Happy Birthday to the one and only Choi Seung Hun aka TOP.One of the hottest out there.I can keep on talking on and on,on how much hot and funny and tall and etc,etc,etc he is.hahahaha.

Come HOT is he right? hahahahaha
with lots of love and hotness,peace out-

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