Sunday, August 29, 2010

just watched a movie called Wedding Dress (its a korean ,movie BUT it has nothing to do with Taeyang's Wedding dress song).This movie is about a mother and her daughter relationship.How the daughter tries to fulfill her mum's wish.Her mum has a terminal illness.Another sad movie.and i love it.=)
Which re-affirm my opinion that if i could choose how would i die now,tomorrow or in future,i would like to suffer a terminal illness such as cancer and die.Why you may ask? and why such a weird opinion?First up,everyone's gonna die one day.its just a matter of time. I feel that it's better to know when you are dying because then you get to do everything you want to do.apologize,confess,scold,go crazy whatever that you want to do before you die.cause sometimes you cant help but think about what if's in life.
So many things have been happening recently..To me that is..First up,i went to see Lee Hom on the 21st of August..Sis went for ht Acca class before that so,i lepak alone in sunway...went to the place where i love the most i's the bookstore.Why do i love going there? there's new book to discover and to lust for=( and way lots of magazine to read.hahahahahaa.And a fast way to kill time..For melah that is.Then we headed out to 1U and got there at about 4.Insane lots of ppl were already lining up in the hot sun.My sis friend's and I went to grab our dinner before we went there.Met up with Mich and Andrew.I have to say this is the worst showcase/autograph signing session EVER.First cos he only sang 1 song which is disappointing.Never mind that,he almost didnt want to sign all the albums by the fans.Reason was cos he has to catch his flight.But thankfully i manage to get mine.Felt guilty for not being able to get that for See Wei.i know how much she loves him..Many apologies,see wei =( Almost fainted due to the insane lots of people there and the heat.and felt that my leg almost broke due to the long standing.Definitely worse than ss501(which surprisingly got a lot of ppl but i can still take it) and worldstage.

Big Bang is out with a new single called Somebody to Luv which is HOTNESS.and no,its totally different from Justin Bieber.I have yet to find the eng sub for the songs =( and and and i have epic news.BIG BANG,SNSD,SHINEE,F.T ISLAND,INFINITE & D-NA are coming to Singapore on the 23rd of Oct.This is sucha dream come true and my best chance to see Big Bang.thought the chance of meeting them is like completely 0 as i dont think they'll ever come to Malaysia?? who knows? i hope one day they will and i'm not OLD by the time they come.=p I really wannna go badly.But there's a lot of factors to consider here.So,lets hope that i can really go.hehehehe.Loving MGMT-kids and some of their songs.Dont ask me why,i myself dont know.But the tune just cant get off my head.Karan said,their songs are badd.And cant believe i like them.ishhhhhh.Loving Maroon 5-Misery,Ke$ha-Disgusting and Cheryl Cole-Parachute and Heaven..ooh,current drama marathons are:Parenthood,Smile,You,and Leverage.=)

And another sad news i that Sweet Yin is leaving for Scotland on the 8th of Sept.(if everything goes as planned).I'm happy that she will be able to study the stuff that she wants,etc,etc.But,i dont want her to go.Dont know when will she be back..=( gonna miss her soooooooooooo much...And this means that there will only be 2 of us now to have all the berbonding &bergossips session =( And we still havent go to a holiday together just the 3 of us yet.Maybe one day,just one day me and mei v will go Scotland and go travel.muahahahahahaha.

Surprised Kim and Karyn for their birthday.And it was the bomb.The expression on Kim's face was epic.hahahaha.And it was all thanks to Celine the mastermind of putting this all together =).It was so hard,keeping this surprise as a secret.hahahahaha...I love my holidays this time's awesome.and i hate it in the ways that i am brokeeee.I'm in a deficit now people.haih..need to start saving $$ for my love for concerts and my fav singers.=( good bye to delicious expensive food,too much outings and books for now*sobs*

Oh and i have yet to watch step up 3 and going the distance.and wall street(not sure when its coming out)..I plan to watch it with my 2 hommies.Ms.Chua and Ms.Lee...and i hate my face now cos of my pimple breakout.haihhhhhhhhhhhh....sedih.i shall also try and sleep early nowadays.i know i have been saying this for ages.But for the sake of beauty,i have too..and  its official that i will be a law student soon.Sept 18th to be really specific? missing kawan-kawanku..hehehehe.time flies so fast and i cant believe that i'm studying for my degree now.i guess that's all for now as these are the things that i can remember at the moment.

p/s: if everything goes as plan and there are no problems,i maybe able to move to kl next year.the exact date depends on various,fingers cross people =) + hope all of us are having a blasting holidays =)
                                                      with lots of love,peace out-

Monday, August 23, 2010

You'll always be remembered

Rest In peace Lee will always be remembered and hope that you are in a better place now.5/2/1981-21/8/2008

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Saengil Chuka Hamida to Karan

the best sister in the world with the best ever present this year.Getting to meet my her husband(lee hom) =)
Ooh,and this is my 100th post..what a coincidence.hehe
                                                                                                               you know i love you,peace out

Just cause

just loving this lyrics from Navi ft.Jaebeom-Heart damage
The times where i miss you are 0 minutes,0 seconds

hey listen baby girl
you’re not getting it friend
why do you keep coming back to me again and again?
just let it end shawty,
you aint thinking well,
if this the game of love,
then we’re in different tales
aint looking at you,
my eyes have shifted,
you got a broken heart,
i ain’t the guy to fix it
unhappy story of me and you?
its the end
look at the time, i gotta go
its 2PM, peace!
It's seems like ages ago since i updated.Many apologies,i blame it on my laziness and love to postpone stuff.hhehe.My current mood now : Emonessssss!!!!! Why??? i joined the lee hom contest where if you win,you get to watch movie with him...I got 1sec and 1 move and i didnt win...Damn it..My sis friend won it and i hope and hope and hope and pray that he win give my sis both tickets so i  can goo......*cries a sea* sedih gila mannnnn....Why?????????????????/// it's so unfairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
Moving on,I'm back from Jb for good.I love it there..Will definitely not forget all the moments there...Let's start from july the 19th where Kim,See Wei and I came back from JB to take the moral exam where all of us actually passed without taking the final exam but,just for the sake of it,we need to sit for the final one...Where i think all of us didnt study for it and almost all of us came out after 1 hour.(it was a 3 hour exam.hahahahah)..We hang out with marcus,jake,mich at MV..Oooh,thanks Marcus for treating us ice cream =D. had steam boat to celebrate Jake,Kean Hoe,Lai Yee, and See Wei's b'day..Where Kim sent me back afterwards and kinda got lost and thanks to Michele who gave us directions after that..I have a bad sense of direction especially KL roads.Never seem to remember it somehow..Manage to hang out with Mei Wee and Sweet where we get to know the sad news that Sweet is most probably going off to Scotland by end of this month...Aku tak sampai hati nak let her go,though i know it's for her future..*cries a sea* again..=(  On July 31st Karan,Kim,Sweet and I went to Mtv Worldstage..And it was awesomeeeeeeeeeeee.Salute Katy Perry and Tokio Hotel(which sang 10 songs that night)..They sound awesome livee.Wonder Girls was hot and i am sad to write that i missed Bunkface as I went in about 7 something.It was a 6 hour concert thanks to the rain.And 3 things happened that day.1) it was the rain... 2) I dropped my handphone while the release those giant ballons/balls for people to push and this guy was stepping on my phone battery and almost step on my phone,which thankfully he didnt as i was holding/pusing his leg away.. 3) i feel down at this slippery are while trying to get a better spot to watch the concert where my arse hurt badly...But all in all,if there is another one next year,i'm sooo going ..though i hope they bring more artist such as Big Bang...Pleaseee just bring themmm....
Hmmm,after that,we went  back to Jb and the night before we head down to Kl again to get our result,we went to Danga Bay...Where for dinner at San Low,we met a bunch of hot,and tall basketball players from Macau i think.It was certainly the highlight of my stay there.muahahahahaahahahaaha.Then it was results day..12th of was a nerve racking..And i manage to get 1A and 2B..Some of you may feel,''hey,that's good'' But,to me,i'm disappointed as i know i could do better.After much thought(well,not really) i have only myself to blame.But,i shall study like mad for my degree now.So....fighting,CJA!!
Congatulation to Kim for being the top student...=) and also to Nicole and others who did well.=)
2ne1 is coming back in Spetember and i am soo looking foward to it.And also Taeyang's international album..He's releasing an English version of Wedding Dress *screams*I'm currently watching a korean drama called Smile,You and I love it,though it's kinda lengthy,(45 episodes @@) watching we got married (the new and old season) ,an anime-Yamato Nadeshiko Henge (thanks to Kong for borrowing me) and Leverage + House...hehehehehe...Ooh oh,have you guys watch Lee Hom's new movie,Love in Disguise?? if you havent,GO.Watch.It..To be honest,i feel,acting is not really his thing,but its a funny movie with awesome songs.Like really awesome songs!! MEMBUNUH!!!! i had to prevent myself from screaming in the cinema.hahhahahaa..His new album is gonna be the bomb.!! I'm waiting for Step Up 3D and Wall Street now..Oh,Repo-Men is an awesome movie..It's realistic in my opinion though i think its has a different ending from the book.
Andre Kim(a korean designer) passed away last week due to cancer.may you be in a better place now.i guess that's it for now.
A BIG shoutout to Kwon Ji Young.Happy Birthday !! may you still be single and not dating that model girl..Yes,i am that selfish though i know you will never know my exsistence.=p
p/s : for the photos of the events i mentioned above,please check it out in FB..lazy to upload it here.=)
                                                                                       -with lots of love and selfishness,peace out-