Thursday, August 29, 2013

In remembrance: Lee Eon

I am always a bit late to post this up.But that doest mean I dont remember you..It was just that day that I re-watched coffee prince.. It's the 5th in peace,Lee Eon

-with lots of love,peace out-

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The best friend is now in the plane- highly likely in a deep sleep on the way to Korea for the next 4 months or so. She's there for an exchange programme. Cannot believe that the moment is finally here !

Am so happy for her. Ahhh,the things that she will be experiencing! am excited for her. I love that country a lot,so i hope she will get to experience it awesomely like the way i did.. At the same time, i envy her .Hahaahahaa. Oh the concerts and stuffs that she will get to go,buy and what not, booooooooooo.

But it's all good.Wishing her the very best there,and am looking forward to hear stories :D You will be fine there ! And as I have stated, am just a text/tweet/skype call away from the virtual world.

Take care there.Hope to meet you there maybe? I dont know...Maybe not.We'll see.Not having any hopes at all .

p/s:  Am looking for a best friend replacement or a boyfriend now.anyone? heeee ;D

-with lots of love and am gonna miss you soooooooo much,peace out-

A perfect distraction, a first vacation together

Due to my love for procrastination and August being a kinda busy crazy month,am being a bit behind in my updates..This post is about my (first) vacation with my best friends since after high school if I am not mistaken.All 3 of us are studying different courses and colleges and hence it's a bit hard at times to find a time where all of us are free.But finally we manage to find one. =D

It was not a long -time-ago planned trip.In fact,it was a surprise/random decision.I nearly did not join me homies and I really wanted to go and thankfully my parents didn't really object but just asked me to make a decision and lo and behold,I decided to go... Am prepared to not be employed with KFC but a middle ground was reached and that I dont care that  the solution was that I will getting less pay than expected.

I would say this is the first time I have been on a free and easy trip not having to plan anything.A BIG thank you to Ms.Sweet's friend,Nat would brought us around and all.It is definitely a super plus point visiting a country where English is not their main language and having a local friend there to bring you around..

Oh,I think I have not state in this post yet so far where did I go.Hahahahaa.I went to Bangkok.Never been there before, heard it's a shopping haven and of course nothing beats the Thai food there as that's where it originated from. Truth to both statements made : ITS TRUE!! it's da bomb people!!

I love clothes and all,but I am not the kind of person who goes out shopping one day and can come back to 1 big bag of clothes and all.I am usually a very indecisive and ( sometimes) a kedekut shopper. I dont really buy a lot of stuff one time and would usually think for a kinda long time before I really purchase something--unless it's something I have really been searching/wanting for years--- like the adidas relace low women shoes-- found them at Stadium,KLCC with a 50% discount sale the other day! I literally gasped ! I was just doing some random window shopping while waiting for Ms.Lee who went to meet her coordinator at college. Was just looking around before settling myself at Kinokuniya to read some book.. Ahh! I have seriously been liking this shoes for years (yeah,for real) but ended up didnt buying them when I first found it in Malaysia as it was too expensive.

Short derivation aside,I had a REALLY GOOD TIME AT BANGKOK! Stayed at Pratunam area and that area itself is enough for shopping!! A sad thing is that,some t-shirts there are a bit small for me (although some are really pretty) due to the size differences between malaysian and thai people there..especially the girls...Girls there are small sized,while I am a giant compared to them =.=

I love this place called Asiatique...It was a random decision I think to go there...Took a boat there...And we did not have to pay for it! The reason: They are sending you to a place to spend money--so its a free ride.Hahahahaa. I love this reasoning. The place has a huge ferris wheel that while looking at it in a boat on the way to Asiatique-it reminds me of a scene from Honey and Clover... I dont know why,but it just did...And I think this may sound weird,but the clouds there are pretty.Hahahaha. And the weather there is oh so hot thats it crazy!

And i love the fruit juices there! it's so yummy and cooling! Was introduced to banana smothie by Ms.Lee and it tastes AWESOME!! that i am now a bit addicted to it!! Gotta find if there are good ones in KL and of course I shall try and make some myself too :D

Our craving for fried chicken was seriously deepened by Ms.Lee too and thankfully that craving was satisfied before we head home...Shall definitely visit Bangkok again in the near future for shopping and eating purposes ! It's a nice and kinda cheap place to go vacation with friends =)))

 Pictures of how awesome the trip was and gushes about it can be seen in my social network sites if you did not notice. =))

Oh ya! and I forgot about this! When I was at Asiatique,we witnessed a proposal and there was this girl-acting like a moving statute who was giving out roses by  the stalk itself and I happily went to take one and i came back all happy towards my friends,and the proposal kinda continued and all but it turns out in the end,I need to give back the rose to the bride to be for like a sign of wishing them happiness.I was a bit disappointed for a moment,but i did at last give her back...Wanted to wish the bride to be congratulations,but her friend suddenly came up to her and she burst into more tears,so i just quickly gave it to her and ciao..OH, and did i say roses/flowers in bangkok is like super cheap?!! We saw a bouquet of fresh roses there for like only rm5 !!! Hahahaha.As I think I have not shared this story in my blog before...Let me tell you about this story

One day,I went out shopping with Ms.Lee at klcc/pavilion area.As we were making our way to the lrt station at klcc,beside auntie anne's there is the cold storage entrance,I suddenly saw this girl emerging with a bouquet of roses with all the stalks and a bit of leaves still on them. and she was looking so so so SMITTEN and happy with her boyfriend following her from behind..Everyone kinda like stop a bit and look at them,including me! And after that,according to Ms.Lee-- I could not stop talking about that scene I saw..
I was telling her, ''I dont care,at least once in my lifetime,I must receive a bouquet of flowers like her! It's just so sweet and all..'' And to which after hearing this,I think both the best friend, went and said-- jo ann,you should not fall for this kinda tricks you know.. Haahahaahahaa... But the bouquet of roses was just so beautiful people! I am not really a big enthusiast of flowers...But,you know,it was just like a bouquet like that--it doesnt have those like normally sold at the flower shop wrapped with those plastic papers...Its just so so so much more nicer! And oh course,my very awesome best friends did offer to get me one,since I cannot believe my eyes as to how cheap it is,but i thought to myself,it's not nice wasting their money just giving me one like this for no apparent reason,so.. tak apa :D though I do APPRECIATE their kind thought of doing so! I think I have recently discovered and concluded that I am such a sucker for romantic stuffs/events that I know its not good.And stuff like this at times just happens in movies,or guys use this kinda tricks just to get the girl..BUT..I cant help it at times... booooooooooooooo....I know it's bad..akibat watching too much romantic events on korean shows and stuff you know..*sigh* i shall try and convince myself to not fall easily for these kinda things anymore.

p/s: a big thank you to ms.sweet's parents ,ms.sweet herself,ms.lee and nat for making it awesome and such a memorable trip for me and also my parents for sponsoring me  =))

oh and did I say the trip was 2 days before my results for my final year exam was out ? !! It was definitely a perfect distraction to make me not think too much though during my trip-- I started to get well wishes and what not from my friends and college. =.=

-with lots of  love,peace out-

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fried chicken anyone?

I was kinda determined to find work during my holidays this year,but after being a lazy for a month after my exams and having certain problems with transport and some not so good luck,i landed a job for 2 weeks at KFC which was not far from my house.

Yeah,it maybe a bit weird to some or a shock to some maybe? but i wanted to earn some money and the pay for this 2 weeks job is good.It was during the raya week,and since all the workers at KFC are malay,i guess they needed some contract workers..

My job is working outside--as in the front of the shop which includes,cleaning after tables after people have finished eating and like sweeping and mopping floors and stuff.Its a simple job,unless you dont do housework at home.Its  just on a bigger scale and what is needed is pure labour contribution from one.

However,I technically just worked there for 8 days as I took 4 days off work (2 days were my leave and 2 days MC) as I decided after much contemplation to join my besities to go to Bangkok! It's our first trip together since finishing high school as we,finally are all on holiday break and finally have the time..I almost didnt go to this trip as I was scheduled to work at KFC but then deep down,my heart was telling me that I would regret big time if I didnt go.Thankfully, my parents didn't have much objection to this as well.

Working at KFC is a good experience for me and in a way I could cross it out of my invisible checklist of having worked at a fast food restaurant in my life.Hahahaha. The workers there are all nice people though I feel very old there,excluding my managers and stuff.I was one of the oldest workers there... I got the chance to try interacting with kids who are younger than me for like 3-5 years?  I was certainly a bit worried at first about a potential amount of generation gap.Also,some of the colleagues there are a bit surprised as to why I am working there,--i remember one colleague-Hakim whom I think just blurted out after finding out what I was studying and stuff and said to me without filtering his thoughts I guess: 'Why are you working here?!' I was amused hearing him question me that,and just answered : Hmmm,I need some money( and inside,i was thinking--working for such a short period money with a pay they are offering me sounds good,and I dont mind the hard work.)

However,after talking to them and getting to know them further, I realized that they were actually very mature for their age.. Their take on life,the things they have been through and their dreams and aspirations and how they see things are different from me and the people I usually hang out with. I am amazed and in awe as to how simple they lead their life at times..Waking up,going to work-which has minimal politics,helping their colleagues and treating them all like one big family and then go home.Earning as much money is mostly their main aim,but that doesnt mean that they hate their job...They seem to enjoy doing their job and take them seriously as well..This is what make me feel amazed.Here,I am myself dreading about my future job and how tough and all its going to be that I think theoratically for now,I  partly loathe my to be job.But these people are different.

Also,it made me realized and putting it in a crude manner,the pay there is actually not super high,but yet the people there are so enthusiastic and willing to do this kind of work(its seriously hard labour).It also made me realize through some observation,some people who frequented the place-some are really nice,appreciative people,while some are the total opposite.

I feel they are just nice,simple people there,and certainly would miss working there,though it involves long hours and hard work.

Also,just when I though chivalry was dead,the guys there proved me wrong..All in all,I had an awesome time working there and this will definitely be saved in my memory of the times I spent there.Also made some interesting discovery about characters and personalities that I like.

p/s: It was interesting getting to see first hand how a fast food restaurant works and let's just say I wouldn't be eating for some time now as I am entitled to 1 meal everyday for the past 2 weeks at kfc that I all my cravings for it has been FULLY satisfied for now.

-with lots of love,peace out-

Friday, August 23, 2013

What are you thankful for?

I just got to know another shocking and sad news about a friend of mine.
I was stumped for a moment.
When you think you got it bad in life at times
Like why are you put to test on certain challenges,that you feel its unfair that auch challenges are thrown at you.
At times like this,I would try and remind myself at times that some people got it much more worse than you that your problem is not really much of a problem..

I try to remind myself time and again now that i should always be thankful that I am who and what I am today and that I should cherish and be thankful about everything that has been thrown towards me.To try and appreciate all the little things in life and not to take things for granted at times.

To my friend,I hope you recover soon and be completely cleared of what you are going through right now.I truly admire and salute you for being so strong and positive.. no words can really express how much i salute you for being so brave in fighting cancer.(leukemia)My prayers and most sincere wish goes out to you.

With lots of love ,hope you will be well soon,peace out-

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Am 4 days late.But happy birthday to the one and only Mr.Kwon Ji Yong.You know I love you a lot.(well,technically you dont,but almost the whole world that knows me knows this)

More updates soon!

-with lots of love,peace out-

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Today on August 15th, I woke up early as I have work (switched shifts with my colleague) and went to work...As the hours passed,towards the afternoon I get more and more nervous...Butterflies starts forming in my stomach,i get goosebumps from time to time and started getting restless.. I keep going to my locker room and check my phone for any news about my results...

The radio station that I usually listened to at work has been surprising as well..For about a week working,the radio station has only played GD's song (michigo) once-and that was on my first day of work...I was so surprised that they played it once again yesterday night as I was about to finish my work and twice today!! IT made me all happy and I took it as a good sign.!

Received an sms from my college that results will be out after 5pm..And  following last year,I was predicting it will be out around 7pm ...and hence that was the reason I switched shift with my collegague as I could go home by 6pm... Who knows,lo and behold, UOL updated at their fb account that results will be out at 3pm British time and that means,it will only be released at 10 pm Malaysian time...

Ohhh the horror,stress and nervousness that I have been going through all day is further prolonged..BOOOOO. By 9.45pm, my bestie whatsapp me and said results are out and a classmate of mine did well in it!

I freaked..I paced in my room a little before saying out a little prayer and start to refresh my email and all to the link of the result page!When I got in,the first thing I look was whether I pass and then slowly start to analyze my marks and all.. To be honest,I was surprised to see that some marks for some subjects that I thought I may have scored higher,I got lower...And my results was worse compared to my 2nd year...and then I scrolled down the page it there it was written that I have graduated with a second class honors(lower division) my first honest feeling: disappointment..

I know I have no one else to blame but myself..But still,there is a little flicker of hope of doing better in my exams you know.

But all in all,I am very happy,thankful and relieved and cant believe  that I will be graduating with a law degree and have finally survived through this crazy,stressful law course..It was a horrifying yet fun journey! The friends that I made and have gone thorugh this with me and the lecturers that inspired me and scared the hell out of me..I am truly grateful and thankful that I get to meet and have these people in my life..=))

-with lots of love and feeling very blessed,peace out-

Is it ok?

Hello people! Didnt realise that i have not updated my blog for almost 2 months now! my bad! I have a quite boring/routined-based life at times.hahahahaa..BUT,will have a LOT of things to update now..that i will break them into separate parts.. =)))

After my exams,i have been enjoying my holidays being a very lazy person...But deep inside me I start to feel scared and insecure...Looking thorugh social network sites of my friends-it seems that all of them in one way or another is moving so much forward in life compared to me.

I feel like I dont know what I will do or go after I am finished with my degree and all...It's like all of them are swimming forward in the ocean and am about to reach their own destination at mainland soon while I am slowly drowning in the ocean...

In other words,I feel suffocated...This grappling fear that everyone seem to have a plan already and I feel I have yet to have a concrete one.

Being the person that I am,I usually just keep these thoughts to myself to which was noticed by my loved ones...And after letting it out,I feel much better and I then see that maybe it's ok to not be ok at times...