Monday, November 30, 2009

As she sits alone in times where there is nothing to do,
She wonders what should she do??
A lot of things will then play it self back in her mind,like a broken tape recorder,
There were a mixture of amusement,joy,sadness and boredom
And once again,she thinks she's confused
And once again another self of her tells and assures her to not to think too much,
But,still she can't help but wonder.
Someone told her,you'll never know the outcome if you don't take a leap,
She knows that's the truth and maybe the only solution,
But,she's afraid.She's not confident,she's a coward?
The year is coming to end,another year has passed,
Time certainly flies.
A thousand or maybe a million memories were created again.
She'll certainly not forget it at all.
And once again she thinks she's confused.
The song 9 Crimes by Damien Rice somehow help her in a way.
The song depicts how she feels and it's calming for her
The best solution she could think of : Just go to bed.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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