Monday, November 23, 2009

On November 21st,which was last Saturday was prom day.hehe.was going down to Kepong to go to May Jean's house.She called me on Thursday (if I'm not mistaken) to ask me whether I'm interested to do my hair and makeup at this place called APT around her house there and I agreed.Was supposed to take the 11 am train,but I missed it.And I thought of taking the 11.18 train,but I didnt know they changed the schedule or something and the next train was 11.30 =.=''

And the train stopped for sometime in Serdang and Bdr Tasik Selatan,causing me to reach Sentral about 12.45.May Jean picked Kim,See Wei,Michele,Yik Yee and I from college and we went to her house and started taking pics for our dress and shoes and started discussing about air and make up.We went to the APT place at about 3 and Mj,Sw and I went to buy contact lense,(sw broke hers)and all of them suggest that I go get one ask they say I look better.But then we were running out of time and I never wear one before and didnt remember my power and stuff,decided to forgo the idea.When we went back to the saloon,it was about 3.45? I kinda forgot and only Ethel's hair was done.And i have to admit,when i saw her hair at first,I was shocked and freaked out a lil.Cos it was so curly.Then they did Kim's make up and hair and actually there was only 1 girl handling all of our hair and make up.=.= And then she had other client which showed up suddenly and so she decided to ask us to go back and changed into our dress and stuff and then go back to the saloon to do our hair and make up.I was like what the hell??? And on our way home,it was raining and there was a traffic jam,Thomas and Andrew had already arrived at Mj's house and thought that all of us were ready when it was only Kim.Thomas was staring at me ,he thought I had finishing make up-ing and stuff and the look on his face when he ask me''Jo Ann,you're done adi?'' was hilarious and i told him ''NO,i havent'' and all of us when upstairs to change our clothes,By the time we got ready to leave it was about 5 something till 6?After that there's this dude who did my hair (i forgot his name,he's same age as bro ask me started to chat a lil) and i was scared that he will make my hair super curly.And he said relax,you hair is short,i couldnt do that much really.After that i did my make up.And after that the lady help me to do my hair,which I was freaked out at first,but then she say i look better,more younger and stylish or something.Then i asked everyone's opinion.Michele said i matched the theme for that night.hahhaa.And all of them say,lose the glasses my friend.
We were late and I think we got there at about 8.30?? Luckily it had started not long ago,so it was ok.

As i got down the car,I said hi to Lee Tat and he did not reply me and I was not wearing glasses at that time,thought to myself,Shit,I just said Hi to a stranger.And then I went to say hi to marcus and all and only then did lee tat and marcus know it was me.They didn't recognise me.Almost all of them didnt,except for Uncle.He said he recognise my eyes.=.= The food was ok.Junior rocked the house and we had fun doing the yam seng thngie and lucky Lee Tat won the lucky draw: Tickets (don't know how many of them) to Indonesia.We took lots of pics and moved to the dance floor later that night.Come to think of it,there wasn't a slow dance session as Meow and I and maybe for a lot of people had imagined.hahaha.Had fun,but my legs were killing me.

Thanks to my heels and at last couldnt stand it any longer and took off my shoes to dance.Was only starting to get high when they say they wanna go back,cos mj has a curfew i think? Uncle say I was still stiff and need alcohol /boys to really get into the mood. =.= Kim and I continue to be high in the car for a bit.hahaha,When we got back,the process of removing the make-up.urghh,a lil' mah fan.Was tired and sleepy already,got ready to bath,chat for a while and at last we went to bed at about 2 something till 3.Uncle partied the whole night till 6am.Salute him.Jie Yang went out to yam cha and slept at 8am and woke up at 12 and then will be going to Malacca.Salute him too.

Woke up the next day at about 10 something ,was still sleepy,went to eat brunch and met up at the RM3 carpark near college.As Junior's train was delayed and I hang out with marcus and the gang before they leave for Seremban,Many thanks to Thomas and MJ for dropping me out at college =D Waited for the train and as it was delayed and there was a lot of people,managed to only get on the 4.33 train and reached around 5.40 I think.Went straight away to the hospital and updated my sis.She said I look nice.hehe.When home and was dead tired but slept at 2 something( sendiri cari pasal),as in my post below this one.Feet was still killing me,gossip with Meow on the phone and I wished someone was there to massage my arms,leg and feet, =[ Nontheless,had lots of fun and shall be a day i shall remember.I am lazy to uload the photos here,will do so in facebook later.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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