Sunday, November 8, 2009

"And now i'm helpless sometimes,wishing's just no good.cause you dont see me like i wish you would,cause you never were and you never will be mine''
hearing the lyrics from robyn-be mine(accoustic version), it reminded her of someone.She was sure it was just and only a crush,but why is it that she finds herself thinking about him from time to time?? she would wonder how is he now? how is he getting on with life? why is it she never bump into him somewhere sometimes? just to get a glimpse of how he looks like now,whether he has changed or is he still the same? She sometimes wonder,why is it will she still think of him? whenever she does that,she will tell herself to forget him, and then the whole process will repeat itself from time to time again,he told her that they were friends,or so he said it.Is she stupid to take his words about it? is she stupid cause she didn't get the message behind it?maybe he was just trying to be nice.''urghh,you're thinking too much'' that was what she told herself.she told herself time and time again to let go and just forget it,but sometimes,she will just reminisce about it.the lyrics reflected what was in her heart,deep down inside she knows*you never were and never will be mine*why is it then,she will still think about him at times? maybe she missed him.or maybe it was just the song that made her think about him again? it maybe either one of them or is there another maybe to it?
-she wonders which it was,peace out-

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