Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Last week. was an interesting and amusing week for me.Classes for A2 started and the feeling without the express route students there were so quite and stuff.*sobs* I missed all of them *sobs* It was only the first week but Mr.Aria gave us homework.I only finished it yesterday.hehe.Thanks to Uncle and Marcus for the help.*muacks*Decided to go back early and skip lunch on tuesday and I reached Seremban about 3 something I think.Dad and Mum said ''ta pao'' for me A&W.For the first time,they gave me a free drink.

I was so surprised. hehe.Uncle said I was too beautiful.hahahahaa. XD.Contract class was kinda interesting for me.Had not know who was Mr.Kumar before this,thought he was kinda strict,but it turns out to be the other way round.As Ms.Naveena was sick,Mr.Baljit replaced her for Tort class.My god,it was booriiinnggg.He kinda reminded me of Mr.Mohan who taught us Pengajian Malaysia last time.And for the first time I had not pay attention in class for 3 whole hours.Was just shit chatting and day dreaming away.As the class was in the afternoon.and finished at 5,there were so MANY people at the ktm that day.Saveena was almost hugging each other.Urghh.As usual on friday and saturday I went to the hospital to take over mum's shift.Went shopping with Mrs.Jang on sunday.Went to Times Square and I bought Crows Zero(a japanese movie) DVD.Didnt expect to find it sold here,so I was soo happy,hehehe.Shun Oguri is hotness.*winks* It was kinda a burger/sandwich day for us.Ate Subway for lunch and Carl's Jr. for an early dinner.We went to Pavilion and I bought my i pod's protector cover and was thinking of visiting Uncle at the place where he was working.guess it was not fated to see him as we didnt see him.When window shopping and there were toys at the 2nd or 1st floor(selling christmas stuff) that were cuteeee.(like a beanie,if i am not mistaken that's what its called)Had a lot of fun going out that day,It has been such a long time. =D As we had changed our business timetable,class was from 2-5 yesterday.The train back home was once again HELL.There were so many people and I hereby announce that my boyfriend when taking the train home is the ''tiang'' or anything thing that I could hold on to.It was kinda my ''pillar of strength'' hehehe.I hope that it wont be like that again tomorrow.=[

Am currently addicted to You're Beautiful,that show rules and the song Justin Bieber-one time,and also songs from owl city and i am still not sick of the song wedding dress by taeyang.hehe.G.D had his concert last weekend,and I would kill to be there.He performed the leaders with teddy and C.L *sobs* and Se7en was his guest.I would really kill to be there.=[ haih,the year is coming to an end,cant wait for the christmas and new year holiday.Hmm,dont think I have anything on for Christmas and New Year.So,.....hehhee.
p/s: i wish someone would present me something special like a pig-rabbit doll too. =[
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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