Monday, November 23, 2009


I went to the hospital today,to take over my mum's shift.I could not wake up at first,cause i slept late yesterday( i admit i sendiri cari pasal =[ ) but,i dragged myself up to go.Brought the laptop there as Karan wanted to watch her shows.And i watched with her.It was kinda funny that we watched Grey's Anatomy ( about doctors and stuff) in a hospital.Never have I imagine that I will watch this show in a hospital.haha.then ,there was this new lady that has just been admitted this afternoon.Was not sure about her injuries and stuff,but then,she started crying and saying why can't God just let her die and I could see that she was in pain and she was just lying opposite to me.Her husband/grandfather (not that sure who it is) keep telling her that it will all be ok and that tomorrow her friends/family will be there to visit her and stuff.But she keep crying and I feel sorry that she was in a lot of pain.
Death,I forgot at what age I was when i begin to think that in this world,at every second when a life life came into Earth,there is also one life taken away.It's like a balance i guess? (due to better medicine and stuff now,maybe some people are saved from dying,etc,etc) I know that maybe every second or minute there is someone out there in this world who's dying ,who's being thankful that they actually nearly died ,but didn't,or who is overjoyed that they just have a baby and stuff.Hmm,how do i put this into words,as had mention in my previous post,you knew that death happens everyday,you feel sorry when you receive news about someone,(celebs,someone you knew,etc) death.But,it is the last thing that you thought that it will happen to you.
This year,I kinda received a lot of death news.From celebs,to people I know.I feel sorry and sad.Sometimes it's so unexpected like the death of Stephen Gately of Boyzone and Lee Eom.And recently a supermodel named Daul Kim though I didn't know her before this,her death seemed shocking to the world.(i'm reading her blog these few days)My thoughts were,''Wow,I know that death happens,but it's so shocking,it's not right for him/her to go away so fast.It's just not right.He/She still have a lot to do,and he was so young.But after what happen to Sirion,my bro and sis,well,my perspective towards death changed.I feel more sad when I get to know about the death of someone whom I am really close with.I was sleeping when I found out about it.That someone told me not to call or sms,cause that someone will certainly break down into tears and that someone doesn't want that.I kinda know how it feels,but I also know that the feelings that I knew and the one that someone is experiencing is on a totally different level.I am not really good at consoling people and stuff,I think I am a better listener and stuff.I usually just give space to someone's who mad or sad,I wont like keep asking them stuff or ''pujuk'' that person,I will usually just leave the person alone.
i seriously feel sad for that the hospital today,I kept thinking about how that someone was.I know she certainly won't be ok .i believe that time heals ( i think it's the correct saying) and though it maybe hard,you will certainly get through this.The person you love,I believe has gone to a better place and may she rest in peace.
-with lots of love,peace out.-

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