Monday, November 16, 2009

BRO IS COMING BACK LATER AT 4PM.~WHEEE~ his first request is,please set up the comp for me.I can't stand it here...Dad and I actually feel that bro is quite a brat actually.. =.= Which reminds me of a quote that i just read just now : We are living in the world where attention is the new currency,by Pete Cashmore, CEO of the highly-influential social networking blog, Mashable.(for more about it,please click the the name bryanboy at my blog list)Anyways,I am happy that he is coming back,this means his condition is getting much better right? no? hehe..
On the other end,Sirion is in the ICU again,something to do with his brain i think,may God bless him and hopefully he shall get through this as soon as possible..
I am also currently so addicted with Taeyang's Wedding Dress, just kill me already.the song is pure l.o.v.e *faints*
-with lots of love and hope that all of you will be alright soon ,you know i love you,peace out-

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