Wednesday, November 11, 2009

WOHOOOOO !!!! i finished,finally finished my As exam.It takes like a decade to finish,when i was in the car today,i had this empty feeling towards my temporary new found freedom again..However,today's econs paper 1,*sigh* was sooo should i say hard or tricky,hmm,i think its both..When i was halfway into the questions,i was thinking to myself, ''shit,i don't know what the answer is to this question,shit". So,i had this feeling when i finished my SPM acoounts paper ,where although its the last paper,but,you dont really feel that happy,though at the starting of this post i sound happy.haha..
Well,a small number of incident was amusing (to me) today.First up,there was this group of weird looking people in the train to sentral.There's this dude,he dyed his hair in stripes colours of black and blond,he had long fringe( which was straighten,i am sure) covering his face,i half thought at a first blurly glance that he was half bald or something,cos,his hair was in stripes.hahhaa.Almost everybody in the train was looking at him.hahha.Then,there's this beautiful person in the train,that kinda made by day before the exam starts.Then,as I was crossing the road to college,there's this 2 foreigner (mat salleh's) who were arguing on which way to go.One of them said to the other that they were clearly going the wrong way,but the other person insists that he was right,and i didnt listen to the whole arguement as it was my turn to cross the road.The scene kinda reminded me of amazing race..hahaha.Ok,i shall explain this from the begining sikit,for econs paper 2 (which i had sat earlier on) nhoJ was sitting beside me.hehe.though my crush on him dah semakin berkurangan,but,nonetheless,its a happy thing right? no? then today,i was expecting him to sit beside me also,but they changed the place a bit,so he didn't sat beside me..But then,he forgot to bring his eraser(its objective questions today) and he asked if Mq has a spare,and mq said,ask jo ann,she has.The he was like,who's jo ann?(was hurt for 0.001 second there) and i turn around,and then lend him mine.And after the exam,he returned it to me...he smiled (i think) and said thanks...*winks**grins to self* hahahhaa.So,it was kinda a happy day for me in a way,but a little worrying and sad for me too..
I am currently obsessed with : Pixie Lott - turn it up, kinda checking out 2pm's new album.and dynamic duo's album(there's too many songs,for me to hear all yet.).and i cant wait for tae yang's wedding dress.
my current plans for the hols :
-Going on a shopping date with Mrs.Johnny Depp
-Finish my story books,which I have been neglecting for a while =(
-prom & trip
- a very hard project,but i shall try my best to exercise and lose some weight too.hehe.
Time surely flies,i cant imagine that i have finished my AS a levels exam (which i hope i do ok in it).oh ya,and i bought my first (yup,you didnt read wrong) heels last weekend for prom..It's kinda high i think?? i dont know.But,i love it.hehehe.And thanks karan for being my sponsor.You know i love you.. - with lots of love,peace out-

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