Thursday, November 12, 2009

November 12th

November 12th will be another that that she will never forget.Why? It was one of the worst day of her life and never had she imagine this would have happened to her.My sis,brother and Sirion got into a car accident yesterday evening.before my sis left,she said bye to me and stuff.I continued watching movies as usual,thought it would be just a happy normal day.When my mum suddenly came into my room,she was crying a little bit,saying "Jo, your bro and sis got into an accident.The 911 just call''. I was so shocked that my mind just went blank.And when my mum said,lets go to the hospital now,I got up,changed and went straight away.Only when i was in the car that everything starts running into my mind.I didn't know how bad there were in and stuff.I was praying on my way there that please,just let everyone be breathing..It was raining heavily when they were traveling and i think Sirion's car skidded(not sure if its the correct spelling) and crashed into a car which has broken down at the side of the road.i am still unsure whether there's anyone inside the car or not.
When i got to the emergency sec of the hosp.,my mum was freaking out.I told myself inside the car and at that moment that i cannot freak out and that I was the one who needed to be calm and help my mum there while my dad went to look for parking.My sis and my bro had not reached the hosp. when i got there.About 2-3 mins later they reach.I saw my sis,her face was in wounds and her shirt had blood stains.The 911 man gave me her bag and there were blood stains on it feelings at that time was unexplainable..My mum was freaking out and was very very worried.I ask the 911 person whether all 3 of them were all here already.At first they said that they only found 2 person,I was shocked.I said it can't be,where's Sirion?? Luckily he was brought in first.I registered my bro and sis.As this was the first time,I was kinda blurr..The nurse ask me to fill in my bro's details and i didn't know his IC num,(you can't expect me to memorize his)and his purse was in the car at the accident place,and she had the nerve to ask me to ask my bro what's his IC num,I went to my bro and saw that was breathing through the oxygen mask.He couldn't talk,could only nod his head.I was like wtf ? my bro can't talk and you ask my to ask him? wtf man,then I went to the counter in fron tto register him.The person asked me again,you don't know his IC num? I said,ermm,i didnt know.I think his IC is still at the accident place.Its not with him now.Seriously.i was like blank for a moment ,wtf I man.he's in an accident,so what if he doesn't have his IC at that moment?? I didn't know that had to register my sis as well,so,after 15 mins like that,only i went to register her.And then i asked about Sirion.He was still in the red room(which means his condition is serious) my bro and sis were in the yellow room ( for not that serious condition) I saw a glimpse of the doctors like umm trying to save him and stuff,and I shall never forget that moment.After stuff kinda calm down a little,I called Meow,as I didn't know who should I share the news with,and I couldn't help myself and broke down.It was just a shocking thing.It happened so fast.I can't really explain the feelings,I think one could only know the feeling if you have been through this kinda stuff before.We couldn't contact Sirion's parents at first as we didn't have their contact num and stuff, when finally my bro's friend managed to find someone to contact them..I seriously salute Mr.and Mrs.Lim.They were so calm.really really calm.As they were there, my bro's friend,Khanusha and I sneaked into the red room and look at Sirion.He was unconscious and after that they called only their parents in.His mum said that his condition was critical.That he had blood in his brain ( i think its an internal bleeding ) and he had fluids in his lungs.And that they had to monitor him for 24 hrs to see his condition and if he need surgery they shall send him to KL for that.The moment when i saw Sirion condition.Khanusha and I had to hold back our tears.Mrs .Lim was so calm that we felt that we too shall not freak out and cry and stuff.My sister's phone was with me and as her friends sms and stuff,i replied them,informing them about the news.My sis broke her collar bone and her pelvis bone.She had to go for surgery as there's a deep wound on her face near her eyes (but luckily her eyes were unaffected).My bro,he broke his collar bone too and 6 of his ribs.So he is in excruciating pain,both of them actually are,but they are in stable condition now,as there were awake and could talk.
You must be wondering then why the hell is the sister here,writing this post,well,I went to the
hospital at 4-5 something yesterday and came home about 10.My parents asked me to rest at home while they stay at the hospital overnight.Although I am not there,I couldn't really sleep last night,and I think I would like kinda burden them as they would need to look after my food and stuff,I am here at home,helping to keep the house clean and I cleared up my sister's bag and stuff that were int he accident.I am from time to time keeping in touch with my parents about all of their condition and am praying that all of them shall get through this.Tomorrow is actually Sirion's birthday,I found out through facebook,and when I saw that yesterday night,I started crying.He's still unconscious and stuff.I feel so sad for him. And my bro keep asking about him,how is he? is he badly injured? He asked about him immediately after he was stable.At that moment, it was just so sad.So,ya,here I am blogging to tell this story.I know I am like kinda useless,as i could probably be more helpful,but i am trying my best.At this kinda moment actually,I was angry with myself,I wished i could drive the car,so i could at least be more helpful to my parents.Urghhh,i shall learn to drive on the road and stuff again as soon as i could.
It all happen so fast.I know accidents and stuff happens.I know life is unpredictable.There's a shocking news for everyone every second,but when something like this hits you,you will just be surprised and start thinking,''I didn't expect this to happen to me'' and the feeling that you will experience is unexplainable.
May God bless all of them and hope that they shall all get through this.
-till then,with lots of love,peace out-

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