Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sis is looking and getting much better.Mum said,on the first night and so,she couldn't really sleep.She would suddenly wake up and said she saw cars at the highway and stuff.It's like she thought she was still there.*sobs* she has really been through a lot this year and hopefully nothing bad ever happens to her anymore.Bro on the other hand,was still in pain.Uncle will,who had broken 2 of his ribs last time,was in deep pain.bro,had 6 of his,so he still is in excruciating pain.The doctors wanted to take him off the painkillers,but he was in such pain that they put him back on.Bro always get angry easily and is impatient at times.So,today he go push himself to get up the bed and stuff,that he had muscle cramp at his chest area.And he kept ask why is the cramp not healing and and i told him that a cramp may sometime take a while (half an hour or so) to go away.And asked him to be patient.As i am at home,I help mum and dad to clean the house,wash their clothes and prepare stuff for them went dad comes home to takethe stuff that they need.Sirion's still not conscious yet,but mum said,when she talked to him and stuff,he has some reaction and is said to be doing better.I am happy to hear that.Yesterday was his 21st birthday.And for him to spend it this way is just certainly heartbreaking.A lot of his friends came to visit her and some of bro's friend i think though i didnt met them.Guess that's all for now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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