Friday, November 6, 2009

Uhh,I am actually supposed to be sleeping now,but,as i ''tertidur'' around 9 something just now (and miss my fav tv show =[ ) i am not sleepy for a moment.Was watching x-man a whole ago.Damn,it was so funny,brings back memories when i was in f4, it was like my one stop entertainment to deal with my stress..Hmm,just finished my business exam paper 2 today.Urghhh,i am not happy at all.because : although i managed to finish my paper,i feel that my answers are crappy,feels that i could do a bit better than that *sobs* this then lead to me starting to feel worried about my up and coming results which will be in like 1 month++ to 2months time?? I am not sure.haihhh...I have 1 more paper to go,and I shall have a temporary freedom of about 18 days??hahaha cos A2 classes are gonna start on nov 30th.Activities after exam is that i mention this a few times,I am going to prom and after that to Melaka.See Wei gets to go too..~wheee~ And after that i shall TRY and spend my holiday by losing some weights?? if i can really bring myself yo do it,ohh and i shall finish my show,shinning took me months to finish this show.hahaha,due to me love for postponing i could probably predict the ending already,so....Just started on a new drama,IRIS..its different from the ones that i usually watch (those typical korean drama),one of the reason is because TOP is in it,and a whole lot of good actors and actresses are in it.and it has been receiving high ratings,so.... Big bang sang the OST for it.Hallelujah,it is pure hotness,being one of my new current addictions.hehe..also replay by iyaz is love..Was in the train that day,when there were 2 brothers who were sleeping in the train( primary sch children),and the older bro could not wake his bro,his way of waking him up after being unsuccessful,pulling his nose.XD it was soo funny,i couldn't help laughing..And today,i got on the express train(i think) to kajang.Uncle was in the same train too,i initially thought that he had gone back home,rupa-rupanya,the train that he was waiting before this delayed.I was thinking of telling him that I will be stopping in kajang to wait for the next train to seremban,when he sms-ed me,asking me whether i had gone home,turns out,we were in the same train,ahaha.And ,i stood all the way from there till seremban today...that could be why i tertidur just now,at 9 something.hahahaaha.And uncle had a sudden love for korean songs that day.ahahaha.having a number of songs,i supplied him with all the nice songs that i had, =] oh ya,i went for the bs part time class last week,as it was the final class before my exam,broke the record that day,had econs class from 10-1,then stayed in college till home at about 11 something i think.We celebrated Junior's birthday that day,I shall upload the photo later in facebook,i guess,as i am lazy now.hehe.and we laughed like hell in class during the break time,cos,we were naming nicole's ''baby'' lee tat said that,if the baby is a boy,his english name shall be rice,if its a girl,the baby shall be named mee..the chinese name,yap char,imagine,the person introducing himself,hi,my name is Rice,or you can call me char siew.ahahahhahaa,it was so funny..i laughed till my stomach was aching so was a good one.had a few surprises last week and this week as well.Didnt expect some stuff to actually happen.tak sangka betul,but it makes life's more interesting.heh heh..*winks* sis just bought music man concert dvd...i have yet to watch it yet,but,there is no doubt that it will be pure hotness.and dont worry,i shall borrow it to see wei,as soon as i am able to. hehe..i guessed,that;s about it now? i cant really think much for a moment..i am gonna sleep again.haha.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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