Saturday, November 28, 2009


*sobs**sobs* The holiday's coming to an end.My god,it's sooooo,no it's tooooo fast. =[ Well,I could say i half enjoyed and half did not enjoy my holiday.Didn't really go anywhere, (wanted to watch movie and go shopping and eating) but, due to certain circumstances,i.e. bro & sis and time constraint,so.... anyway,i kinda like this holiday?? you must think i'm crazy? Well, I take it that I learn kinda a number of things this hols.hehe.

Went shopping with Dad on Friday night after visiting Karan.Dad said there was a sale and wanted to buy her a pillow (therapeutic pillow),and so I went with Dad,and i was shocked,there was this MEGA sale and it was like in a market.The sales promoter and stuff were shouting and using whistles,there was music blasting,tons of people,and I freaked out for a moment.I sms-ed Karan straight away.I saw Dad's fav tupperware and got excited and asked him , '' Dad,its your fav tupperwares,aren't you buying it??'' Dad replied cooly,''Dah, I bought adi this afternoon.I bought 10. It was so cheap,RM 1 for 1.'' My eyes almost popped out.@@ ''You bought 10???? my god.=.='' '' .

We went to choose Karan's pillow and at last we bought with tea leaves or something to do with tea inside it.And I bought 3 t-shirts which is super cheap (about RM 10??) and nice.heh heh.While I was choosing the t-shirts,this guy suddenly yelled,'' Come come,Smart Connection t-shirt,from RM10 now RM 3'' .I looked at Dad and laughed,and the guy who was yelling away,saw me laughing and he laughed as well.Somehow,it was kinda funny to me.While waiting for Dad to pay,I took some pictures.Ohh,and they suddenly played Se7en-La la la.And i was like ,wohooooooo, syok sendiri for a second there cause I didnt expect them to play korean songs there. =DThe entrance,saw the speaker at the side,it was blasting really LOUD music.
Oh and I am currently addictedto a drama called You're Beautiful.It's about the life's of an idol group (korean boybands) called A.N.Jell, and the members are BEYOND HOTNESS.Mrs.Jang,has already said that Mr.Jang geun Suk is hers,so,The other 2 members of the group shall be mine XD I cant decide either one of them, there's 1 guy (Shin Woo) who I predict will be the good guy who never gets the girl,haih,sedih gila, and another guy, Jeremy( F.T. Island member-Lee Hong Ki) who's sooo funny and cute.*my current msn status is dedicated to him***smiles to self happily* Mrs.Jang and I agreed that it's been a long time (since Coffee Prince) that there has been a good korean drama that is worth watching and being addicted with.-Woots- I went to the hospital today,as usual to take over Mum's shift.Karan has been tranrsfered into the 1st class ward where there's only 2 person to a room and there are better facilities, privacy,better food and air cond as well. =]

Hmm,I think I have not mention here before that Karan loves to call me bruise Chua,the reason: i love to knock myself around the house(furnitures are made of wood) and I often get bruises till I didn't even realize it at times.Now,Karan is known as Bruise Chua too,*note that its with a capital B'' cause,due to the accident ,she has a scary bruises at her legs and her hand.You maybe thinking,Wth?? Is it something to joke about??? Hmmm,maybe it's a private joke that the 2 of us get it and she's doing soo much better now.Sirion has open his eyes as well,a few days ago,but he can't speak yet.Still,it's really good to hear that he's doing much better,though it seems that he has back sores,a BIG thank you to the ''helpful and considerate'' nurse =.=''''
Hmm,I have never posted some pics about their accident,so,here's some pic.Dont look if you find it scary or gross
Her very damaged laptopher notes with pieces of glassesher bruised leg
Fruits & flowers from her friends.

The hospital dinner,(@ 1st class) that I ate today,as Karan was eating food cooked by grandma.It was actually nice
p/s : The nurse said,i look more mature than Karan.How could this happen,i look old???? *cries a river at in front of her comp* ishhhhh =[
-with lots of love,peace out-

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