Tuesday, September 1, 2009

As I was eating dinner today,I was was watching Coffee Prince again when I suddenly remembered that last week,on August 21st,it was Lee Eon's 1st year death anniversary and i forgot.i still can't believe that he died.He was like only 26/27 when he passed away.He died at such a young age.May you rest in peace and be in a better place now.
There was another news a few days ago i think,that DJ AM,Nicole Richie's ex-bf had also passed away.This was kinda another shocking news.It was believed that he may have died of drugs overdose.He survived a plane crash or something last year.And now he died??wow.it's shocking to me.As he escaped death once.Ahh,maybe there has been a number of shocking death cases from last year till this year that sometimes makes you really feel that life is certainly unpredictable.This statement didn't really hit me until hearing these kinda news.It just makes you think that whoever can die at anytime and at anyplace.
-peace out-

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