Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I wrote this story for my high school magazine last year.After much pestering from my English teacher,I managed to come up with this story.Somehow,after the pestering and like ensuring that my story will be published,it miraculously was not published.I was kinda shocked and hurt when i discovered that.So,i decided to publish this in my blog instead.At least I manage to publish my story somewhere,and i'm cool with that thought.haha.
p/s:i change a few words and stuff as I was typing this e.g.the plea before venue and stuff.

I woke up,shivering.Wondering where I was.It must have been about 3am in the morning now.I was about to reach out to check what time it was,when it suddenly occurred to me...I was not at home.I was at the police station..The policemen had given me a room to sleep,or shall I say that I was actually in a lock-up room.The bed was not as comfortable as the one in my room and the blanket provided barely kept me warm.As I was now awake,the whole incident that had happened a while ago was playing over and over again in my mind.

"She deserved what had happened to her.She was the cause for all my misery.Now,she was finally punished for what she had done to me," i was smiling to myself as I said this to myself.

My life used to be perfect.I had a happy and loving family and i was a popular student in school.I had many friends who cared about me.It was the best thing in my life.Suddenly,my perfect life all came crashing down.All this happened after SHE appeared at the doorstep of my home on fine day.Being the only child,my parents thought I was lonely and adopted another child to keep me company.Her name was Lucy.She was the same age as I was and will be studying in the same school with me.At first,I was thrilled.

Unfortunately,that was when it all started.Slowly,SHE started to take away my happiness one by one.MY love for her soon turned into hatred.i hated HER so much that I was willing to do anything to get rid of her out of my life.And then,the perfect opportunity came.Without thinking,I just pushed her from the staircase of my double story house.And now,SHE was lying in the hospital,fighting for her life.Here I was,waiting to be questioned by the local policemen.I jumped when I suddenly heard someone sobbing.The room was dark,and I couldn't see anything.

"Err,hello? anyone here?" I asked.

And then,as the moonlight shines into the room,I saw a girl about my age was sitting opposite of me.I was so caught up in my own world before this that i had not noticed that I had company."Why are you here? What had you done wrong? I did something and now,I regretted what I had done." the girl sitting opposite of me said." Do you think they'll forgive me?" she asked.

"Well,I don't know.I did something wrong too.But,I did not regret it.What did you do?" was my reply to her.

"uhh,I was caught stealing some money while I was working.I'm Rina by the way.What's your name?" Rina replied.

After I introduced myself,it was not long after that that Lina was telling me her story.She was actually stealing the money for a reason.She needed the money to give it to an old lady who was homeless and sick.But,her kind act was misinterpreted.She was now labeled as a thief.Rina was crying as if there was no tomorrow because earning a criminal record meant that her whole life will be ruined after that.As she was adopted,her adopted family is now considering of sending her away.She had lived a hard life when she was young and did not want it to happen to her again.

Rina then asked me what I had done wrong and so,I begin to tell her my story as how it had been playing over and over again in my mind like a spoiled recording tape.I ended my story by telling her that I was not sorry at all of the things that I had done.She was shocked for a moment,and there was a moment of silence between us for a while.When she said,

"You really did not feel guilty at all? Don't you wished that your parents or your sister could forgive you? Aren't you scared that you have to got through life all alone after this?"

"No" was all my answer to Rina's question.A moment later,Rina's boss,who had caught her stealing,decided not to press charges against her after thinking about her future and is willing to give her another chance.Rina couldn't believe her ears when she heard the news,and before she left,she asked me to think about the stuff that I've done.As i lied down on my bed,her words were echoing inside my head.

"You should ask forgiveness from your parents,Lucy and also God,for what you had done.Please think about this carefully"

After much pondering,I came to a conclusion.I shall not regret what I had done as it is impossible to turn back time.Everything that had happen,is history now.Deep inside my mind though,I was wondering,what if I had not been so jealous? what if I had talked to my parents about my frustrations? What if..............

There are always 3 sides of a story for everything that had happened.My side of the story,Lucy's side of the story and the true story that maybe only God will know.

So,should I really ask for forgiveness as Rina had suggested? Well,I finally decided that although it was the right thing to do,I somehow could not bring myself to do it.I was just too proud.I may seem heartless to everyone,but,life is not a bed full of roses.And lets just say,that sometimes,you have to be the bad person in life.With that,I shall pay for my actions by waiting to enter my plea before venue,and to plead guilty,and to also wait to serve my time in jail.

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