Friday, September 18, 2009

[e] =love

Holidays!!! =D however,the bad news is i have to study.exam is around the corner.Arghhh,why cant it be later??? ishh,if only it was a bit later,then ,i'll have more time to breathe..Listening to Epik High's new album,Omg,it is hotness!!loving the album...much respect to them for coming up with insane lyrics.insane.
-dont blame the Dj,it's the playlist,cause,Blame is a slutty word-
-ex-planation,ex-ecution,ex-cuse,share the same ex-
-living in this hollywood,there's no rich&the poor,there's just Christion Dior-
-polluted phrases are the kill of the season-
-go independent,be your own self dependent-
some of the lyrics sentences taken from a few songs,wow.the stuff that they come up it.
Had dinner with nic,sweet and meow,nic changed.he's darker and stuff.Had a FULL dinner.much contributions from nic,sweet and meow.Sweet help me to cook all of the chicken and fish i ate.Meow help me cook the triangle shaped thingie,(dont know what's the name of that food)and nic took the food.XD had a blast today.Been quite sometime since we went out like that.We went to eat steamboat.Seriously,some clothes that the people wear when they went to eat.=.=''' some dudes,are as meow/nic was saying it was like preparing themselves for going to UK,wore long sleeve style shirts and folded it.Some girls,wear skirts,dresses??? no offence,uhh,you're eating,in my opinion,isnt it a lil' bit inconvenient?plus some of them wore make-yp and heels?? lol.we were eating and watching some interesting fashion show as well.haha.Meow and sweet wanna go climb bukit this coming mon.the time:6.30am.I dont think i can go.Reason no1.i cant wake up that early.Reason 2.Mum and dad will definitely not send me.Cos its the school holidays,so they wont wake up that early.Going to muar tomorrow.and my hand was completely healed today.there's no spot at all.Was glad.when there were no spots on my hand and stuff,it was nice,''Wow,my skin suddenly looks so smooth".hahaha.that's it for now i guess.Epik High rules!!*their album name is titled [e] if you were wondering about this post's title*
-with lots of love,peace out-

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