Friday, September 11, 2009

Ermm,nothing really much happened this week.Class started again after the very short 1 week holiday.haha.Went into econs class without lee tat and others,it was soo quiet and sad.Was not that used to them not being in the class.They are the ones who usually makes the atmosphere happier and brighter??*sobs* Arghh,next week is my mock exam for law.and i have like 4/5 chapters left.and there's like 1 month to my as exam.Getting nervous.times flies!!!Derek,as usual was taking the ktm back to kajang went he smsed me and said that 3 train were cancelled.I pity him.Understood the feeling.haha.My exam next week will be from 2-5.30.which means when i reach kl sentral they will certainly be a lot of people going home.So,i plan to take my time and maybe eat dinner if i'm too hungry before i go back since there will be a LOT of people.Experience the same tihng last wed when mr.kevin actually let us go back home earlier.And i was expecting to get on the 5.08 train when it was cancelled.The next train was at 5.48?? and there were lots of people and well,Sharveena and I was determined to go back so we pushed our way or shall i said got pushed in at the same time into the train.And it was like a sandwich in there...=.= so......
Am currently watching we got married joongbo cuts again for fun.It is so funny.helps me release some stress.arghhhhhhh!!!!!I guess that's bout it..a very short summary of what happened this week as i', lazy to write everything in here.hahaha.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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