Monday, September 21, 2009


Today,i created history.Went hill-climbing with Mrs.T,Sweet and was TIRING.Well,i was the one who had the least stamina there.So,it was half killing me.After for dont know how long,finally reach the top.The view there was amazing.beautiful.There was actually an indian temple there and there were a lot of monkeys.One of Mrs.T side mission other than losing weight is to catch insect.We almost lost hope as there were surprisingly no insects to be seen at all.Finally,on the way back,we saw a grasshopper and nic helped Mrs.T caught one.I think she still have 20/21 other types of insects to an uncle there.Seriously salute him.He lead us to another path,which was so damn long and steep,and he was so fast.And he doesnt seem tired at all.And I was gasping for air and was already sooo tired.(that time i havent even reach the top yet) ishh,when i was on my way,a kid was even walking faster than me.=.= I created a new philosophy,never judge a book by their age.hahaha.Anyway,today was a nice day.after that,we went to eat breakfast and sat there for 2 hours?? I predict that tomorrow my legs will be pain like crazy,even now,i can already feel the after-effects of hill-climbing =(

The top.Although it look like it was soo high,it was actually ok.

Meow,me and Nic.
The view at the top =]

loving this pic of the sky
Meow helped me crave my name at the tree there.haha
Meow,craving her intials and mine.

Oh and i went down to Muar last sat and we were on our way to take otak-otak and we saw this badminton court.The name: Dewan Badminton Chua.hahha.Karan and I was wondering whether we could go in and play for free as our surname was also Chua.hhahahahaa.

-with lots of love,peace out-

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