Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Was saddened by the news that Jay Park will be sorry,has left 2pm.it was cause he insulted the country where he is a singer now.I feel that people should forgive him and give him a chance.Ok,maybe it was a serious offence that he had committed, but still,at least they should like give him air to breathe.People make mistakes.Give him a break.he apologised publicly.He's already back in the US though.Ishhh.Got another news.Hyun Joong has H1N1.He was in Japan when he was diagonised.and now he's there,getting treatment.It is soo shocking.Hope he gets well soon.Shocking,shocking news.ss501 confirmed that they will be having concert in malaysia.So,i hope hyun joong recovers.*fingers cross* A day filled with so much drama.haihh,
*you know i'll always support you.*-peace out-

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