Sunday, August 30, 2009

the holidays are coming to an end.=[ I broke the record today,woke up around 1.45??haha.and by the time I finished eating my lunch and reading the newspaper it's about 4?? (I usually take a long time to read the sunday newspaper as there's a lot of stuff to read.) An article in starmag today is amusing.(for me) The writer wrote about his/her experiences on taking the lrt.I think he/she takes the lrt everday.The writer used to read when travelling,but then he/she discovered that it was sometimes fun if you observe the people taking the train.Which in my opinion is true.You get to see all kinds of people.Some weird people and some beautiful people.haha.But,i usually kill time in train by reading storybooks/my college notes,listening to music,or by sleeping.I cant stand the idea of not doing anything sometimes.I feel it's a waste of time?? so.....i make sure that i have enough entertainment for my 1 hour ++ journey going and coming back.XD
Celebrated dad's 50th birthday yesterday.Bought for him a cake which the flavour is non other that......CHOCOLATE BANANA.hahaha.Since he like to eat bananas,hahahaha.When the shop assitant introduced the cake,Karan and I laughed and we decided to take that.heh heh.My legs are killing me.As I helped karan to pindah rumah that day,helped her to washed her kitchen.woahh.membunuh betul.wonder how much fats i burned that day.hehehe.
D-day for econs results is getting nearer day by day.After doing the past year ques,i realized that i made a lot of mistakes in paper 1.shit.i think i have like what,15 or 16 wrong,not that sure.Damn,i'm getting worried bout my results now.I dont wanna fail.=[ I dont wanna get lower marks than the previous one cos i feel that the exam this time around is easier than the previous one.So if my marks is much worse than the previous one,means there's something wrong with me..ahhh,i dont wanna seperate with marcus they all.Hopefully(fingers crossed here) all of us will still be in the same class.It will definately be NOT FUN at all being in a different class from them.*sobs* =( arghhh,I dont wanna know the results.what if I get seperated from them?? what if i fail ?? My aim is not to fail.What if, what if... arghhhhh..

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