Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wooooooooo,i just finished my mock exam for Law..paper 1 was ok for me,though didn't really have time for the 3rd questions,wrote as fast as i could.But,paper 2,i think i'm doomed.Don't really know how to answer the first 3 ques.only knew the last one.So, habislah.*sobs* I had a sudden attack of weird spots or rashes i think,which is quite scary.Miraculously,its gone now.Though there are still some on my legs,it is wayyy much better now than it was in the afternoon.After tomorrrow,there's holiday for 1 week.~wheee~ But,i gotta start studying again as the business exam in Oct 2nd which is after the holiday.=[ And plus the final exam is coming also.Arghhh,time certainly flies...Feel like going out to watch movie or something,it feels like such a long time since i watched a movie?? I think the last one i watched was umm,The proposal.There's gonna be a few good movies in Oct if i'm not mistaken but my exam starts on the 12th,so............. Also The All American Rejects is coming again and its on Oct 10th.Just 2 days before my exam.Why do they have to come now?? Cant they just come later?? Ishhhh.Watched them in Mtv World Stage,and their performance was niceee..=( i'm currently addcited to kiss by sandara park of 2ne1..Its been playing in my head for almost the whole day since yesterday.hahahaha.i would like to thank my brains cells for performing well in their task today.Brain cells,you know i love you right?? hahaThe train home today was not that pack and I went home with Derek and a senior whom i just got to know,her name is helina.She's soo tall,that i was kinda in awe when i saw her.Haahaha.Nothing much really happen this week as well,as I think everyone was pretty just much stress up for today's exam( or is it just me??) One thing though,i think a lot of people would be relieved that the exam has finally ended.I know I did.hahahaha.Wanna meet up with Sweet and Meow.Didint go out together for quite sometimes now.Tengoklah macam mana.And Hyun Joong(my *ahem* husband XD) has recovered from the H1n1 flu.phew,luckily.that's it from now.
-with lots of love,peace out-

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