Monday, September 28, 2009

Arghh,i'm tired.class finished at 6pm today.And Derek and I was waiting for the train.Couldnt get on the first one as there were too many people.So we waited for the second one.And then lo and behold,the train was delayed.And there were a lot of people..I was hungry so we went back up to "ta pao" McD..the guy taking the order was so nervous,it was funny.hhahaha,And when we went to the platform to wait for the train.Woahhh,insane lot of people there.But,we managed to get on the express ktm and it was freaking hot inside the train.Derek was particularly bathing in the business mock exam is postponed to next mon.Is relieved as this means I have more time to study,I was freaking out as i was scared I have not enough time to study.From this Sat till next tues got law extra class. *sobs* although its good,but....This reminds me that i have to start revision for law as well.ahhhhh!!!! stress stress stress.A song keeps playing in my mind and i cant get it out of my head..addicted to it.there's actually a few songs..hahaha.Oh,and i;m going to Beyonce's concert.Although my exam will be around that time,i have one paper on the 15th, then the next one will be on the it is not that stressful. =D hmm,this is all i could think of for the till next time..oh ya,and a *ahem* beautiful person(you know what i mean right beautiful person = a hot guy.=]) sat beside me today all the way from seremban to sentral.hahaha.i was happy.i made my day by 1percent i think?? hhahaa
-with lots of love,peace out-

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